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Director Of Online Marketing Chicago

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

What is a VERB?

I heard of this little yellow ball. What is it, how do “tweens” play it, why do they call 9-13 “tweens” and don’t 14 and up need exercise too?
V.E.R.B…..the little yellow ball….

Your message on
the little yellow ball

A viral campaign hands out balls to tweens

By Kathy Prentice
Jun 11, 2006

Viral or word-of-mouth marketing is dependent on consumers getting the message and passing it along. And sometimes it turns to a prop as the vehicle for the message.

In one ongoing compaign, yellow bouncy balls are being placed at parks, malls and playgrounds where tweens hang out. The kids play with them, then log them in online before passing them along. The message, from the Centers for Disease Control: Play ball, stay active.

To find out how to get your client’s message presented in a viral format, read on.

This is one in a Media Life series on buying the new out-of-home venues. They appear weekly.

Fast Facts

Viral campaigns that rely on specific props to reach the right audience.

The Centers for Disease Control worked with several agencies to implement the yellow ball viral marketing program. For this article, Media Life spoke with New York-based Mr. Youth, the agency responsible for the guerilla portion of the ball distribution.

How it works
Balls imprinted with a code and web site address are distributed to kids to encourage physical activity. How the balls are used is tracked through participation in a unique web site.

The program, called Yellowball, is one element in a larger government-sponsored program called VERB designed to encourage physical activity in kids.

Each ball comes with instructions to log onto a special site and enter a code printed on the ball to create a blog where kids record how they used the ball; for example, playing basketball in the park or a game of catch in the backyard. Kids can read the messages entered by others who played with the same ball. Finally, recipients are encouraged to pass the ball along to another kid. The goal is to combat obesity among children.

Balls are distributed by street teams at parks, malls, practice fields, events and other places where tweens hang out.

“This is not our usual mobile campaign,” says Doug Akin, vice president for brand development at Mr. Youth. “We hired break dancers, circus actors on stilts, local skaters who can go down a ramp at the park doing tricks with the yellow ball. We didn’t want to go where parents were with kids, but where kids were with kids.”

Balls were often distributed to members of sports teams and other leaders a little older than the target group at events or sports practices.

“When looking at guerilla tactics for a specific way to reach 9- to 13-year-olds, you look for leaders. That’s a hard distinction at that age, and it’s often 14-and 15-year-olds who inspire them. So we needed to go places where their activities are taking place,” says Stella Kusner, account director for Frankel, the Chicago agency that oversees the VERB Yellowball program for the CDC.

“The thing with talking to tweens is you really have to keep abreast of whatever is motivating them. They are a very fickle audience. They like something one day and the next day it’s as passé as it could be.”

Television and print ads were used during initial phases of the Yellowball program to introduce the concept of the traveling balls.

Give-aways like branded rubber bracelets in different colors and iTunes offers are also dispensed at events where balls are distributed.

The VERB Yellowball campaign was launched in 2002 and will end this coming September. The guerrilla portion implemented by Mr. Youth will run through June.

Balls were distributed in Boston, Washington, Philadelphia, New York, Houston, Atlanta, Miami, Orlando, Detroit, Cincinnati, Louisville, St. Louis, Cleveland, Chicago, Kansas City, Denver, San Diego, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle.

This type of viral campaign could be implemented in the top 50 markets, Akin says.

There are 22 million tweens aged 9 to 13 nationwide, according to the CDC.

The program aims to distribute a total of 300,000 yellow balls, with the guerilla portion of the program set to hand out 50,000 in 20 markets over eight weeks. So far there have been 250,000 interactions with kids on the part of the street teams.

There are more than 6,000 individual online blogs tracking Yellowball traffic on the web site, Additionally, the current top traveling ball logged 39,490 miles while the most often blogged ball has 21 separate entries by different kids who have played with it.

How it is measured
The number of balls distributed and subsequent web site hits are used for measurement.

“What we’ve done is to track the balls distributed, the number of balls registered online, and the number of balls passed along,” Akin says. “The instructions on the web site encourage them to pass it along to their friends, who then also log on.”

Premiums handed out at events, like branded wristbands, also drive traffic to the web site.

