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Online Advertising Future Trends

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

What are the ecommerce implications of an artificial neural network?

Ok so i am doing this research paper on how neural networks can help marketers better their campaigns by recognizing trends and forecasting key information. What are some other implications of neural networks as far as online marketing is concerned.


Given sufficient data nueral networks doing data mining could be the one true solution to spam/junk mail. Broadcast methods are expensive and annoying. If you recieve advertising would you not want it to be relitive to you? I don’t mind junk mail that offers serverices and products I might actually use, and the fact I am bombarded by offers I do not have the slightest interest in. Already dumb data mining is used heavily in fund raising campaigns. There are crude attempts to guess a contributer’s patterns and maximize contributions that way. If requests are oversent it causes the contributer to burn out. To gain a negitive conotation for the charity/organization which over targets them. They begin to feel less like a supporter and more like a sucker.

This kind of pattern recognition and very specific interest targeting if implimented well could turn marketing from a trade considered less reputable than hookers into a respected and valuable skill.

Why would nural networks suceed over conventional queries? Nueral networks are capable of learning and doing more than applying rigid rule based logic. Nueral nets are capable of context awareness. So for example I personally hate Microsoft products. As such offers about deals on Windows software are actually offensive to me. I would love to hear about offers dealing with Linux or platform independent software however. Broad based catagories are useless when you are dealing with marketing. A concept marketeers fail to understand for some reason. Software is not software. Software comes in a zillion types and flavors. One gun manufacturer earned the hatred of gun enthusiests at one point. Thus sending marketing about this manufactuer would be offensive to many gun lovers. Again an example of even a more specific catagory being useless when it came down to the actual marketing. This context awareness is crucial in creating the sucessfull marketing campaigns of the future. Each year the public becomes less and less tolerent twoards shotgun marketing. Spam has damaged people personally. Crammed mailboxes so full that important and essential email is missed or cannot even be delivered. Mailboxes stuffed to the brim with offers which do not apply at all to the reciever. Whole forests of trees are sacraficed to such waste. People are just not going to take such tactics much longer.

Leo Burnett / Arc Predictions 2008, Future Trends in Marketing

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Online Advertising Tracking System

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Does this look dodgy to you?

Im looking to buy this apple mac system which I saw advertised, the seller is based in canada and I dont know if I should buy the item or not, the seller has emailed me this as the way we should make the transaction…

my prefferable shipping method is AUTOTRANS Company (, wich are a fast service,so you can have the package in about 2-3 business days. If you are agree with my price and with the shipping terms please send me your name and address for i can arrange the delivery. Also, i preffere for payment a fast money transfer service,which is called Money Gram service. So, please find the nearest Money Gram office from you and complete the payment in the total amount of $900 to my name and address:

I will ship the product and release the tracking # , so you can update your shipment online at any time . After you will complete the payment please confirm it to me by faxing me the Customer Copy receipt received from Money Gram by email.

well known scam, don’t do it. The dodgy use of English is also a dead giveaway. ALWAYS buy 2nd hand computers from someone local so you can see it working when you collect in person. If they’re not OK with that then walk away.

Online Advertising Tracking Secrets

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B2b Online Advertising Metrics

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

b2b online advertising metrics

Banner Advertisement Explained

Banner advertisement is perhaps the oldest and most common mode of advertisement in the world wide web (www). In its simplest form – it acts like a billboard, spreading a promotional message and helping interested visitors to jump to relevant web-site.

Difference between a physical billboard and on-line banner advertisement lies in ability of the later to measure campaign effectiveness. Unlike traditional ad media like TV or print where measuring audience response is difficult – its possible to obtain clear and accurate measurements of success or failure of on-line ads through web traffic analysis.

How good is banner advertisement for your business ? Should you adopt this known and trusted method or go for new ones like search engine based PPC ? The answer lies in your requirement and an understanding of what banner advertisement can deliver.

Let us discuss various concepts associated with on-line advertisement and analyze how banner advertisement works.

What Kind of On-Line Advertisement Suits my Business ?

