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Online Marketing Literature

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

online marketing literature

What is Online Marketing?

Some individuals think that marketing involves deceptive, high-pressure tactics to get people to buy something they don’t really want. Those individuals are incorrect. While marketing usually involves advertising or personal selling, marketing practiced correctly should not try to get people to buy things they don’t want, nor should marketers use deceptive or tactics to get people to buy.

Marketing is a long term process to be seen as a creative organization in which includes selling, distribution and advertising. It is also totally depend on the customers’ future needs and wants, which are appear through market research.

Combination of marketing elements used in the sale of a particular product. It includes advertising, selling and delivering products to people. People in this marketing uses more tactice to get more attention from audience. The marketing elements center around four distinct functions, sometimes called the Four Ps: product, price, place (of distribution), and promotion.

The management department is responsible for creating and implementing procedural policies of the firm. The marketing department is responsible for generating revenue through the exchange process. As a means of generating revenue, marketing objectives are established in alignment with the overall objectives of the firm. The main goal of marketing is to provide the useful products and services to the people. Thereby, marketers ensure profitability.

The four important elements in marketing are Product, Price, Place and Promotion.

The scope of a product generally includes supporting elements such as warranties, guarantees, and support. Mainly two types of products are their one is tangible and another is intangible. Intangible is services it can’t appear but customer will get satisfy with the products.

The process of creating a price for a product, including discounts is Price. The price need not be monetary; it depend on product manufacturing cost, channels of distributions, it can simply be what is exchanged for the product or services, e.g. time, energy, or attention.

Marketing is influenced by many of the social sciences, particularly psychology, sociology, and economics. Anthropology is also a small, but growing influence. Market research underpins these activities. Through advertising, it is also related to many of the creative arts. The marketing literature is also infamous for re-inventing itself and its vocabulary according to the times and the culture.

Advertising, sales promotion, publicity, and personal selling, branding and refers to the various methods of promoting the product, brand, or company is called Promotion.

About the Author

Richard Scalza, a leading internet marketer helps you to start free online business from today. He provides remarkable services to all internet marketers and newbie’s to launch their business online. For more information visit the website

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Online Advertising Success Metrics

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

online advertising success metrics

Digital Signage: The Value of Metrics

If you watch the local news on television, you may notice that the stories get a little more graphic, the news a little more sensational and the anchors a little more solicitous in February, May, July and November. Why? Because that’s when ratings are measured in more than 200 television markets nationwide to determine who’s watching what, and how many of people are watching it.

If you work in a specific industry, you may subscribe to one or more trade magazines with articles of interest to your peers. If you recommend, specify or actually authorize the purchase of new products and services for your business, you probably receive these magazines for free. If you happen to forget to re-subscribe, you may have been on the receiving end of a phone call from someone –not trying to sell you a subscription, but attempting to get you to provide the verbal equivalent of filling out a subscription card. Why? Because you are a member of a sought-after demographic that those advertisings in that magazine seek to reach.

If you follow Internet marketing at all, you may have read stories over the past couple of years about click fraud -an artificial inflation of online reader responses to banners, buttons and other ads. Click fraud has caused a lot of grief for some of the biggest names on the Internet. Why? Because advertisers pay for each click on their ads based on the representation that there was actually someone with some bit of legitimate interest in their product or service that clicked.

What in the world does any of this have to do with digital signage? Simple, each example illustrates the importance ad agencies and advertisers place on reaching the number of people they pay to reach and often the demographic “type” of person they are targeting for their commercial messages. Audience ratings, circulation audits and bona fide ad responses are critical to monetizing media. Advertisers must be assured that their dollars are paying for something they actually wish to buy. Measuring audience metrics via independent third parties has served both the media and the ad communities by establishing an essential component to the ad buy, namely trust. It all comes down to the expression former President Ronald Reagan made famous when negotiating with former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev on nuclear arms reduction: “Trust but verify.”

For digital signage networks to be taken seriously by ad agencies and their clients, they must deliver a level of audience verification similar to those available with other old-line media, such as TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. Fortunately, advancements in digital signage technology are on the horizon that will allow this exact type of verification. Digital signage cameras mounted on or in the bezel of flat panel displays combined with the right software can count viewers, track where they are looking and catalog some demographic information, such as gender and approximate age, about digital signage viewers are on the doorstep of the industry.

