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2006 Online Marketing Statistics

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

2006 online marketing statistics

Online Shopping Trends on the Rise

Customers in 2007 slowly traded their mall-walking runners and rickety shopping carts in for a comfortable mouse and mouse pad during the 2007 Holiday Shopping Season. Major retail businesses who have experienced first-hand the revenue that can be generated through an online store spent months gearing up in preparation of the annual online sales rush. They made sure their websites were up to the challenge of handling all the online sales and are busy preparing aggressive marketing campaigns to maximize the return on every person that lands on their online store.

Offline Businesses May Be Missing Out on Online Sales

It’s likely that many smaller local businesses that have yet to join the online store movement were in for a bit of a shock last November and December as people, fed up with the hassle of fighting checkout lineups, parking lot mayhem, sub-zero temperatures, and inflated seasonal pricing, abandoned chaotic malls and boutiques in favor of a more quiet, convenient, and hassle-free online sales experience in the comfort of their own home. No pushy sales staff, no busy checkout line-ups, no parking hassles. If you don’t think it’s a big deal, you might want to check out the online sales statistics below.

Online Sales Revenue Hits $24.6 Billion in 2006: Up 26% from 2005

According to statistics published by in 2007, there was a 26% increase in shopping dollars spent in online stores during the 2006 holiday season over the same recorded period in 2005. Annual online sales topped $102 Billion demolishing the previous year’s record by nearly $20 Billion. Consumers are sending a very clear message to businesses that they are starting to look to the web and online stores to meet some, if not all, of their shopping needs.

Businesses with an online store enjoy:

  • A 24 hour a day, 7 day a week, 365 day virtual online store front that can handle hundreds, even thousands of online store customers at the same time. This can exponentially increase your sales productivity time compared to that of your offline competitors who can only open for 8 to 16 hours per day.
  • A virtual sales staff that never calls in sick, never quits, never gets tired, never takes a break and never complains saving your business money in terms of minimized downtime and maximized selling time.
  • Precise communication between business and customer. You control the message it delivers and the information it gives to potential customers so you can be certain that information is accurately conveyed. This results in fewer returns due to confusion or misinterpretation of a product or service and higher customer retention rates and satisfaction levels.
  • Your online store can take a website visitor from a tire kicker to satisfied paying customer all on its own even when your business is closed for the day.
  • You’ll gain access to customers who shop exclusively online or, for whatever reason, are not able to personally visit your store. (Time constraints, physically challenged, housebound, remote location etc.)


Many businesses have already come to realize the solid advantage that having an online store gives them over their competitors. They all leverage the power of an online store to tap into additional revenue and compete outside of local markets. Don’t you think it’s time you explored the possibilities and claimed your share of the dollars being generated online?

About the Author

Michael Dela Cruz is the Web Marketing Consultant for Canada’s Web Shop – A Winnipeg Web Design Company – located in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada specializing in Custom Web Design, Content Management Systems, and E-Commerce.

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Online Marketing Agency Located

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

online marketing agency located

Hiring an Internet Marketing Agency in Vancouver

What does you business need right after being set up? The very common and obvious answer is marketing. However, in our current days (where reliance is no longer on the print media), Internet marketing needs to be scheduled in your agenda too. If you are located in Vancouver, then hiring an agency is very easy and especially if you are looking for experts who will give you value for money. Such firms could be like:  Generally speaking, an Internet marketing firm needs to aim at increasing your profits remarkably through both economic and efficient ways.

When you hire an internet marketing agency in Vancouver, you need to keep in mind that it will be a part of your advertising team to achieve your Internet marketing objectives. By working as part of your marketing team, the agency will customize SEO programs to help your business both online and offline. Search Engine Optimization is a key for business exposure that generates qualified traffic.

Through the track record they built and with Internet marketing experience, a good agency will give you (as it probably has with many other clients) the exact SEO programs that you need. They can utilize extreme online marketing techniques that were based on traditional marketing strategies and they can make your scattered ideas into practical ideas in reality. They could also give concrete plans of action by which a company proposes to attain its promotional objective as an aspect of marketing strategy.

