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Online Marketing Worldwide

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

online marketing worldwide

Exploring the Online Marketing Network

Since its appearance, the internet and worldwide web has attracted a lot of attention. One of the main benefits is that no matter what the size of the business, whether large or small, the same amount of exposure can be gained by both. It can be an inexpensive and cost effective medium to use in today’s high tech business world. Essentially the internet can be considered a huge sales channel aimed at the consumer.

An incredible amount of exposure can be gained through the internet, with a business owner reaching millions of potential customers. Compared to other, more conventional forms of advertising, the internet is far less expensive. For the cost of one days classified ads in the local newspaper, the online network marketer can get a website built and up and running for a whole year. This has the benefits of not only reaching the local market, as in the case of the newspaper, but also the region, country or even worldwide market. Because of the personal interaction an online prospect has, the online marketing networker will get far more attention than through other forms of media.

Due to the high tech view of the internet, many people feel very uneasy about using it. However, the technological side of the internet is not the main issue here. For online marketing networkers the main issue is that it provides a personalised atmosphere for your prospects, allowing you to build close one-on-one relationships with many people.

To do online marketing effectively, the internet requires a unique set of rules and regulations. Online consumers actively seek out information, unlike conventional advertising where a message is sent to a target market and the recipient of this information then chooses to act or ignore the information. It must be understood though that internet marketing is not a get rich quick scheme. Success is reliant on gaining a full understanding of the concept as well as the hard work involved the need for attention to detail and the constant promotional activity required to make it work. You do not need to worry about fancy graphics to be successful; it is about providing valuable, quality information specific to the industry, presenting a professional marketing image and having a reliable hosting service so that the information you provide is fast and easy to download.

A different approach is required by the online marketing networker in the development of their website. Here a re 4 tips to help in this process:

1:- Including quality, active copy when building your website. The only aim of this is to obtain mare leads, make more sales and to increase profitability. The use of good, fine graphics and scripts, although not essential, will make your site richer and more appealing to your visitors.

2:- The use of powerful and proven marketing strategies and techniques will allow your website to recognise excellent results and also at the same time cutting your online marketing costs.

3:- Transform your online marketing network website into a lucrative money making vehicle by constantly improving and adjusting it.

4:- Online marketing exposure can be increased by using customised and up to date marketing campaigns. This will help secure consistently high results from your sales and marketing efforts.

The online marketing networker needs to be constantly looking at what they are doing and tweaking their campaigns in an effort to remain visible and be seen to be a market expert.

About the Author

Mark Watson of is a successful internet marketer working form home with some for the top marketers and leaders. For more information visit

BPI to increase gas mileage?

I saw something online about BPI Worldwide. I guess they have some pill that increases gas mileage. Is this the same company, or at least the same type of product, that the Texas Attorney General shut down last year because of deceptive marketing? Also, what is in the pills? Someone gave me a couple pills to put in my gas tank last year and they smelled like mothballs. Then I find out that that is what is in this product. It sounds like a hoax to me. Does anyone know more than what I’ve heard? Thanks.
I think it’s a bunch of baloney myself…I just thought the Attorney General had shut down the company. A co-worker had tried to get some of us to try it, but it just didn’t seem right….so I was just wondering if it’s the same company or a new one trying to con others…thanks for the good tips about keeping a car maintained. That will be helpful for all of us to remember.


Your message caught my attention. There is no “magic” pills that would improve the gas mileage.

The best way to improve the gas mileage would be to keep your vehicle in top condition, such as:
– Replace spark plugs every year or X mileage
– Replace air filter every year or X mileage
– Keep tires pressure level to normal, or add little bit air for smoother rolling resistance
– Take your time to accelerate after the traffic light turns green (or stop sign).
– Take your time to slow down in advance before the traffic light.

Note: X mileage – check your maintenance schedule as recommended by your vehicle manufacturer for the specific mileage.

Aaron Cooper, Orbitz Worldwide Inc., VP Online Marketing at The PhoCusWright Conference 2008

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Online Advertising Service Providers

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

DC TECH internet provider is terrible, is it possible to recoup my losses?