There are three major reasons for creating online advertising campaign. These are:

*Building brand awareness

*Increasing website traffic

*Creating leads and sales

You need to analyze your precise requirements and prioritize the objectives of planned ad campaign. If the objective is brand building or pure promotion – banner advertisement is ideally suited. However, if you are more keen on leads and sales – targeted advertisements such as search engine marketing could be better option. In many cases – a mix of banner ad and search engine marketing could be the answer. One can find more information on Internet advertisement, specially in the context of export import trade and b2b portals here .

Key Concepts Associated with On-Line Advertisement:

Before proceeding any further, it is important to understand a few key concepts associated with on-line advertisements in general and banner advertisement in particular.


Impression is a measure of how many times an ad has been viewed. How many people have viewed a banner ad or received an “impression” by seeing the ad – is a measurement of responses from the ad delivery system. Once a visitor has viewed a banner on a web page – an impression is recorded. Banner views are different from page views in the sense that there may be multiple banner views within one page view. There’s another distinction between page
view and banner view – some banner serving software do not count a banner view unless the visitor stays on the page long enough for the banner to be fully downloaded from ad server.


CPM refers to cost per thousand (M here stands for ‘Mille’ – the Roman numeral used to represent 1000). CPM is commonly used by the advertising industry to describe how many people have viewed the banner ad (ad view) or received an “impression” by seeing the ad. In other words, this is the price an advertiser pays for displaying his/her banner 1,000 times.

For example, an advertising rate of $10 CPM, means the advertiser is paying $10 for every 1,000 impressions, or $0.01 for each banner impression.

CTR or Click-Through:

When a visitor gets interested in promotional message of a banner, he/she clicks on it to learn more and is automatically transported to advertiser’s website. Every time someone clicks on the banner, it is called a “click- through,” and the “click-through rate” is expressed in terms of percentage of users who click on an advertisement (i.e. ratio of ad clicks to ad impressions). In other words, click through ratio is an indication of a banner’s effectiveness.

How Advertiser Pays for Banner Advertisement Universally, there are two modes of payment for banner ad – CPM


In India – there’s a third mode of payment based on duration of time a banner is hosted on a web-site. Typically, special server-based software called ‘ad-server’ rotates banner ads in specified places of a web-site. It also keep track of impressions, click-thorough and other vital statistics.

In CPM mode of payment – advertiser pays for number of impressions based on an agreed CPM. For example, if a site charges US$ 9 per CPM – for $450 the advertiser gets $450 / $9 CPM *

1000 = 50,000 impressions

If percentage of click thorough is 2 – 4%, advertiser may expect ~ 1000 – 2000 new customers visiting his/her web-site. This is apart from brand building based on number of impressions.

In Click-Through mode – Advertisers pays a fixed fee for every click, no matter what is the number of impressions.

In time-based banner advertisements (typical in India), advertiser pays a fixed fee based on monthly or quarterly rate, irrespective of the number of impression or click-thorough.

Types of Banners Advertisements:

Traditional banner ads were static in nature – usually a .gif or .jpeg image file. With technology advancing – new modes of banner ads appeared in ad scene. Following are some of the popular modes of non-static banner ads
Expanding – Banner gets bigger on clicking – often have a button labeled “Expand”. Rather than jumping to another website – these banners simply open up and reveal more information.

Animated – Common mode of banner ad these days. However, too many images/messages may render such banners hopelessly large in size, slow and downright irritating. Exercise caution on banner design.

Drop-Down Menu – These have embedded HTML and allow the user to choose options from a drop-down menu. This mode of banner is ideal for co-op advertising where several businesses can advertise together.

Interstitial – These appear in a separate window as the website loads. These ads often contain large graphics, animation, and streaming presentations.

Java, Flash, and Shockwave – These allow for rich media presentation including video and audio. Common browser toolbars such as Alexa, Google etc. suppress this type of banners Floating Ads and DHTML – These banners float over the content a website and generally perceived as intrusive, although they do get a high click-through rate.

Unicast – These are just like little TV ads that run in a separate window.

Checklist for Banner Designers:

Here’s a few things to keep in mind while creating banner ad Make it smaller in size: preferably under 12K. This way – the banner will be quick to load.
Keep it Simple: Stay simple. Don’t get too complicated with heavy text and confusing colors.