The Internet marketing company which you need hire needs to have a broad spectrum of services. It could specialize in SEO &SEM, and mobile marketing for example. Your website will look appealing because of their vast web design knowledge. They would also be good in content development and even PPC management that can boost your online profit.  And to add more for this, you need to make sure that the firm offers very affordable rates on their web ads and that they give your company a mark in the virtual market. Once your target traffic is achieved, your profit will often go up as well.

In a nutshell, choosing your internet marketing agency carefully gives you a dedicated team of experts for marketing strategies that will help your business flourish and progress. They would analyze the actions of website visitors and from there, take necessary business decisions. They would also offer excellent customer service and proven Internet marketing strategies, search engine optimization, web development, all of which are done under one roof to offer quality solutions for your internet promotion.

What make an internet firm stand out and the other not? Well, a reputable firm offers not only what is more than traditional advertising companies offer but provides their clients with satisfactory results-oriented online advertising services. Unlike print media, TV or Radio that you are reaching your prospective clients, with Internet Marketing your potential customers are “searching” for you. You can see it in your detailed report that clearly shows improvement and sales.

More satisfied clients are recommending companies like to small businesses and large ones looking to boost traffic and establish their brand. Act now and don’t let your business miss such an inexpensive effective method that is within its reach.

About the Author

Nermin Hadzikadunic invites you to read more on Internet Marketing in Vancouver by visiting The site is rich with tips, guidelines and very useful information that could help you target your customers easily and effectively.

How can I find ESL placement agencies online?

I work for a university with an ESL program. I have learned that there are placement agencies that students who want to learn English can use to help them find schools. We would like to market our program on these agencies, but I’m not sure how to locate them on the web. Do you know some, or can you suggest a search term that would work?
Please note: I am not looking for agencies that help teachers find ESL teaching jobs. I am looking for agencies that help students find places to study English.

I suggest asking on the website below. It’s full of ESL experts. Also, a Yahoo search for “ESL Agencies” comes up with roughly 50/50 teacher and student placement agencies.

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Online Advertising Body

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

online advertising body

Online Advertising: PAID Vs FREE

Advertising online can be much expensive as you make it. There’s no limit to that. Mainly, if your website is new then you got to pull out more extra money to create the first Niche of your
website. Because it is the most vital phase for earning the popularity of your new website. Even if you buy expensive Ad Campaigns, you might not get the expected response from your
target audiences. It may be of several reason, however, the most common case is The Use of Wrong Keywords. How does someone find a good keyword? The Hit & Trial Method is
considered the best way of finding the Right Keywords for an Ad Campaign. This Hit & Trial keyword hunting process might create a big hole in your pocket if you purchase a Paid Ad
Campaign and keep on purchasing until you find the strongest keyword. But if you are smart enough, you can derive the same benefit from a FREE online ad campaign as much as a PAID
one. There are so many websites who offers FREE classifieds, Ad campaigns, Banner exchanges, text link exchanges etc.

Now I will tell you how you can have a successful Ad Campaign with 99% accuracy of hitting the right targets.

Step 1: Set up an Ad Title that has the maximum keywords relating to the description of your ad body. Prepare some other Ad Titles as alternatives when the previous one pulls no attention.
Step 2: Prepare some 4 or 5 Pictures to be used along with your Ads or classifieds. Make the pictures as light as possible but with good clarity as well as with high relevance to your ads.
Step 3: Sign up for as much as possible accounts with some FREE online ads or classifieds service providers which are listed below (Handpicked by me from my experience)
Step 4: Start posting your Ads & Classifieds along with the pictures following the guidelines of the respective ad service provider websites.
Step 5: Maintain a calender file with the name of the sites along with the start date of your Ad as well as the end date. By doing this, you make sure not to have any broken record advertisements.
Step 6: After around 45 days , you will be able to choose & collect the most effective Keywords & Titles from your FREE Ad Campaigns. Then, you can buy yourself a PAID Ad Campaign in which you will using them.

In short, use FREE ad campaigns to find the most effective Titles, Description & Keywords before you buy an Ad Campaign with untried keyword & all.

Here’s the list of the SEO friendly FREE Online Ads & Classifieds Service Providers which are also with higher PR(Page Rank):

About the Author

I’m working as a R&D Manager with a leading business solution provider firm in New Delhi, India.