As this technology rolls out into the mainstream, it could give digital signage advertising networks a significant boost among media buyers as there finally will be concrete, verifiable metrics upon which to make ad buys and allocate budgets. Whether or not, media buyers will take a digital signage network’s word that the audience numbers they are representing based on this technology are actually true is another matter. But that issue seems easily addressable by bringing an independent third party to verify these findings into the mix. I could even imagine a scenario where a digital signage network “ratings” service would foot the tab for the measurement technology to separate it from the signage network and add legitimacy -of course for a fee, probably paid by the signage network.

Certainly privacy advocates have raised concerns about this sort of technology. However, steps can be taken to mask the identity of individuals being tracked by the cameras and allay fears about Big Brother tactics.

It seems to me, this type of technology promises to deliver an important component that has been missing from the digital signage ad network arena. Look for the financial success of these networks to grow as this sort of audience measurement technology -or some other yet to be defined approach that gets answers for the same need of verifiable metrics- gains momentum.

About the Author

David Little is a digital signage enthusiast with 20 years of experience helping professionals use technology to more effectively communicate their unique marketing messages. He is the director of marketing for Keywest Technology in Lenexa, KS, a software development company specializing in systems for digital signage creation, scheduling, management and playback. For further digital signage insight from Keywest Technology, download our Six Basic Digital Signage Applications white paper and case studies. Or, visit our website for many helpful tips and examples on how digital signage can benefit your business.

starting a business?

for business class we have to start a business, and im starting a drive in movie theater. does anybody have information on this? please help! best answer gets 10 points good answers get a thumb up!! thanks

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AdWords: Measure your success

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Online Marketing Techniques Statistics

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Are college online math classes hard?

I am about to go over seas to see my husband and i need to take online classes but i can take either 4 classes or 3 if i take an accounting class and math class and a marketing class. im not worried about the accouting because it only requires basic algebra and basic reading course. or the marketing how ever my math class get me worried its called Mathematical is the description

This course develops the ability to utilize mathematical skills and technology
to solve problems at a level found in non-mathematics-intensive
programs. Topics include applications to percent, ratio and proportion,
formulas, statistics, functional notation, linear functions, probability,
sampling techniques, scatter plots, and modeling. Upon completion,
students should be able to solve practical problems, reason and
communicate with mathematics, and work confidently, collaboratively,
and independently.

taken many online classes but not a math trying to keep full time

Sometimes math classes can be tricky. Some requires in class demonstration, work through practical problems together in order to fully understand the concept. If you have a good sense of number and have the ability to learn and grasp concept quickly, then it shouldn’t be a huge problem for you to take it online.

Small Business Marketing Online Unique Selling Point Secrets

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Online Marketing Figures

Monday, June 29th, 2009

What is the best site to buy and sell stock online?

I am clueless to the stock market but figured best way to learn is to invest a few hundred dollars. Wondering what site is the most user friendly and more importantly what site has the best deal.

With only a few hundred dollars I would not recommend real trading. Instead open a practice trading account and learn with play money. You can learn while you practice. After you have saved some more, and understand the basics, then open an account at a discount broker such as Scottrade.

Investopedia is one of the best free sites for education. And they have a free stock simulator so you practice trading.

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Online Advertising Percentages

Monday, June 29th, 2009

online advertising percentages

How to Increase Online Advertising Conversions up to 30%

Why should potential customers buy from you instead of your competitor?

This question is at the heart of a good value proposition that can substantially increase your online advertising conversions. A value proposition is a clear statement of the tangible results that a customer will receive from you.

Challenge: Write a 12 word advertisement why people should buy your product or service.

When advertising online, the clarity of your value proposition is critical to click through rates and sales conversions. It is the main reason why people should buy from you, and improving this one on-page element can increase your sales without any additional expense. Considering the importance of this advertising element, it is surprising that so many companies have not given it serious thought, and only provide the same weak claims.

Weak Value Propositions:

      • We have the best technology in the industry
      • Use our service and you will save more money
      • We provide the highest quality product available

          Consumers have repeatedly heard or read these types of online advertising claims that don’t speak to their real needs. When potential customers see your offer, you only have a brief amount of time to get their attention and make a good first impression.

          Better Value Propositions:

              • Our technology increases production 21% more than the leading brand
              • Save $32 dollars on every service purchased as a premium member
              • The quality of our product is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee

                  Be More Specific

                  Trying to keep value propositions too brief and generic can result in using vague terms that replace a more valuable description of your online advertising offer. General industry descriptions may seem clear to you, but do they convey the most important benefits to your potential customers?