Make it Easy-to-read:

Always use ALT tags for text display on those surfing without images Verify that the banner clicks-through to the appropriate page on your website Limit your use of animation Include a call to action (e.g. Order Now, Visit Web-Site etc.) Test your banners in different browsers at different screen resolutions.
Get your web designer to make your banner ads for you in a variety of standard sizes if you are not experienced in advertising.


Lack of targeting and visitor apathy are two major drawbacks of banner ad campaigns. Because of large scale use or misuse – visitors today treat banners as necessary evil and pay little attention. Click through rate of banner ads are much lower compared to other forms of on-line advertisement such as targeted search engine marketing. However, banner ads are more effective in brand building and work very well when the creative is attractive and ad delivery systems can do some targeting.

About the Author

Amit worked in blue-chip Indian and overseas MNCs for 15 years in various capacities like Research and Information Analysis, Market Development, MIS, R&D Information Systems etc. before joining bandwagon of on-line business in 1997. He now advises a number of Indian b2b portals on trade over Internet and writes e-commerce related trade articles for Indian suppliers portal . You can find more articles of Amit on e-commerce export import at The Great Indian Bazaar portal.

MarketingProfs asked about my B2B New Year’s Resolution

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Online Advertising Strategy India

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

can I work from home on computer without paying anything.Is there any such which is not fake?

From Hyderabad-Andhra pradesh-India

Yes there are a few legit online job portals and they do not charge you anything. They take their cut from the people who hire you for their jobs. In short you work for “someone” and that “someone” pays the site’s fee not you and the site ensures you get paid.

Try (copy and paste into your browser)

The jobs they offer are

Administrative Support

* Data Entry
* Personal Assistant
* Web Research
* Email Response Handling
* Transcription
* Other – Administrative Support

Writing & Translation

* Technical Writing
* Website Content
* Blog & Article Writing
* Copywriting
* Translation
* Creative Writing
* Other – Writing & Translation

Web Development

* Web Design
* Web Programming
* Ecommerce
* UI Design
* Website QA
* Website Project Management
* Other – Web Development

Software Development

* Desktop Applications
* Game Development
* Scripts & Utilities
* Software Plug-ins
* Mobile Apps
* Application Interface Design
* Software Project Management
* Software QA
* Other – Software Development

Networking & Information Systems

* Network Administration
* DBA – Database Administration
* Server Administration
* ERP / CRM Implementation
* Other – Networking & Information Systems

Design & Multimedia

* Graphic Design
* Logo Design
* Illustration
* Print Design
* 3D Modeling & CAD
* Audio Production
* Video Production
* Voice Talent
* Animation
* Presentations
* Engineering & Technical Design
* Other – Design & Multimedia

Customer Service

* Customer Service & Support
* Technical support
* Phone Support
* Order Processing
* Other – Customer Service

Sales & Marketing

* Advertising
* Email Marketing
* SEO – Search Engine Optimization
* SEM – Search Engine Marketing
* SMM – Social Media Marketing
* PR – Public Relations
* Telemarketing & Telesales
* Business Plans & Marketing Strategy
* Market Research & Surveys
* Sales & Lead Generation
* Other – Sales & Marketing

Business Services

* Accounting
* Bookkeeping
* HR / Payroll
* Financial Services & Planning
* Payment Processing
* Legal
* Project Management
* Business Consulting
* Recruiting
* Statistical Analysis
* Other – Business Services


If you think you qualify for any of the above then signup as a provider

1) This site does not have any Referral Programs(No scams!!)
2) There is no Min or Max. Payout.
3) All the jobs are ONLINE only.
4) This type of job portals require candidates to take online exams and get atleast pass marks for a particular kind of job.

For eg:- To qualify as a data entry professional you have to pass
a) Basic english grammer
b) Typing test (pre defined speed and accuracy required)
5) odesk client tools are required to be installed in your p.c to verify your login, working hours,amount of work and live data transmission from/to your employer(s).

I hope you get the logical idea.. Only serious stuff. Its like getting a real job but you just work online on the comfort of your own home at your time schedules.

Hope this helps….

What does Google LOVE? By- Social Media Expert India

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Great Online Advertising Sites

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

How can I make big money on the internet selling clothing,computers?