What product categories do well
Public service messages, video games, packed goods and movie releases are top categories.

Tweens ages 9-13 in urban and suburban settings were targeted. Specific groups, including Hispanic, African American, Asian American and Native American, were targeted by location.

Making the buy
Lead time is two to three months.

Who’s already using this kind of prop-supported viral campaign
The Centers for Disease Control with its Yellowball campaign.

What they’re saying
“The focus is to show up unannounced and create a spectacle. We’ve been doing random drops like going out to, say, a soccer field before practice where there are hundreds of kids and taking 50 of the balls and writing out the word ‘play,’ and kids find the balls, play with them, then the team members talk with them. The basis is that it’s a tween-owned initiative, and the whole purpose of Yellowball is to put the ball in their hands.” – Doug Akin, vice president for brand marketing at New Mr. Youth

Web site info
Mr. Youth at

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Double Helix Online Marketing Nj

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

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Free Online Advertising Oregon

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

free online advertising oregon

10 things you must know before getting your criminal justice degree

Before you enter a college or university to get your online criminal justice degree there are certain things that you should know. These are:

  1. Find out the difference between different levels of online degrees:

You can get online associate level degrees, bachelor level degrees, master level degrees and even PhDs. Depending on your existing level of educational achievement you have to make an appropriate choice as to what level of online degree you can go for or are eligible to get.

  1. Find out the difference between different types of online degrees:

Online criminal justice degrees are available in many different majors or specialisations. Depending on your own inclinations and research about various career options you have to decide which type of online degree will be just right for you – which major, program or degree you should opt for. So find out about all the options available to you when it comes to online degrees in criminal justice.

  1. Find out which online university or college is best for you:

There are hundreds of colleges and universities offering online degrees. But not all of them are equally good. Some are good, some are not-so-good and some are outright bad. Look at costs, time factor, course content, faculty, accreditation and transferability of credits, and all other possible factors that can impact your decision about which college or university is best for you. It is not easy to compare different colleges and universities and there are many dangers. Hence, the more thorough your research the better will be your choice.

  1. Find out all you need to know about accreditation:

Almost all online colleges and universities offering online degrees boast of some accreditation or the other. But all accreditations are not the same. Accreditations by any of the eight regional accrediting bodies funded by the US Department of Education and authorised by the department to grant accreditations, are the most valuable and absolutely risk-free. Accreditations from other bodies are risky. Two states – Michigan and Oregon – have also put out negative lists as to which colleges and universities are not recognised or rather degrees from such colleges and universities are not recognised. The Michigan list also contains a list of accreditation bodies that are not recognised. Make it a point to find out whether the college or university you are thinking of entering is not in any of these two lists because then the degree that you earn will be worthless. In short, avoid colleges and universities known as diploma mills.

  1. Find out about for-profit institutions such as ITT Tech:

For-profit institutions such as ITT Tech market their programs very aggressively. While such institutions may have a lot of good things going for them there are many bad points that these institutions do not care to advertise. Please research thoroughly all aspects before entering for-profit institutions such as ITT Tech.

  1. Find out about for-profit universities such as the University of Phoenix:

The University of Phoenix is the unchallenged market leader in the for-profit education services industry. It is also the largest and the oldest university offering online degrees. It is also a very aggressive advertiser. Though it is a pioneer in online education and can boast of many innovations in the field of online education, not everything may be right about the University of Phoenix. Thoroughly check all the facts that they do not care to advertise and then make your choice – don’t just go by advertising or past reputation.

  1. Find out the basics of an online criminal justice degree:

Find out about various careers, majors and specialisations. Find out about course curriculum, misconceptions about online degrees and all else that you need to know before going for an online criminal justice degree.

  1. Find out about careers and salaries:

An online degree can open up many different types of careers. Find out which type of degrees will open up which type of careers as well as the possible or average salaries associated with each of these types of careers before deciding on any particular online degree in criminal justice.

  1. Find out what all you will need to get an online criminal justice degree:

Find out what materials you will need, what kind of pre-requisites you must have, how difficult the program will be, what kind of syllabus you will face and so on before deciding on any particular online criminal justice program.