I have DC TECH internet. Been out of service from my home for over a month! My contract is about to end, thank god. However, I’m ticked because I paid nearly 5k for the internet cable to my house and my only income is through running my online business, which I’ve had to use internet cafes the whole month. How can I force them to give me back some of my money? Wouldn’t that be considered false advertising if they are an “internet provider” but don’t provide the internet?

you may ask for a rebate.

–but not a full refund.

because you were able to use their service somehow.

they’re gonna compute the deficit you incured..

and that’s what they’re gonna pay you for.

anyway, you have the right to a refund.

that’s written in our rules and obligation.

Feeva Technology: Interview with Rishad Tobaccowala

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Online Advertising School

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

online advertising school

Establishing Your Blog to Make Money Online

In order to make money online by blogging there are two schools of thought as to when the best time is to monetize the blog. On the one hand you could immediately start to market to your readers upon launch. Now this makes sense since earning an online income is why you’ve started the blog to begin with. On the other hand there are those who feel it is best to first establish a reader base before introducing any type of online marketing techniques.

On the surface it would seem pretty obvious as to what approach to take if earning an online income is the objective behind your blogging.

Well even though managing a blog over a period of time without the intent to make money seems a little strange it does pose some interesting advantages.

Let’s have a look at 3 compelling reasons it would be to your advantage to DELAY monetizing your blog:


The very basis behind blog popularity is the ability to interact with other visitors and the site owner WITHOUT the distractions of online advertising. Freedom from sales pitches and the opportunity to contribute concerning content of interest to the reader is what most visitors expect at a blog.

Online advertising of any kind will hinder that ‘cozy’ and ‘protected’ feeling visitors are expecting from a blog. As a result it may slow the growth of blog readership since many may not feel as comfortable with these distractions.


With good content and the implementation of effective online marketing techniques to attract traffic most blogs can expect to grow quickly. The interaction of both readers and the site owner through blog comments left and also responded to a certain degree of familiarity develops. This spawns a feeling of camaraderie and loyalty between and amongst all participants. This loyalty then results in readers returning and in fact with their continued participation they in effect are helping to build and improve the blog.

At this point the feeling of community is in full bloom and continues to feed upon itself to grow the blog even more. Now you have greater participation, more input, and even referrals from the existing subscription base are arriving. It is of utmost importance that the site owner continues to take advantage of blog comments left and act upon them to improve the blog. These comments are the readers telling you what they want; all you need to do is respond.


This communal feeling and the loyalty that now exist has given the blog owner tremendous momentum upon which to launch a money making blog. Readership resistance to any marketing attempts will be minimized due to the trust that has developed. In fact sales conversions should be very high as also should be profits.

Blog marketing relies upon the trust and familiarity that the blogging community is noted for. A blog not monetized will generally gain a greater and more immediate acceptance amongst visitors thereby leading to a faster growth rate. 

To make money online it will always involves a certain amount of trust from your customers. In order for them to respond positively to any online marketing efforts they’ll need to believe in either you or the product. By not monetizing your blog from the outset you should be able to develop this trust quicker. This will in turn lead to greater sales with less effort in the future.

About the Author

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
For additional online success tips and a free guide that demonstrates how to find both profitable markets and products visit:

Whats the price range for Bartending school and which certifications are they supposed to have?

I went to American bartenders School (the one advertised online) and they told me the two-week course would cost $895….I want to know if thats an accurate price or if I should go somewhere else. Has anyone been to that bartending school or any other one?

I went to a bartending school in Pittsburgh, Pa about 4 years ago. I dont remember what it was called, but I can tell you DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY! 90% of businesses could care less if you have a bartending school certificate or not. The only reason why I ended up getting a bartending job was because I applied with a company/restaurant that just opened. Even though I learned how to make a lot of drinks, over time you will forget, and without making them constantly, it’s pointless.

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Online Advertising Abstract

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Online gallery to sell photos through?

I’m trying to find the right way to set up my own photo-gallery through which I could sell my photos (either in digital form, and/or as art prints).