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Online Marketing Summit Houston

Saturday, November 29th, 2008

online marketing summit houston

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Online Marketing Outsourcing

Friday, November 28th, 2008

online marketing outsourcing

How Can I Leverage My Online Marketing

If you want to expand your online business it’s fundamental that you outsource. Outsourcing is a practice wherein businesses use the services offered by other individuals and specialist firms to take care of work normally done by the company’s staff or owner. It means that you don’t have to do everything yourself or know everything about your business in order to make your business a success . So outsourcing some or even all of your business activities could be the best decision you ever made.

So the main advantage of outsourcing is saving your time.  In other words giving you leverage.  Why?  because your time is worth a lot more than what you would pay for someone to take care of your tasks. More time allows you to concentrate on the more important, money-making aspects of your business.

Outsourcing will permit you to save your business resources, hence saving your overhead cost.   Also, it will allow you to partner up with experts as sometimes the tasks that you outsource may be things that you either don’t know, or don’t have the time to learn and do. Do you realize that others can do things better and faster than you? Moreover with outsourcing you should focus more on assigning work to an expert and leverage their knowledge so you can deliver to your customers or prospects a much better quality of service which otherwise you could not do .

Outsourcing allows you to focus more time ‘on’ your business, which means serving your customer better, as you know great customer service and satisfaction is the key factor in any business. In turn this helps in the development of your business as it liberates you and gives the opportunity to try new things. So you can learn and know new aspects of your industry.

So what kind of online business activities can be outsourced? It is possible to outsource your online marketing activities which include reaching out to people through social networking sites and you can also use forums for your business in order to market your service or product and generate and drive more traffic to your website.  If you want to create a website for your company, this can be easily outsourced  and there are others activities like content and copywriting, etc…..

Now concerning how to find people to do work for you, you will easily find hundreds of companies who are ready to provide you an outsourcing service. You can also find many sites where you can contact people directly to do your work and they can provide you with a sample of their work and references in order to check how good they are.  Check,,  They’re all reputable sites to find great specialists. One great site you should definitely check out ; a particularly great leverage tool is  FAST INCOME SYSTEMS.

About the Author

I’m Vee C an avid online entrepreneur who understands the importance of providing information and tools that will give you leverage on your online business.  Did you find this article on How Can I Leverage My Online Marketing useful? You can learn a lot more on this and how to get the best results by clicking

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Free Online Marketing Textbooks

Friday, November 28th, 2008

free online marketing textbooks

5 Facts to Consider Before Joining an Online Business Opportunity

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or an advanced internet marketer; it is always exciting to learn new and effective ways to make money online using new and creative ways. The online marketplace is buzzing with activity and millions of dollars change hands each day.  Isn’t it time for you to get a part of this share and create your own profitable empire?

There are dozens of internet business opportunities around.  Some can be highly profitable when pursued with passion and skill but others could just be a dangerous scam which would only drain your wallet and cause you much disappointment down the road.  Before you venture out into the virtual world and choose the business opportunity you wish to engage in do observe some basic rules of genuine internet marketing opportunities.  These tips would help you differentiate between the scammers and the genuine business opportunities.


Before you sign up for any program be sure about the previous success of the program. You can find out his easily by reading reviews of the program.  There would be hundreds of disgruntled buyers and participants if the program doesn’t deliver what it promised to do.

Money Back Guarantee

See if the program comes with a money back guarantee.  If they do, make sure they have reviews from buyers who actually get their money back after requesting a refund.  Again, there would be plenty of complaints around if the organization doesn’t honor its money back guarantee.  Do some research and you would be safe.


The best kind of testimonial comes from active sites such as forums and Web 2.0 sites as these are likely to be genuine testimonials.  Testimonials can be faked on the actual website but it is more difficult to place a fake review on a forum since there would be other members of the board who would be quick to point that out instantly.

User Feedback

Every good program would have thousands of user feedbacks posted all over the web.  If you find many good feedbacks raving about the benefit of the program, it can mean that the program is really successful.  Even if these are paid reviews, people would not want to spend their time promoting an ineffective program.  The refund rate would be high anyway.  It would be a waste of time and money to pursue such efforts.

Hands on Coaching

It is best to find a program that has a great support system and would be around to assist if you encounter any problems.  A lot of coaching programs cost a bomb but there are affordable solutions out there from legitimate gurus if you care to find out.

These are very simple tips but if you follow them closely you would find that it is easier to track down the genuine programs you can join that would help you make your first dollar online. Just remember that it takes hard work and dedication to make anything work so be prepared for it.