                  When advertising online, answer the question of why it’s important to your customer. Use clear and specific words, numbers, or a percentage when applicable. Replace vague modifiers with quantitative facts to make the value proposition more credible. The more specific your offer is in terms of benefits to the customer, the better.

                  Key Point: Name at least one benefit that differentiates you from the competition.

                  Optimizing your value proposition is one critical part of the overall process of maximizing your advertising campaigns. It can provide a competitive advantage keeping you focused on your core advertising message in the constant flow of business changes and customer needs.

                  A Clear Value Proposition Increases Conversions

                  Is your online advertising message in sync with your target audience? Does your advertising say what your potential customers want to hear? If not, then you could be missing a prime opportunity to increase click through rates, sales conversions, and revenue. Be sure to optimize your value proposition by focusing the content on your website landing pages to satisfy the specific needs of visitors, while differentiating your offer from the competitors, and using a clear call to action to get started.

                  About the Author

                  Written by Rick Smith; Advertising agency, Newspaper SEO, Auto dealer website design

                  What percent of local businesses advertise in print?

                  On average
                  Percentage of SMB that advertise in print?
                  What about online?

                  Last I heard it was 28 percent. Have gotten any stats for online.

                  Andrew Baron online advertising

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                  Online Advertising Above The Fold

                  Monday, June 29th, 2009

                  Japanese Natives: What are the best skin products with phytessence wakame in Japan?

                  What are the best skin products with phytessence wakame [in Japan] or U.S. ? [i doubt u.s. has these products though]
                  IS there any way I can buy products online and have them shipped from Japan to U.S.?
                  And, are there any products int he U.S. I can buy that has phytessence wakame?

                  You are apparently talking about Undaria pinnatifida.

                  This type of algae is the subject of some rather silly (in my opinion) advertising in the West recently claiming that it is responsible to great complexions of the Japanese people. Most people in Japan would be greatly surprised to hear that, since although it is a regular part of their diet and readily available in grocery stores in the USA (for example), most people in Japan don’t seem to claim that it has any beautifying properties as per the cosmetic ads in the USA. For example, see:


                  As per the above Wikipedia article, this material is readily available in the raw dried form in almost any Asian grocery store in the USA.


                  If for some reason you still think it would be a good idea to buy a product that contains this material, a simply WWW search will turn up several companies that sell such products by mail-order. For examples, see:


                  Before you actually spend your own money on something like this, it is highly advisable to log onto the Medline database (available though many public libraries in the USA), and look up articles that prove or disprove the alleged effects of Undaria pinnatifida. There have been many cosmetic ingredient fads over the years – big waste of money for consumers. The problem is two-fold. (1) Many such fads don’t work as tested and reported on Medline. (2) A truly effective ingredient will affect different people differently, so the cosmetic companies use such low quantities (to avoid adverse effects), there isn’t any beneficial effect even if the ingredient is effective at the high concentrations used for testing. Unlike foods, cosmetics are required to list ingredients, but NOT concentrations! That means that cosmetic companies often include a zoo of trace faddish-popular ingredients at such low concentrations there is no effect whatsoever, other than a lightening of the wallets of the consumers. Educate yourself and beware.

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                  Online Marketing Biamp

                  Sunday, June 28th, 2009

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                  Online Advertising Slogan Generator

                  Sunday, June 28th, 2009

                  How To Generate Visitors Using Only Free Strategies

                  Whereas there are methods to jumpstart your traffic flows, many sites don’t have the sources that others need to generate extra visitors in your site. Properly, you don’t have to spend a cent; all you want is the correct mindset and a lot of eagerness. You additionally should have the drive and perseverance to do arduous work and analysis to generate extra site visitors in your site.

                  How candy it’s to have extra traffic on your site with out spending a single cent.  Now it’s a positive thing that many sites have articles that supply suggestions and pointers in easy methods to generate visitors using solely free methods. As a result of it is possible, you don’t want to hurry a single cent, it may take time, to say truthfully, I’m not going to beat across the bush with you. You get higher probabilities by paying in your ads, but at the least you get a preventing chance with some of these free methods I’m about to tell you.

                  Take advantage of online boards and online communities. The beauty of boards and online communities is that you can target a certain group that matches the sure demographic that you are looking for. You may discuss about a lot of issues concerning the area of interest that you simply characterize or offer.  Another nice advantage is that you understand what you are stepping into and you can be prepared.

                  With online communities and forums you possibly can build a popularity to your company. Present them what you are made of and wow them with your vary of experience about the subject, with which you can construct a reputation and construct trust with the people in your experience and knowledge.