  1. Find out what online criminal justice courses are like:

Find out the various differences and similarities between online and traditional courses. What kind of time will be required, what credentials will be required, what kind of homework will be required, what kind of classroom environment or teaching and learning environment you will have and so on before deciding on any particular online criminal justice program.

About the Author

Jim Greenberg recommends you visit the Online Criminal Justice Degree Guide for more information on enrolling in an online criminal justice college. See for more information.

Does anyone know of a good place for free genealogy research online?

I hope you’ll accept a general answer. These questions come up every day:

Where can I find my family tree for free?
Does anyone know the {Surname} family?
What are good sites for ancestors / genealogy?

They are all about tracing your family tree on the Internet. The fourth time I typed in my favorite beginner’s links I realized I should save them in a text file and paste them in. This is long and general. Because it is general, not all the links will apply to every question or questioner.

These may help get you started. They are large and free.
(240,000+ links, all cross-indexed. If you want Welch or Pennsylvania Dutch or Oregon or any other region, ethnic group or surname, chances are she has links for it.)
(Mormon’s mega-site. Click on “Search”)
(460,000,000+ entries, of varying quality)
Surname meanings and origins
My own site: “How to Begin”

United States only:
(Subdivided into state sites, which all have county sites.)
(The Canadians have Canadian Gen Web, by province)
(Social Security Death index – click on “Advanced” You may find your grandparents.)
(US Phone book, for looking up distant cousins)

United Kingdom Only:
(Biggest site for United Kingdom & Ireland)
(Free Birth, Marriage & Death Records)

(If you posted your question in Genealogy, ignore this paragraph. If you posted it in the “Family” category, read on.)
Tracing your family tree is called genealogy. YA has a category for genealogy,
Home > Arts & Humanities > Genealogy
There are hundreds of more links in the resolved answers there.


You usually have to do some research. Sometimes you get lucky. Don’t give up if your Great grandfather with your surname isn’t there. Try all eight great-grandparents.

You won’t find living people on any of the sites except the phone book one. You won’t find many people born after 1920 on any of the sites except the SSDI one. Genealogists hide the birth dates, birth places and other facts of living people to protect their privacy. You will have to find your grandparents’ or great grandparents’ birth dates and maiden names somewhere besides the Internet.

The free sites are supported by advertising, just like TV. You can’t watch the Super Bowl without seeing a beer commercial, and you can’t surf for dead relatives without seeing an Ancestry advertisement. Many people complain about advertisements. Please don’t. They bring you the “free” sites. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

If you get serious you’ll need a genealogy program. They are to family research what “Word” is to writing a novel. I like Roots Magic. Family Tree Maker is the market leader. Both cost around $29. The Mormons will let you download PAF for free. It is clunky, but it is free. You can sometimes find old versions of FTM or Family Origins (FO is the predecessor of RM) in bargin bins at CostCo.

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Online Marketing Suite

Monday, December 29th, 2008

online marketing suite

Online Marketing for Local Businesses

Local Businesses are certainly familiar with traditional marketing options like radio, billboards, newspaper and other print, TV, etc… But how much do they know about marketing their business online? I think not too much but then again online marketing is relatively new. What does online marketing mean to a local business? How would your business define online marketing? What does online marketing mean? I suspect most would say that it simply means advertising on the Internet. But where on the Internet? The local newspaper website? Ebay? Craigslist? The local chamber of commerce website? Google? Facebook? Advertise on Facebook? Isn’t Facebook for non business purposes? There are many questions but also many opportunities.

Over the past several months I have been researching and testing various methods of online marketing. I suggest that you think of online marketing as the general category that includes 2 sub categories. The first is paid online marketing and the second is free online marketing.

Paid online marketing consists mainly of having a banner advertisment displayed on another website and pay per click advertising campaigns through google, yahoo, msn, facebook, etc… Placing Ads in online newspapers and other paid sites are among the options for paid online marketing as well.

Free online marketing can be achieved by having your website or business listing show up in search results when someone is searching for your company, product, or service. It can also be achieved by using free classifieds sites like craigslist and oodle. You can post your business information on many free listing sites like google places, yahoo local, and MSN local sites. See this post for for more places to add your business-> How to get your business on search engines on You don’t need a website to do some online marketing but a website is highly recommended.