Hi Everyone,
I would like to know how I can make big money on the internet selling clothing, electronics online? I don’t have a website, but I have my suppliers. I want my online business to be a real success selling high quality items. I would like any suggestions from those who have websites and are doing big business online. Would like to know how I can advertise with great success and bring a lot of traffic to my site? Thanks for the answers is a great way to make extra money. The site will ask you to complete surveys and offers and those companies will then pay you. Unlike most work at home jobs this is one is really legit and actually sends real checks to you at the end of the month. I have already made over $2500+ from this website and keep it mind that everything is free.I will love to answer any questions that you might have regarding this just contact me:

My email is
My AIM CashTropFrancis

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Online Marketing Free Ads

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Does anyone find good for offering real estate services and get any results/leads?

I have a real estate home auction marketing business:, that I am trying to promote on CL and

Where is the best free online website to post my ads. Besides CL… Craigslist is just to ineffective in terms of response.


You might want to try to list your services in paid search listings. I would say that you advertise one house per advertisement in all that you are doing. This will draw more attention I am sure of it. List house price and description. Not sure if you are doing that already.

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Free Online Marketing Statistics

Friday, October 30th, 2009

free online marketing statistics

online video marketing statistics

Easy Video Player This software has changed the way many online business owners use video content to market their products and services online, and is slowly revolutionizing the entire video marketing industry. Many online marketers are not quite sure about how this program works and how it can help them, and I will tell you more about my experience and how this software can help you make more sales.

1. How Does The Easy Video Player Software Really Work?

This tool allows me to host all my videos for a very low cost and in private. Every gigabyte of video data can be stored online for just a few cents, and works very well with Amazon Web services. Prior to this software launch, it was very tedious and difficult to manage online videos using the Amazons video storage interface. By combining this program with Amazon’s video storage capabilities, you can have a system whereby you are able to host large volumes of videos and handle huge amounts of incoming traffic without any problems.

2. How Do You Use the Easy Video Player Software to Make More Sales?

I can now easily embed my opt-in boxes into my online marketing videos and also get people to purchase directly after watching them. This has led to the generation of more sales and leads with the same video after it starts to spread virally over the Internet. Besides all these, the software also allows you to track all the sales and traffic statistics of all your videos, including the amount of money that you have made, the percentage of viewers who watched the videos and the total cumulative number of views that every video has gathered. Once the video has finished playing, you can easily choose to redirect your visitors to any other sites that you wish.

Easy Video Player has an intuitive user-friendly web interface and is simple to use for both beginners and more experienced video marketers alike.

The software will guide you, step by step on uploading a video to your Amazon account, choosing how you want it to look and then giving you the embed code so you can plug the video straight into your blog, sales page or whatever else!

Plus, you don’t even have to worry about installing the software because there is also an option to have a qualified technician to install it for you upon purchase for a totally hassle-free customer experience!

Easy Video Player can supply you with comprehensive statistics so you can see exactly how each of your videos are performing.

You can see how many times your videos have been watched and the percentage which have been watched all the way through. You can also see how many sales your videos have made and how much money they have earned you!

Easy Video Player leaves nothing to chance and will tell you exactly how your video marketing campaigns are performing!

Visit to read a FREE report about this new Video Marketing Easy Video Player System.

About the Author

Are there any free market research tools online? eg: databases w/ internet user statistics/market penetration?

Alexa and Compete are free tools for measuring Internet users for web sites. They have some statistics for average number of visitors and page views.

Tubemogul: free online video distribution. Tubemogul review

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Your Online Advertising Needs

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Is it best to start a business on eBay or to build your own site?

I want to start a business online, but I don’t know if I should put my business on ebay or build my own site. I don’t want to give all of this advertisement to ebay and then one day decide to leave ebay just to have all of my advertising(not that they need it) still going to ebay. How hard is it to maintain your own website and server?

eBay is a great starting place if you have something simple to sell. You can cross-market your eBay listings with a website. If you want to do that you should try and make your eBay “username” the same as your website domain name, including the .com/.net/.whatever thing.