                  You may also make use of newsletters. Provide individuals with a catalog of your products and attention-grabbing and entertaining articles. In case you make it actually fascinating and entertaining, extra folks will join your e-newsletter and recommend it to different people. The extra people who signs up to your newsletter, the more folks there shall be that can go to your website increasing your traffic.

                  Another great thought is buying and selling links with different sites. You don’t have to spend a cent. All you need to do is reach an agreement with another webmaster. With exchanging hyperlinks, the efforts both websites do will benefit both sites. Every traffic that goes to the location could doubtlessly click on on the link of your site and go to your web site as well. This works nicely particularly when both websites characteristic the identical niche.

                  Write articles that might pique the eye of people who have interest in your product. Strive writing articles that can present tips and guides to other aficionados. Writing articles that present good service and knowledge to different individuals would provide the mandatory mileage your traffic circulation needs.  

                  Many websites supply free submission and posting of your articles. When folks find interest in your articles they have an excellent chance of following the monitor by finding out where the article originated. Embody a link or a brief description of your organization with the article and there’s a fantastic chance that they will go to your site.

                  Write good content for your site. Many search engines monitor down the key phrases and key phrase phrases your website makes use of and how they’re used. It isn’t a requirement that a content material should be executed by an expert content writer. You can do your on but you must make content material in your site that’s entertaining as well as informational. It ought to provide certain requirements as well as nice quality.
                  Usually, internet users use search engines like google and yahoo to find what they’re wanting for. Engines like google in return use keyword looking out in aiding their search results. With the appropriate key phrases, you might get excessive rankings in search engine outcomes without the costs.

                  All of these methods and more will drive more visitors to your site for free. All it takes is a little bit of effort and extended man hours. Study all you can about the methods depicted here and you will soon have a website with a great traffic circulation without the same old prices that come with it.

                  About the Author

                  © 2010 KC Jackson: This article may be reprinted and distributed so long as the useful resource info remains intact: KC Jackson- MultiWorld USA Get ready to start earning a full time income online working just part time from your computer.

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                  Top Online Marketing Mba

                  Saturday, June 27th, 2009

                  What are the leading online universities in USA?

                  I plan to earn my second high degree in MBA/Marketing online. What would be the top universities in the States that provide online education? And why are they leading? Thank you.
                  Guys, the thing is that online education would fit me better since i change my location quite often and i dont have much time to attend the classes due to my work…. But what kind of reputation do those universities have? Why would my career be harmed?

                  The most widely know ‘online’ university in the USA is the University of Phoenix. But I think most people in education and business would agree that you shouldnt enroll there.

                  To see why, read the article that was printed in the NY Times for Sunday Feb 11,2 007. It explains a lot about why they dont get much respect.

                  There are quite a few schools that offer courses on line. Why not look around for a school that you like that is somewhat near you, and see whether they offer SOME of the degree on line…. then you could get a more respected degree that would actually help rather than harm your career.

                  Online Marketing Classes Part 3 – Top 20 Lead Generation Techniques

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                  Online Marketing Audio Books

                  Saturday, June 27th, 2009

                  Need enterpreneur advice on being better at being my own boss?

                  I run my own business which is wholly online which I thought I would be very good at since I am good with people, creative, unique, wise with finance, advertising and marketing in general however; I am by nature (on the negative side) chronically lazy, non focused, tired, un- motivated, distracted, illogical and terribly scatter-brained. It doesn’t help that I do have ADD, do have a depressive disorder, are dyslexic, that I am not by any means a skilled nor fast typer and that I loathe computer technology to a ‘T’. How can I get my act together and organize my priorities so i don’t let my short–almost non existent attention span destroy my dreams of successfully being my own boss and running my own business? Is there a boot camp type I can go to for this sort of thing? HELP please!

                  P.S. Please help me help myself out recommending a book, a audio book, website or what-not on something that you deem might truly help me out, MANY THANKS 🙂

                  Write down a list of things you need to do daily, weekly, monthly, annually. Keep a Calendar of when you need these done by like due dates. For motivation also include how doing each of these in a timely manner will increase profit. I would say develop a routine in the mornings get everything down you need to do first to be able to focus on work when needed then devot at least an hour to getting done the things you need to do every morning. That will be a start, so also list what needs to be done first, second, etc. By first establishing this “buisness plan” it will give you some direction. But keeping it all written down reminds you of what need to be done and by when.

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