Social networking sites like facebook, linkedin, twitter, youtube, flickr, etc… can all be used to market your business locally. Marketing on many of these sites can consist of both paid and free marketing. Whether you are using their paid advertising options or just posting your business information, there is a huge point to make about marketing on these social networking sites. Do not try to sell your product or service on social networking sites. This is not the place to do a hard sell or really any kind of selling. People are not on social networks looking to buy things. So how can a business benefit by having a presence on these social networking sites? Here’s what you can do. Work on networking and building relationships. This will help your business build it’s brand and trust among the people who see your business on the network thereby making it more well known and trusted. Samir Kabani has recently written a book, The Zen of Social Media Marketing, that explains this all important point very well. Is it worth it to go through the work of having a presence on these social networking sites? It depends on your business. Some businesses are better suited for some social networking sites better than others. But I believe that if you are selling most any product or service there is a social networking site that can definitely benefit you. One more extremely important point about placing your business on a social networking site is that you cannot just enter your business information and forget it. To get the benefit of having your business on a social networking site you must engage with people on that network. Look for groups that are related to your line of business. Look for discussions and people who may have questions or problems that you can help them with. You may be thinking that you do not have time to sit and help people for free. But this is the value that you will be providing that will build relationships, your reputation, and potential customers your business. Is doing a good job and helping people a waste of time for your business? Not if doing so gives your business a good reputation and helps spread the word about it. That’s social online marketing at it’s best!

There are many more details that fall under this summary about how to go about online marketing. There are right things to do and wrong things to do. In the coming days I will be writing more about some of those details. Thanks for your time and if you want to read more of my articles see my Online Marketing blog.

Jeff Meland


About the Author

Web Developer, Internet Marketer, Certified as Google AdWords Individual Qualification with specialization in Search Advertising


What is the best computer for creative advertising (graphic design, audio, video) and essential software?

I’m in the market for a new computer, which I plan to use in creative advertising. I was wondering what others in the field are currently using in terms of hardware and software — essentially, I’m interested in what is considered “top of the line” in 2007 for advertising professionals.

I have pretty much every piece of Adobe software from the late 90’s, and am positive I want to purchase their newer versions.

In respect to layout software like QuarkXpress, is this still being used for advertisements or has InDesign taken over?

All in all, I’m looking to spend around $1500 to $2000 total for hardware and software (I also get a student discount for Apple’s online store.) I realize this won’t allow the purchase of a Mac Pro desktop and Adobe Creative Suite 3, but I figure there have to be other scaled-down Macs that can get the job done. Would a suped up MacBook be ideal, if so.. which one?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


ohhh yeahh
Mac are the best
I’m running my small graphic design business
from the smalles Mac Book, the $1099.00 one. And supports open Fireworks and Dreamweaver (graphics and web programs), while i chat on Yahoo messenger and browse the internet. A PC can’t do that. Imaging what a more spencive mac can do!!!! Wow!!!!

Sitecore CMS Online Marketing Suite: Improve Your Website Conversion Rate

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Online Marketing Bradford

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

online marketing bradford

Local Search Engine Optimisation

On the surface utilising LSEO (local search engine optimisation) may appear to be narrowing your audience pool by specifically targeting certain geological locations. After all, isn’t the whole point of optimising your website for search engines intended to give you greater access to a wider audience?

By scratching below the surface of local business search engine optimisation you should, very quickly, come to appreciate what exactly LSEO could do for your business.
Bill Jones and Andy Smith run competing window cleaning services based in Bradford, West Yorkshire and being quite astute businessmen, had invested some of their hard earned money in building a website for their services. Bill had done his research and knew that a way to get noticed by search engines was to incorporate SEO into his website. Andy, however, knew a man that knew a man who was an online marketing specialist and was advised to gear his internet advertising ideas towards optimising his website for the local area.

Bill Jones’ Window Cleaning Service website leapt up the page rankings from 10,000 to 120. A huge jump, but still only on page 3 of the search engine results pages. He did notice that he seemed to be getting much more visitor traffic to his website, but, for some reason that did not turn into new customers for his business. It was still early days though.