7 Most Important Resources You Need to Run Your Own Successful Online Business

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Chiropractic Marketing Director

Friday, October 30th, 2009

chiropractic marketing director

5 Critical Factors of Laser Therapy

Lasers, lasers everywhere! It’s hard to know what’s important when choosing a therapy laser for your practice. There is so much misinformation circulating in the industry, and invariably when you start investigating lasers you will hear conflicting opinions. So, how do you decide which one to use? How can you choose the right laser for maximum results? Well, that depends on how you intend to use your laser in a clinical setting.  All therapy lasers have some benefit, but maximum success depends on the five critical factors listed below. These factors are based in physics, science, logic, common sense and results.


But first, let’s review the basics of how lasers work and the unique healing properties they provide.   Laser therapy aims to photo-biostimulate damaged cells. This therapy actually excites the kinetic energy within cells by transmitting healing energy known as photons. The skin absorbs these photons via a photo-chemical effect, not photo-thermal; therefore it does not cause heat damage to the tissues.  Once photons reach the cells of the body, they promote a cascade of cellular activities. It can ignite the production of enzymes, stimulate mitochondria, increase vasodilation and lymphatic drainage, ATP synthesis, and elevate collagen formation substances to prevent the formation of scar tissues. This is a critical step in reducing long term disabling chronic myofascial pain syndromes and joint hypermobility.  Clinicians will find joint manipulations even more effective when ligamentous laxity is reduced.


Now that you know some of what this special light can do. Let’s get started on our list.


1.    Optimal Wavelength


Light characteristics are determined by its placement along The Electromagnetic Spectrum.  Wavelength is calculated in nanometers (nm). The ideal range for therapeutic lasers is along the Invisible Red (IR) spectrum of 790-970 nm. IR beams penetrate deeper into the body for increased effects on cellular tissue.  Wavelengths in the Visible Red (VR) 600’s nm spectrum are ideal for superficial conditions and limited in deep penetration. Wavelengths above a 1000nm lose therapeutic value and crossover into surgical laser applications. Deep therapy applications such as spinal stenosis, disc herniations, trigger points of spinal intrinsic stabilizer muscles and neuralgia/radiculitis are inherently more responsive to the Invisible Red (IR) wavelength.



2.    Optimal Power


Power affects penetration, dosage, and treatment time. More power offers deeper penetration, higher therapeutic dosages, and decreased treatment times. Lasers are classified by power. Class 3 ‘cold lasers’ are at maximum power output of 500mw from a single laser source. Class 4 lasers are anything over 500mw. Currently, the FDA has cleared Class 4 laser power up to 10watts or 10,000mw. 


You cannot make up for insufficient power by increasing treatment time. Positive results require more than increasing time. By itself dosage cannot adequately describe laser treatment. One must ask several questions. What is the depth of the target tissue? Is the laser power strong enough to reach this target? If not, you get limited results!


65% of laser energy is absorbed in the skin and subcutaneous tissue layers with the following having a high affinity for absorption:

• Hemoglobin in blood

• Melanin in skin, hair, moles, etc.

• Water (present in all biological tissue)

In order to overcome those factors one most start with large quantities of energy.



Given enough time a 200mW laser could administer a dosage equal to that given by a 6 watt instrument. Yet results will be very different. The higher power density of the 6 watt laser will penetrate far more deeply and with greater effect.




3.    Optimal Dosage


Dosage is the single most important parameter for a successful outcome in laser therapy. Too little, or too much energy produces no effect. There is an ‘Optimum Window’ of therapeutic dosage. The primary factors in laser therapy that determine dosage is power and time.


DOSAGE = Power x Time


While power is the amount of energy measured at the source of the beam, dosage is the amount of energy delivered to the skin and target tissue. Dosage may also be referred to as energy density or fluence. Its unit of measure is the Joule (J). Current industry dosage application requires 1- 4 J/cm2 for superficial, and 4-10J/cm2 for deeper conditions. 



4.    Optimal Frequencies (Pulsing/Modulation)


‘Simulated pulsing’ in most modern therapeutic lasers is simulated by mechanically or electronically interrupting the output of a continuous beam laser. The pulse rate may be adjusted up or down without significantly affecting treatment time. This is accomplished by modulating pulse duration and/or the space between pulses.