About the Author

Ted Theodore is a prolific author and successful entrepreneur whose goal is to help your success in your online business. You can discover exactly how to make money online by getting his FREE guide books at :

Amazon Kindle Fire..?

Hi, I’m in the market for a tablet and was wondering what you thought of the Fire.

Since I’m a college student, my primary use would be for apps, reading e-textbooks, and internet.

The dealbreaker is that there is no expandable memory. Apart from the Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud, and Microsoft SkyDrive, is there any other free online storage (that doesn’t expire). Or any other ways to survive non-expandable memory?

If you don’t like the Fire, is there any other tablet that you would recommend? Please be mindful that I’m a broke college student so $250 is the limit

Thanks in advance. If you need any details, I will add some. And yes I know this is the wrong category, but this where the users are!

I actually vaguely considered a Fire, which I never did for an iPad, just because the price is more attractive for something I wouldn’t use that much. But much more appealing to me was the announcement of a hundred-dollar Kindle Touch. That might finally make me cave on the e-reader thing.

I’m going to put in behind the “don’t get it until there are more reviews” thing, though. You seem to have a pretty good idea of how you want to use it and how the differing features relate to that–I’d just add that with the Kindle you get unlimited Cloud storage for media from Amazon, so if you’re a big Amazon downloader that could be persuasive. Less so without 3G, perhaps.

FREE Marketing Textbook

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Online Marketing Ad Agency

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Good resources to stay on top of advertising/marketing news?

I’m looking for any good print or online resources for current and up-to-date mareketing and advertising news. Sources that could provide updates on what agencies have gained/lost business, announcements for larger corporations, companies marketing objectives.

Sites like Ad Age and Mediaweek are pretty obvious and I subscribe to Media Buyer/Planner daily. Does anyone else have any good resources? and are excellent resources for news and trends in advertising. I also frequent

Hope these links help.

Online Advertising Agency, Viral Media Marketing with Video Army

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Free Online Marketing Books

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

free online marketing books

Free and Effective Online Marketing Techniques for 2009

Looking for some effective cost free online marketing techniques to jumpstart or grow your internet business? Online success for anybody is ALWAYS interrelated to the amount of traffic they can attract to their site. Whether your online business is new or established the more traffic the better. But how do we advertise to more customers on a shoestring budget?

Here are 5 low or no cost traffic generation techniques used with great effectiveness on the internet that should keep your business rolling along:

1st Technique – Launch a Blog

Start a blog with a theme based upon whatever it is you may be promoting. Thru the proper use of keywords you should be able to attract a significant amount of targeted traffic to your site.

An important note here is that in order for your blog to be an effective source of traffic generation you need to post to it frequently. With each new post comes fresh content and this is what attracts the search engines. The more they visit your blog the higher your site ranks in the search results. You are now developing ‘long term’ organic traffic for your internet business and it’s free!

By placing the blog on the same server as your website (recommended) you’re now going to increase the search engine ranking of that website.

2nd Technique – Article Marketing

By writing articles and submitting them to article directories you can create a flow of traffic to your site that can continue for quite some time. The key is to be sure your article contains some useful information and contains a link to your site in the article’s resource box. Never directly promote anything in your article but instead focus on dispensing tips, instructions, or information of use to the reader.

Your articles can also be use by other sites on the internet but they must keep your resource box in tact. This now exposes your articles (with the link back to your site) to any visitor of that particular site creating another avenue of free traffic for you.

3rd Technique – Submit Press Releases

By submitting to many of the press release sites you’ll once again be increasing your exposure.
Your website also gets a boost in the search engine rankings. SEO benefits are gained here in a similar fashion as they are with article directories. These high ranking PR sites and article directories help to ‘pull’ up your search engine ranking now that they have links back to your site.

4th Technique – Forums

The use of and participating in forums is encouraged for many reasons. Firstly you build up relationships with others who have similar interests which may result in an online business venture with them down the road.

Secondly you’ll want to stay on top of what’s going on in your niche. 

Lastly by participating in forum discussions you’ll want to include a link back to your site in your signature file. Anybody interested in your past or present participation or comments may elect to visit your site to see what you’re involved in.