Across town, Andy was rushed off his feet. Andy Smith’s Window Cleaning Service in Bradford website was bringing him in more business than he ever thought possible. By creating website content that included reference to his location, Andy Smith, the Bradford window cleaner was using internet advertising to market himself to potential new clients in his local area.
As internet marketing specialists UKIM can advise your business which online advertising strategies are the right ones  for  your business growth and can  offer their expertise of SEO, LSEO, pay per click and many other options  available that will, not only, increase traffic to your website, but will result in increased sales for you.

Back to Bill Jones’ website:
Bill gets repeated email enquiries from Betty-Lou Crinkle from Dallas, wondering what day he cleans windows in Texas!

About the Author

i would like to exsperiance owning a baby duck?

i would like to get a baby duck and i live in bradford ontario im willing to go to new market ontario to get my baby duck but if you guys could help by looking around for a baby duck seller that would be great im willing to order 1-2 ducks from online or if one of you guys could sell me a duck that would be great i know i know there a big responsibility but my mom has raised them before and knows what to do if something happens blah blah blah ok so yeah please help me out to get my baby duckling thanks YAHOO

Just go look on Craigslist

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Us Online Advertising Trends

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

us online advertising trends

Online Advertising India: Get Ahead of Offline Competition

Internet has been noticed as a feasible medium now. The rise in awareness, about the feasibility of this medium has also been identified by the advertisers. This is one of the reasons behind advertisers heading towards Internet advertising. The scenario of online advertising India would cater to all groups of organizations and their brands.

With effective growth in Indian Internet user base, online advertising is on the minds of smart advertisers. The feasibility of this advertising medium is responsible for achieving this response from the advertisers. Now, when it comes to user response, then 46 million users is a sizeable number that forms the target market for online advertising India. On top of that, there were over 41,000 advertisers that targeted Indian users in 2006 (IAMAI).

The data suggests that there is a lucrative market out there. The users of this medium access it from offices, at home and cyber cafes too. They indulge in variety of activities like social media interactions, sourcing information, researching, study, analysis, work etc. In addition to it, the advertisers have been utilizing the strength of banner network India for achieving cutting edge promotions. Such a network is formed with the collaboration of advertisers, agencies and publishers, which organizes the flow of banners across online ad spaces.

The online advertising India is not at all limited to just the network but it also offers a whole range of advertising and marketing solutions. The advertisers are now inclined towards the dotcom part of advertising. This is clear from the fact that around 291 brands India had an ad spend of over Rs.10 lacs (IAMAI). No doubt that the users and their trends of surfing are proving attractive for the advertisers.

Moreover, the Internet advertising agencies offer targeted delivery of ads. The delivery of ads is done with the use of technologies like central ad server. Also, the targeting has a few parameters that enable the agency to distinguish the target audience for the advertisers. It can be based on location, connection type, browser type, day/time, IP tracking, user data etc. All this and lot more contributes to online advertising India but it is just about, how efficiently it would be taken in use by both the leading brands and the SMEa (Small and Medium Enterprises).

About the Author

Author: Meenakshi Wali is the co founder of Rupiz Media Ad Network, a leading online media buying agency. She is heading a team of experts, which is into online advertising India, internet banner advertising, online web site advertising, web banners.

So when you record a show, does it count as your watching it?

like does it count for a viewer so that the show can get better reviews because some of my favorite shows i can only record and i have a feeling its not benefitting the view count of the show so if you could enlighten me on that process that would be great
i mean like tv

. DVR Viewing. This show will have a lot more viewers when a week’s worth of DVR viewing is factored in!

That is true for dozens of shows. Many shows that have already been cancelled had more than a million viewers of the show via DVR. We find the DVR trends very interesting, and it’s another factor that is turning business models on their heads. But, we’re pretty sure of a few things with DVR viewing. If it’s good PR for the network, the networks will use it, but mostly it doesn’t seem to wind up meaning much.

There are three types of viewing Nielsen regularly measures and reports. Live viewing, live plus same day DVR viewing (these are the most commonly reported numbers) and live viewing plus seven days of DVR viewing. Almost all of our overnight and weekly data uses the live plus same day measurement. But we do also report some live plus seven data.