Could you recommend a website, that is an online service where I sign up/pay, set up gallery/upload photos, advertise and sell… ?
The theme is mostly landscape/nature photography, some urban themes and some abstract art.

The obvious answer might seem to be “just google it!”, but it’s not that simple, the search doesn’t really turn up what I need.

The gallery’s (website’s) location doesn’t really matter, but just for info, I’m in Europe (Croatia), so something within the continent/EU might be a better choice.

Serious answers only, please. Thanks.

It’s free but you can pay $30 a year for them to print and ship your photos. Great site.

Internet Advertising and the Generalized Second Price…

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Online Marketing Images

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

online marketing images

Role of an Online Marketing Company

Gone are those days when door to door marketing was done to promote a good/service. With the superb performance of Internet people became dependent on its services, as it provided satisfaction to them that too with less time utilization. The business of online marketing came with a bang and continues to perform extremely well. Companies have started moving into online marketing in order to reach the sophisticated class of society. There is no dearth of online marketing companies nowadays, as one can find a large number of companies struggling to rule the business of online marketing.

If you are planning to move into the business of online marketing then it is advisable to hire an online marketing company. The team of professionals working in an online marketing company are experts who look into all the aspects to make your online marketing business flourish. An online marketing company provides with services like search engine optimization, online advertisements, pay per click advertisement etc. A renowned online marketing company serves its clients in the most efficient way both in terms of revenue and traffic generation. Services offered by these marketing companies will help to make your online marketing business stand out of the ordinary.

Concept of email marketing is also well utilized by online marketing companies, as these companies also help in launching email campaigns. Online advertising has shown an immense growth, as more and more advertisers are moving towards online marketing techniques. Internet advertising agencies are similar to online marketing companies, as both of them are well trained in their own fields. People who want to promote online advertisements make use of Internet advertising agencies and those who want to enhance online marketing go for online marketing companies.

So make use of the most efficient online marketing company to promote your ideas/goods all over the globe through world wide web. All those people who want to know about your brand and services, reach them through the technique of opt-in email marketing. Avoid using bulk email concept and stop bothering people who are not interested in any kind of information offered by you. A professional marketing company will make use of opt-in email marketing technique to reach the right audience and thereby create a positive image of your brand.


About the Author

Deepak Kamboj is an expert writer, he is currently associated with Rupiz Media Ad Network, a leading online media buying agency. He has been efficient in providing useful information about online marketing company, banner advertising, online advertising, online ad agencies advertising company, web banners.

I want to expand my home business but I have bad credit. Does anyone have any advice on getting a loan?

I’ve been operating a small business offering administrative support to entrepreneurs and other small business owners. I am ready to launch my business to the next level by attaining office space and a more professional image. However, because of my credit I am unable to get a loan from anywhere. I’ve tried numerous places even online and still nothing. I have two small children so I am not really in a position to save. I currently work out of my home office but I want to market to more possible clients but I really need a more professional look. HELP!!!!!

There are plenty of places that offer quick loans for people with bad credit with no-hassle applications and easy requirements.

Some of these lenders even offer 1 minute approvals, and have both secured and unsecured loans, depending on your need and situation. Check the page listed below, it has information and bad credit lenders listed off and on.

“Online Marketing Strategies” How To Get Free Internet Traffic with Images

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Online Advertising Tutorials

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

eBay selling?

eBay is quite confusing to be. I’m trying to get the real feel of it so I can start selling some of my home made stuff (treats and lotions) for some supplemental income. I’d also like to sell other things.

1) When people say buy wholesale then sell what does that mean? I know what buying wholesale is obviously but…someone told me that it means you advertise on your site and then when they buy, you buy? Somehow that doesn’t sound right to me…can someone elaborate.

2) What other websites are good? I’m unfamiliar with eBay because I’m really into Amazon (buyer), but I know Amazon doesn’t have the online “store” thing so is it just as good? Who else?

3) Are there any tutorials I can maybe find online? eBooks?

4) Shipping?