I wish to stress once again that delivering an effective dose to the target tissue is the key to a successful outcome in laser therapy. Unless a therapeutic dose is achieved, pulsing will be irrelevant.


From research we know that pulsing has significant positive effects on pain relief. The body’s sensitivity to any steady stimulus diminishes over time. Varying the pulse rate helps to ensure a better response. Changing the rate to keep the body interested is far more important than strict adherence to continuous laser stimulation. Commonly accepted frequencies include:


Indication                                           Recommended Pulse Rate

Pain                                                     3-20 Hz

Stimulation                                          700-2,500 Hz

Inflammation, Edema                           >2,500 Hz

Antimicrobial                                       >5,000 Hz




5.    Optimal Training and Diagnosis


Even the latest and greatest laser will not benefit your patient’s if you have an inaccurate diagnosis and poor training. Point that laser on the wrong spot and you get minimal results. Just like there is an art and science to chiropractic, there is an art and science to laser therapy. ‘Point and shoot’ simply won’t cut it. If you chase pain you will be forever lost in laser therapy. Your training should include intensive ‘hands on’ instruction, laser safety protocols, continuing education seminars/workshops, and a system for diagnosis. Don’t be afraid to ask what is included in training. Be wary of any laser company who simply drops off a laser at your clinic and says, ‘Just try it out to see if you like it!’ Alarm bells should go off. Ultimately, success in laser therapy comes down to how good YOU are.


Quality therapeutic lasers are expensive, but can be highly profitable. But only if you get one that delivers the results you advertise. Do your due diligence and investigate thoroughly before making your purchase decision. Lasers can help move your practice to a higher quality, volume and fee structure. It will be a new profit center for your office. Internal and external marketing will become much easier with the right laser therapy device. You can enhance this process by branding your practice as being cutting edge and state-of-the-art. Follow the Critical Five and you will be going in the right direction.


Perry Nickelston, DC is a 1997’ graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. He is Clinical Director of the Pain Laser Center, LLC in Ramsey, NJ and VP of Practice Development for K-LaserUSA. He may be reached for questions or clinical discussions at, or 1-866-595-7749 Ext. #102.



1.     Tuner, J Hode L. The Laser Therapy Handbook. 2004 Gragensberg, Sweden: Prima Books

2.     Hode, L. Lasers That Heal. 2008 Gragensberg, Sweden: Prima Books

3.     Blahnick, J. Rindge, D. Laser Therapy, A Clinical Manual 2003 Melbourne, FL. Healing Light Seminars Inc.



About the Author

Dr. Perry Nickelston is a Chiropractic Sports Physician and Clinical DIrector of The Pain Laser Center, LLC in Ramsey NJ. He is Vice President of Practice Development and Sales for K-LaserUSA. WOrld leader in hgih power Class 4 therapy lasers.

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Best Chiropractic Marketing Ideas

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Chiropractic Marketing Consultant Red Flags

In the fast expanding world of chiropractic marketing and consulting, chiropractors looking for a results-driven coach should definitely do their due diligence before jumping the gun. It’s unfortunate, but many get locked into long-term commitments that only benefit the chiropractic marketing consultant. This, in my opinion has to stop! Here are some important things to look for when selecting a practice management coach online or offline in 2009.

First, find a chiropractic marketing consultant whose ego doesn’t need to be stroked constantly. This can be easier said than done, trust me. However, if you look deep enough, you’ll be able to filter through the BS down to who’s the real deal and who’s just inflating social proof. When I was on my quest originally, I found many “gurus” talked a big game, were super pretentious, and consistently released marketing material that only spoke about how great they were. This, in turn, translated into a lack of transparency and more hype for the average chiropractor searching for a legit company.

Next, find a chiropractic marketing consultant that has a track record of working together with other leaders in the profession. Typically, the consultants with the largest egos are usually the most competitive and operate from a scarcity mentality, meaning these guys think they’re too great to collaborate with other marketing groups. This mindset appears to be prevalent in the chiropractic profession unlike many other industries.

For example, if you study internet marketing, you’ll notice that the guys with the big lists at the top of the food chain are always helping each other with joint ventures. This is true even though they have similar products and by many standards are “competing” for the same pool of customers.