But the advertising is bought and sold based on Nielsen data we almost never see, commonly referred to as C3 or C+3 which stands for live viewing of commercials plus three days worth of commercial viewing on DVRs. That’s right, they actually measure how many are watching the commercials.

So far as we can tell DVR viewing doesn’t meaningfully add to a networks ability to make money, and more people watching shows via DVR isn’t good news for the networks.

As you might expect, most people using DVRs usually avoid commercials. As of this writing our experience has been that the C3 data doesn’t differ significantly from the live viewing, and that the relative performance of shows using the live plus same day DVR viewing is a good proxy for predicting success or failure. Particularly, the data for viewers aged 18 to 49, which brings us to..

1. Everyone knows Nielsen is an antiquated system that doesn’t truly measure viewing. It doesn’t count Internet streaming and downloads, or even measure out of home viewing (sports bars, for example). They should use set-top box data. My “what’s hot” screen on DirecTV looks very different than the Nielsen ratings!!

Whatever Nielsen’s flaws may be (and we’re sure there are some flaws) both the advertisers and the television networks rely on it. Nielsen’s panel attempts to statistically represent the demographic makeup of the United States. Set-top box data and DirecTV do not measure the larger population, are limited samples, and also do not offer much insight into *who* was watching (wife, husband, son, daughter, etc). Advertisers, want, need and demand specific demographic data that Nielsen provides.

For now it seems like the set-top box data is just used as a method to validate the Nielsen data, which we mostly presume that it does, otherwise we figure we’d constantly hear pot-shots from those selling the set-top box data. But we never do. The Nielsen data is the data that drives television advertising sales, and we see nothing coming down the pike soon to change that.

There are many ways to measure online viewing, the networks can get good data on this themselves from their own web servers, and Nielsen, comScore, Hitwise and others offer measurement services for Internet usage.

The real problem here is that as of this writing, the networks haven’t figured out how to make much money on online viewing. iTunes downloads of specific episodes are much lower than many think. 30,000 downloads of an episode over a week, can, and more often than not does, catapult a show into the top downloads list.

When it comes to streaming, far, far more people do this than download shows on iTunes, but the networks haven’t really figured out how to make money with that yet either. It’s a challenged model when you consider that a one hour show on TV winds up with less than 1/4th the advertising in terms of commercial spots when it is viewed online. Basically, they’d need to charge 4x as much money per viewer to break even with television. Advertisers don’t want to pay 4x (surprise!) and adding more commercial spots to online streams risks alienating viewers.

comScore’s Andrew Lipsman previews The 2009 US Digital Year in Review

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Free Internet Marketing Online Advertising

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

free internet marketing online advertising

Internet Marketing And Advertising Success

One of the biggest and best ways to attract a ton of visitors and traffic to your site is by offering something “free”. “Free” is one of the most powerful words on the internet. the reason behind this is because when you offer something “free” to someone, it can draw them in. This creates a bait like effect to entice your customers. Another thing is, who do you know that will turn something down that it “FREE”? Internet marketing and advertising success depends on one key ingredient: traffic. Not just any traffic, targeted traffic. Any experienced internet marketer will tell you that “traffic means nothing if no one is buying”.

Making money off your traffic can be one of the most complicated things to do for an online business owner. Even though it is somewhat difficult to do, its not impossible. It just takes a little knowledge, proper training, and an effective steer of direction. Its just like getting to the top of the search engines. If you can get to the top of the search engines, “you WILL make money”! Lots of money!

Since most people only click on the first few pages, if your website is not ranked at number one, two, or three, it is mandatory that your website “atleast” be on the first page. One of the most powerful things about internet marketing and advertising success is, once you have a profitable internet marketing formula in place , all you need to do after that is, duplicate your formula. I am pretty sure you have heard of the old saying, “People fail, but systems don’t”. This is a strong statement when it comes to business.

How to find the best online advertising methods?

One of the keys to running a successful internet-driven home based business is to find the best online advertising methods for your business. Placing a classified ad is simply not enough. You need to know where to place it, what to say, and how to make your business look like a serious home based business opportunity. This is not always easy.