I know there’s a new eBay question like everyday but I appreciate the help!
*What is Dropshipping?

to question1, Its actually called dropshipping, Many site allow that but its risky. You can post there puctures and info on ebay to sell it for them, you still have to pay the fees and shipping, but beware, a million other people are probably selling the same things from that site. Also, if they suddenly dont have it and you sold one your the one who gets in trouble on ebay not them, the same with shipping, if they screw around your the one liable even though you have no control. Esentially you list it, someone buys it from you and pays you then you turn around and buy it off the site, put in your customers mailing address and wait.

2) Just put in dropship or wholesale in your search engine to find sources, but again, a million other people do the same thing. Most of the REAL dropshippers or wholesalers require a paid membership to get REAL wholesale prices. and a tax id, i.e ss# or biz tax #

3)yes there are books although they basically tell you what you can find on ebays tutorials to begin with, just paruse ebays online help sections for the info. its free.

4) Priority flat rate is popular, 4.05 for special envelopes and 8.55 for boxes no matter the weight. Also ebay has a shipping calculator in the selling area. And check out for parcel post rates, they go by package dimensions and weight.

PPC Advertising Tutorial

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Find Online Marketing Specialist

Monday, April 27th, 2009

find online marketing specialist

Internet Marketing Specialists Colorado

Founded in December 1998, the vision of’s founders was to provide innovative and practical web site building tools coupled with expertise in Internet marketing to enhance the success of businesses on the Internet. is in the business of providing leading edge Internet marketing services to businesses on the Internet. IWW utilizes the latest research of Internet consumer behavior and applies traditional marketing techniques to businesses most responsive to the lifeblood of Internet marketing, the search engines.’s provides web site development and search engine optimization for several major markets; real estate, automotive, and mortgage and lending markets. The internet and search engine positioning is constantly changing and is committed to staying on top of all new search engine developments and online marketing tools.

Internet Marketing Specialists Colorado

Finding internet marketing specialists in Colorado is crucial if you want to get your site noticed on the web. Things change often with the search engines. Getting your site ranked higher in the engines can be a seemingly insurmountable task.  Our Colorado internet marketing specialists help get the rankings you are looking for, which translates to more traffic to your site.  We’ve been internet marketing specialists and search engine optimization experts since 1995, helping Colorado businesses achieve a higher level of success and get more from their marketing dollar.  

Internet Marketing Colorado

Need internet marketing in Colorado?  We can help!  We offer successful internet marketing, search engine optimization, and online advertising services for Colorado businesses . There are many avenues of getting people to your site, building a relationship and then making sales. We know you don’t  know every little thing about internet marketing, but we’re sure you  want to know that your marketing dollars are well spent.  That’s where we come in.  Internet marketing in Colorado is very competitive, but we can give you an edge over the competition. 

If you are interested in finding out more about how we can help you with your internet marketing, email us at and we will have an internet marketing specialist contact you with more information.

About the Author

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Online Marketing And Media Association

Monday, April 27th, 2009

How many volumes are lacking to Karlheinz Deschner finish his great work, “Christianity’s Criminal History”?

Now he have writed TEN volumes for his excelent research!!

Christians, what do you thing that the evidence that christianism is a mass destruction weapon?

You absolutely right, in the market so many books about it

“The X-Rated Bible – Updated “”Born Again”” Edition”

“Incest, rape, adultery, exhibitionism, prostitution, homosexuality, abortion, mate swapping, bestiality — it’s all there in the book held sacred by three of the world’s major religions. Originally published to reveal the hypocrisy of fundamentalists’ attempts to censor and suppress the kind of material found throughout their own scriptures, The X-Rated Bible quickly became the American Atheist Press’s most notorious and best-selling book. It garnered media attention due to its title, subject matter (with chapters like “”Lot Knocks Up Both His Daughters,”” and “”Noah Gets Drunk and Exposes Himself””), and association with publisher Madalyn Murray O’Hair, famous atheist and publicity hound.
Paperback, 245 pages.

Read this book online too,

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Online Marketing Roi

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

This might sound stupid, but StocksRobot.Com picked 6 winners, should I try an actual trade this Monday?