Always be sure your comments are meaningful and constructive. If people identify you as a ‘spammer’ whose motivation is solely to siphon traffic back to their site you will be ignored and tagged with a bad reputation.

5th Technique – Get Social

With the availability of the many social networking sites online comes an excellent opportunity to generate traffic.

An advantage here is the ability to develop stronger bonds thru casual sharing of personal interest. These bonds naturally lead to a greater trust and loyalty making your marketing efforts all the more effective.

Much like forums however only get involved in discussions and leave comments when you can do so in a meaningful and helpful way.

These online marketing techniques we’ve discussed here are both cost free and extremely powerful. Wouldn’t you like to boost your business without deflating your pocket book?

About the Author

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
For additional online success tips and a free guide that demonstrates how to find both profitable markets and products visit:

How do you make immediate cash via the Internet, on a low budget?

So far, there is only ONE thing that resulted in sales, and it did not cost me even one penny. That is AFFILIATE MARKETING via FFA search engine submissions.

I received checks for three sales generated through Free-For-All web site submissions. How can I intentionally duplicate these results geometrically by about a factor of 10, 100, or 1,000?

FYI, I’m a very experienced salesperson, with an excellent web site. It’s new, so it’s in the Google sandbox. And yes, it only has about 400 links. Therefore, let’s not discuss SEO or anything that’s related to long-term LINKS or LINKING strategy here. My question is STRICTLY about making IMMEDIATE SALES via the web. (I also own excellent weight loss e-book products and offer online training programs because I am a Certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant.)

I already did PPC, YSM, expired domain traffic, and eBay auctions. All these fail, cost me cash, with no sale or inquiry, just seller fees to pay these vendors.


sell things on ebay
it doesn’t cost very much to put things on ebay and its mostly free.

How To Earn Money Online FAST 100% FREE To Start

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Online Marketing Advantages And Disadvantages

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Marketing Research Question?

What type of research is a focus group? What is the objective of having one? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using “live” and “online” focus groups?

A focus group is Primary research or field research. It is a group of people that meet regularly to give their views or reactions to a stimulus or product for a business. The group usually has a leader. They are not attached to the company in any way. They may be used to give their views on new movies, advertisements, products, services etc. However, there may be bias by the group, if the leader unintentionally, influences answers.

The advantage of live that you will hear all comments, and judge whether bias was in play. Online you will not know who is doing the judging, questions of trust and bias come into play.

122 Advantages and disadvantages of starting a business. Part 3

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Local Online Marketing Atlanta

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

local online marketing atlanta

Atlanta Effective Search Engine Optimization

If your business is located in Atlanta, effective search engine optimization may be a job that is best done by an Atlanta local SEO marketing company. While some marketing needs can be handled by a company form anywhere in the country, you may find that staying local with your business will give you the best results in reaching your local market.

If you are not careful to keep your marketing efforts targeted, it is easy to overspend when marketing your product or service. If you want to limit your marketing to the area in and around Atlanta, effective search engine optimization that is targeted to that area may be more cost effective. You are only paying for the customers you want to reach, not for customers outside your area.

Some products and services do not necessarily have geographic boundaries. If you are selling a product that would appeal to customers regardless of where they live, you would be willing to ship your product to them anywhere in the country. For those businesses, it might be worth spending the money to reach the entire country. However, if you are offering a local service, you really do not need to spend money to reach the New York market.

Atlanta local search engine optimization company will have more knowledge of your area, and of the customers you are trying to reach. If you are marketing a restaurant in Atlanta, you are probably interested in getting your message out to the people in surrounding communities as well. A local company would have more knowledge of those communities, and would be able to help you find keyword phrases that people in the Atlanta area might use when searching for local businesses.

Now, more than ever it is important for customers to be able to find your business on the internet. Recent studies have shown that more people are turning to the internet when searching for local businesses than are using the phone book. Instead of looking in the Yellow Pages they are now going online. If you want to be able to reach those customers you must rank well on the search engines. That means having your marketing optimized so that when people Google a restaurant in Atlanta, your restaurants website needs to be at or near the top.

For reaching customers specific to the area in or around Atlanta, an Atlanta effective search engine optimization may be a task that is better left to a local marketing company. They know your customers, and they know the neighborhoods. They will know more about what it takes to get your site listed at the top.

About the Author

For more information, tips, and resources about Vayu Media, visit

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