First, you must decide who your targeted audience is. Do you want to drive more people to the business aspect of your business, or are you looking to draw customers to your product. Targeted advertising refers to choosing ads that will reach the customers you want to reach. If you are looking for new business partners, you may want to consider placing a classified ad in a top home based business ideas e-zine. If you are looking to sell your product, look for a website or newsletter that caters to people looking for what you sell.

When posting home business classified ads online, remember that many business opportunity classified ads are ignored because they contain too much hype and not enough information. Design your ad so that it appeals to the reader. Use the ad to target their pain and struggle, and ensure them that your business or product can help. Choose the site you advertise on carefully, as this can sometimes cost money. Keep your target audience in mind, and you can successfully market through online classified ads.

Another online marketing strategy you can use is to advertise through forums and chat rooms. While most of these websites will not allow you to place a blatant ad, you can use your signature file to post a link. If you provide helpful information to the other members of the forum, you will drive traffic to your site. Those who appreciated the information you provided will be drawn to your business or service, making forum marketing an excellent way to market your home based business.

About the Author

Carael Knight is a very aggressive internet marketing expert.
MajorEnterprise is an Independent Internet Marketing And Advertising Company That Specializes In Boosting Website Sales.

Which is the best classifieds to advertise internet business for free?

What is the most popular or best online classifieds where I can advertise for free with regards to internet business and any affiliate marketing including mlm or network marketing businesses. I would appreciate it very much if you can give me the website names and/or url links.
Thank you.

There are so many free classified websites out there on the internet that cover all different types of categories of ads.
In addition to your submission or advertisements in such broad based advertising sites, you can post free ads to the classifieds that cater specially for internet businesses as per your question.

Free Internet Marketing Strategies To Making Money #7

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Free Online Marketing Research Sites

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

free online marketing research sites

Free Online Marketing Strategies For Free Online Traffic

Research keywords (for your niche) and use them in titles,body and ending. Give give give! Benefits are all it’s ever about , Customers want to know what’s in it for them.

 Communicate in your niche forums and help others . Your peers will click your link and joint venture in the future. Peers now ,Partners later! Connect blogs and like articles together with links to cause free traffic. Leave a signature when you post on other compatible blogs, every little bit helps. Read this free Online Marketing Ebook, Always refer to it to keep you on your toes,and prevent you from being scammed, you can only get better.

Free Online Traffic Tips To Market Your Blog, Article, Website, or Product Expose Benefits On Blogs, Articles, and Websites Writing about benefits for the potential buyer will keep their interest and prep them to act. If you talk about feature you may loose the interest of your visitor. They want to know how your service can benefit them!

Social Networking Sites like My-space, Facebook, Squidoo, and Twitter are excellent social networking sites to get the word out, and their free! Keyword or Phrases that pull your specific targeted keywords. Keyword or Phrases are the exact term a person searching would put into google to search. Research keywords for your web-page that ensures your web-page will be found. Use them about 2-3 times in a blog.

Did you know that there are many types of keywords such as broad, exact, phrase and negative keyword? If you didn’t you might have discover why your method does not work. What Is A Signature A signature is your standing sign off when ever you post to forums or other blogs.Let’s say you just read some great advice on dog grooming. You would leave something like this as a post.

Social Networks sometimes allow up to three links in a signature. These links will always be working for you if they are compatible links. Do you see how a dog grooming forum can be beneficial to a person that does dog training? You will not become rich overnight but you will get more click throughs when you learn how to properly market and use the proper keywords that pull your specific targeted visitor.

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Stock Market Help…?

Hello. I am taking a course in economics and my class is doing a hands-on activity involving the stock market. There is a free online site that teachers can open an account on and their students manage their own stock portfolios. With the economy in such a recession, my teacher knows that this is a tough assignment. I am currently researching the stock trends; however, I just wanted to see if anyone had any particular stocks come to mind that I should invest in. Thanks in advance.

I had to do this assignment for my investments class and I ended losing a lot of money so I can’t really say I can give you good advice. But a good website to look for good stocks to buy is I didn’t use the website while I had the assignment. It is really difficult to have gains with the economy in recession. I think only 2-3 people in my class ended up with gains. In this case, maybe short some stocks or by QID.