Third, go with a chiropractic consulting group that’s looking out for YOUR best interest. Don’t rush into any decision and don’t feel like you have to choose today. It’s ok to take a few days to weeks to do your homework before investing several hundred to several thousand dollars per month. Talk to friends, as word travels fast if a doctor is making killer returns from the guidance of a coaching group.

Ask yourself, “Is the management firm you’re considering pressuring you for a payment or are they legitimately concerned about taking your chiropractic practice to the next level?” A word of advice…. The minute you sense that your best interest is not at the forefront of their game-plan, run!

Last, make sure to go with a chiropractic marketing consultant or group that is technically savvy and that stays abreast of new trends in the world today. Communication is changing rapidly and many are finding their models of doing business and marketing are outdated. It’s funny, I will do specific internet searches and heavy online analytics for some practice management groups and their web presence is usually poor with little branding even being done online. I spoke to a consultant one time that said he could barely turn on a computer and sounded proud of this for some odd reason.

Contrary to what some believe, the internet is not a fad. It’s the most spectacular medium in world to gather information and marketing your chiropractic office. We live in an information and technological based world and those that resist updating will not be around in a few years for sure.

As touched on before, get involved with a group that let their results do the talking more-so than their mouth. Speak with satisfied and unsatisfied clients. It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is, you will always have unsatisfied clients so it’s important to get their points of view, too.

About the Author

Tired of the same ineffective and outdated marketing strategies that your chiropractic marketing consultant shoved down your throat? Visit today to discover the secrets most chiropractors will never know about getting New Patients without spending any money on advertising.

What is the best way market our chiropractic office?

I have interview with a chiropractor and in this last one he asked me to give him some marketing ideas that were inexpensive.

I included: word of mouth, donations for raffle prizes, and bartering with other businesses.

Does anyone else have any ideas?
Actually he does not have a Yellow Page ad nor does he intend to invest in one. He will not direct mail people because he feels that is bothersome. He is looking for ways to promote our business WITHOUT being in someone’s face.

What is everyone’s opinion on health fairs? Worthwhile, or no?

Please do not post links. It is only wasting your time. They will not be looked at.
I guess I ned to make something clear. We have a website and we get plenty of traffic. We do not sell any products and therefore a site like the one you listed would not help any.

I’m looking for different ideas than those that most use, but obviously nobody has any answers.

well if he’s like most chiropractors he has at least one Giant ad in the Yellow Pages.

That is a complete waste of money.

He pays…$300 at least …and likely $600 or more every month …for an ad….which sits in a closed book 99% of the year…right next to all of his competitors…so if his prospect didn’t know what their options were before opening the book…they do now.

He really just needs to have a tiny ad or be alphabetically listed.

Big ads do not outpull small ones….color does not ouptull black and white….and 80% of what comes out of a yellow pages salesman is twisted truth…and thus…fraud in my opinion.

Direct Mail that is carefully crafted, will generate a far better return.

That $300 to $600 a month spent on a very professional looking post card with an outstanding offer, can be placed in front of 1000 to 2000 demographically targeted prospects, or previous customers each and every month.

That is 1000 people being forced to see his ad versus, him waiting for someone to open that book.

Well done direct mail (put together by direct mail professionals…because they know how to make it work) can have as much as a 10% response…but what if only 2% (national average) respond…thats at least 20 per month…..240 per year….does his YP ad bring in 240 per year? I’d bet 8 of my 10 fingers it doesn’t even come close.

So besides the actual cash he’s dumping into his YP ads, rather than the much more aggressive direct mail method…and those 240 people are going to visit his competition….he is thus losing those sales…not to mention the repeat visits from those people…how much does that ad up to over a year? ….tens of thousands….and that is the true cost of his YP ads. …Tens of thousands of ADDITIONAL revenue that could be in his bank account by years end that wasn’t in there last year simply by putting his YP money into direct mail, and even supporting it with radio ads and a good referral system…which will help each of those 240 bring in one or more of their peers.

Passive advertising ( ads that just sit and wait for someone to see them) is the least effective form of advertising…and the yellow pages represents the EXTREME in passive advertising.

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