So I am interested in people who make a living trading stocks, espeically penny stocks. I bought into this software and I have been impressed with the picks to date. 6 winners in a row, I am very tempted to do an actual trade come Market open on Monday. I am going to start small and hopefully build up. I know a lot of people say that software dies out and can’t keep up with the market, but this is by far the best ROI I have ever seen with online advice. I really could have made a lot of money if I put some real trades in. Even if this does get out dated, isn’t it worth it for now? Any feedback would be great.

If it is Robot then few trials by the user without risking the money are advised to arrive at success rate

& if not There are few points needs consideration

It is not the picks but the technique that matters & what is the true success rate, normally people write about the most sucessfull picks & hide the failures not only that if after the recommedation the scripts jumps with a gap that is counted as money earned where as that is the previous day price not after you have bought on recommedation

I would like to have self trials & but the software myself

Focusing on online and offline marketing ROI

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Browse Online Advertising Packages

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

browse online advertising packages

Advertising’s Novelties

The basis of the value of novelty in advertising as an incentive is twofold. Recall the extreme importance, in the lives of our ancestors and in our own experience, of unusual objects, new gadgets, new technologies, new situations, unaccustomed stimuli. This is a business principle that should be taking into account by any home business entrepreneur that advertises.

The organism is perfectly adapted to familiar objects, but strange ones can only set up disturbed or random responses, and hence cause the feeling of shock.
We are startled by the novel, be it physical or intangible, be it the object or the idea as long as it is new, full of unexplored curiosity, unattended interest.
It is full of interest to us both on account of the danger it may contain and on account of the good it may afford. Hence we always attend to it closely when we discover it. This incentive is closely related to the instinct of curiosity. Curiosity is merely the name for our interest in the unknown or unfamiliar. Throw a strange object into the field and the horses and cattle will circle around it, sniffing, poking and snorting until they seem to have discovered all the possible sources of activity to be anticipated from the object. If the object shows no new traits, but behaves just as the old familiar objects in the pasture, the cattle soon scatter away and are hereafter unconcerned about it.

But if it shows any new or unwanted characteristics, the animals are interested in it for days and may be observed constantly examining it. The same is true of a child with a new toy, the teenager with the latest video game, or the geek browsing through a sea of web pages with new internet technology content.

Novelty is an effective attention device. This also illustrates an important principle of perception, that one “sees” not so much what the sense organ affords but rather what the present stimulus has been learned to mean.

Sensation is supplemented by perception. Sadly enough this is something a lot of home business entrepreneurs tend to forget about, and are painfully reminded when their advertising campaigns are not successful.

Herein lies the strong attention value of all devices designed to arouse curiosity – bizarre figures, cuts, shapes, flashing internet banners, to be continued tv. episodes, a good written sales letter, curios spelling, unusual location or positions, catchy names, trade marks, billboards, browser pop ups, the you are the winner e-mail or the ever present online ad promising on how to become rich from home, unfamiliar media, such as balloons, window exhibitions, prize packages, contests, web blogs, traffic exchanges, viral networks, etc.

It has been known that even churches have frequently carried on advertising campaigns based on the novelty incentive, introducing unheard-of specialties and stunts into the service.

Online business entrepreneurs, newspapers, politicians, publishers, movie studios, dealers in every commodity, machinery, etc., uses this incentive to advantage. The element of novelty attracts the attention initially, and, if the thing is sufficiently curious, the observer is likely to keep his attention fixed until the advertisement has been thoroughly digested.

If possible, the novelty should be intrinsic, not simply obtruded as an attention device. A good example of effective and intrinsic novelty is the assertion made once by the old and celebrated advertisement of 3-in-1 Oil : ” Men shave with it.” It was a clear attempt to employ the novelty device for purposes of attention.

The chief danger in using the novelty incentive is, of course, that of emphasizing the novelty rather than the product.

So home business advertisers should be advise, since the introduction of novelty in advertisement, evidently also introduces the applicable warning of past results do not guarantee future performance.

Copyright © F. Prida . All Rights Reserved .

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About the Author

Work from Home
Business Entrepreneur that earns home sweet dollars from Home Sweet Home.
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Home Sweet Home Business Blog

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