Good Luck!

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Online Marketing New York City

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

who owns this bag or knows where to get it ?

i want to buy real bad for school and i cannot seem to find it .
so i was thinking of shopping online, i wanted to see if anyone out here has it and can give me a review on it, and maybe where can i find this in the city ? (new york city)

ps; the puma store in SoHo doesnt have it .
sorry , heres a link

I don’t see it sorry! You could probably try other athletic stores, though. Try FinishLine.

Social Media Marketing New York City (Onine Video Marketing)

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Online Marketing Exhibitions

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

online marketing exhibitions

Online Marketing and Offline Marketing Strategy in B2b Portal

If Business is to profit, then Marketing is to business. Since, without marketing, business is not possible whether it is done in any form. Even traditional business had some marketing tactics, be it delivery unto buyer place or flexibility in payment terms. Ultimately, what can turn on more business is often considered as marketing and its implementation after analysis of the situations from time to time can be termed as strategy. I often found, when you say strategy, people nod their head but when it comes to know what is strategy they loose the color of their face.

Strategy is a factor which construes marketing and marketing runs on strategy. What RCC beams are to a building  in the same manner strategy is for marketing .if one claims to be doing marketing without strategy then he may be fooling himself and more to others as without strategy in any manner , marketing is not possible.
The very next thing which comes is how to make strategies for marketing the product?

Before that, let us take some pain to understand what exactly is strategy. Strategy is nothing but understanding the basics of positioning a product, features and potential of product, strength and weakness of products, timely review of planning’s etc and then analyzing it to conclude with some parameters for selling the same product with respect to different zones and geographical areas, this result into strategy. Isn’t it very simple. If one makes simple strategy, he makes simple way to success in business.
After Strategy, What Next?

Then comes the real marketing play. Again, it is followed by another question how to and what can be the modes of marketing.
Lets us see which mode is required, when marketing modes option comes to be chosen for business:

Whether Online Marketing?
Whether Offline Marketing?

Before, discussing about advantages and dis-advantages as well as requirement of online marketing, let’s see the modes and strategies of offline marketing.

a. Direct Marketing
b. Telemarketing
c. Advertisement in TV
d. Campaign based advertisement in Radio.
e. Advertisement in public places, public transportation
f. Participation in Exhibitions & Trade Shows
g. Door to Door Marketing
h. Promotional campaigns
i. Discounts and offers
j. Referral Marketing
k. Public Relations
l. Print Media
M. sponsoring some events, sports etc.

The list can have much more to it, but the aforesaid are considered to be the prominent amongst any other options possible or available for any person.
So, after doing, still one requires any other mode of marketing, before we make a hasty decision, what if some online marketing options are just explored:

a. Contacting and Responding through Mail
B. Advertisement in Google, Yahoo
C. Advertisement through Ad brite
D. Advertisement in Blogs
E. Advertisement in most popular sites and portals
f. Article Marketing
g. Affiliate Marketing
h. Online Viral Marketing
i. Email Marketing
j. Activities in Forum & Social bookmarking
K. Linking with quality sites
l. Banner Exchange
m. Search Engine Optimization via Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Many more to be added, even in this sphere alone.
After referring to all, do you feel one is required and sufficient and if one is, then which one .Then I must answer that absolutely NOT, one cannot be a substitute for other, but both are required.
Because, Offline, marketing is very well known potential mode of marketing and will always be required but at the same only offline marketing will not do justice to your marketing, still don’t believe, then just check the truth as stated below:

a) Round the globe more than 50% business is carried out and communicated through mails which is online mode.
b) Corporates, SMEs, MNC all are dependant upon mail for communication.
c) Young generation is net savvy.
d) People are dependant upon websites to fulfill their basic necessities be it
1) jobs, 
2) accommodation,
3) buying and  selling
4) marriage
5) chatting
6) communication
7) outsourcing work
8) filing tax returns
9) gathering any information etc
10) on an average more than 50% business man and involved in international trade use B2b Portals to effect the business .
If this is the some eye opening facts , can still one keep away from online marketing ………….Now You Decide !

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