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Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Help me on my visit to London!?

So i’m going to London with 3 friends and we’re planning to stay in a hostel. I would like to know:
– what hostel would u reccomend?
-Is it worth it to buy the london pass?they say that if u buy it on the net u get all the transportation for free..
-where would u lunch and dinner if u were on a budget?
-what is special about london markets?
-is there any “not so famous” spot that u would recommend?

we are all 19 yr old and if u have any suggestion ’bout london we’d love to hear it…

Thank u!

There is a free magazine called ‘TNT’ which you will find distributed outside selected overland railway stations, subway stations and pubs in West London (Shepherd’s Bush, Acton, Ealing, Hammersmith, Chiswick etc). It is aimed at the Australian/South African holidaying community. The magazine will have hostels advertised although the website may not. Check out the website at

I am a fan of the ‘Rough Guide’ series of travellers books. I have not personally read their London guide but trust their general quality. You might find some general hostel recommendations in their book. Check out for “The Rough Guide to London 6 (Rough Guide Travel Guides) (Paperback)”. It’s around $14 plus p&p.

Also try out this hostel finding website

Finally, the International Hostelling website

London Pass:-
If you can buy it online, then do so. An online purchase may have the additional benefits that you described. The card will definitely make travelling easier. However, you can buy it at any London subway ‘Underground’ station. The official ‘Transport for London’ website follows. Look under ‘Tickets & Oyster’. You will probably have to buy an Oyster card –

Try the ‘TNT’ magazine mentioned in ‘Hostel’ above. There are also lots of ‘All you can eat’ chinese takeaways for around 5 UK pounds in central London. Finding cheap food can be done by trial and error. Try a Google search for ‘cheap food in London’

London Markets:-
You can buy lots of interesting clothes and other items in London markets. Be sure to visit ‘Camden Market’. It’s best day is Sunday.
‘Portobello Market’ in Notting Hill is also worth seeing for clothes (closest subway station is Ladbroke Grove).
‘Petticoat Lane Market’ is also worth visiting.
Check out a summary of markets here:-

Not so famous spots:-
Check out ‘Brixton’ (often referred to by its slang name, ‘Bricko’) in South London. It’s a compact, urban, multi-cultural area which is worth seeing just to tell the folks back home that you have been to ‘Bricko’ !

Buy a weekly magazine called ‘Time Out’ available at all newsstands and newspaper shops. It tells you what’s happening and where throughout London and covers clubs, restaurants, attractions, music gigs etc. The magazine is available every Wednesday. The website does not give as much information as the magazine…so be sure to buy the magazine (price 2.80 UK pounds)

Check out this website to find free or almost free events in London (e.g. comedy, clubs, dancing lessons, theatre tickets etc).

Make yourself familiar with the standard subway ‘Underground’ map here before you go !

London people are generally friendly and will help tourists so have a fantastic trip !

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Free Online Marketing Planner

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

What fun things are there to do in Pasadena, CA for 16-18 year olds?

Go hiking in Eaton Canyon to the falls, it’s an easy hike, some river crossing that probably has a bit of water. Check out the second link for more hikes.

Volunteer at:
Eaton Canyon
Union Station Homeless Services
Friends in Deed

Go to ALL of the museums in Pasadena (and the Huntington), even if you don’t like museums, get yourself some class. = ) Check out which days are free (usually once a month) or if you can use student ID (Norton Simon).

Go to free concerts in Memorial Park at Levitt Pavilion:

Go to downtown LA, take the Gold Line, go to Olvera Street, Chinatown, see a free concert at California Plaza

Go to a Dodger Game. Check to see if tickets are cheaper at (My dh always buys them there, never had a problem.) Stop off at Philippes on the way.
There is bus service this year from Union Station (where the Gold Line ends) to Dodger Stadium.

Go walk around Old Town, like all the other teens are. Or go over to Santa Anita or South Pas for a change. Easy bus access to all if you don’t have cars.

Go hang out at Santa Monica Pier and Venice Boardwalk. It’s an easy 3 miles walk between the Pier and the far end of Venice Boardwalk, through a path in the sand and the Boardwalk. If you have to take the bus, go early so you have all day. If you go at the right time, you only transfer once, the 780 bus from Colorado Bl to Fairfax/Venice, then the 534 to SM Pier, or the 33/333 to Venice. Go to a free concert on the Santa Monica Pier in the evening.

Bus directions –
Metro Trip Planner
Google Map your starting point and destination and then click on the train icon for public transportation instructions.

Go to one of the great Pasadena libraries and learn something.

Play Frisbee Golf at Hahamonga. It’s that park where Tom Sawyer Camp is, JPL, by La Canada High, St. Francis, and Prep.

Go walk/jog/run around the Rose Bowl.

Go to Collegeboard and start planning for college!

Study for your PSAT or SAT.

Go visit local colleges. Sign up online at the college website for tours. Here are a few to check out:
Go wander around the PCC campus.

Go ice skating:

Go swimming:
Links to the local pools, very inexpensive.

Go to Devil’s Night Drive In

Drive or take the Gold Line to Union Station, and then the Red Line to Hollywood & Highland. Walk around and do the tourist stuff, look at the Walk of Fame stars, Hollywood Highland Center, take a tour of the Egyptian Theatre, see a movie at the Chinese. Be glad you’re growing up in Pasadena, even though it is sort of boring. (I grew up in Hollywood.)

Then take the 780 or 217 to The Grove/LA Farmers Market and wander around.

Have fun!

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Online Advertising Roi

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Can anyone recommend superb quality, FREE ONLINE ADVERTISING with extremely high traffic?

Can anyone recommend FREE ONLINE ADVERTISING of superb quality, with extremely high traffic and public exposure, that actually reaches REAL people and not just other fellow marketers?

For examples, safelists only blast to other fellow marketers, and not to interested consumers, non-sellers, or members of the general public.

(Also, not interested in Adwords, Adsense, or PPC… been there, done that, paid lots, unacceptable ROI.)

Primary goal is to blast my affiliate income opportunity to a zillion new, likely future distributors and potentially interested recruits. I am a member of the service, which has the absolutely lowest fees (almost none at all). Yet, you still need to do your own promoting.

That’s why I’m posting the original question above.

I realize this message is going out to the general public. However, please try and only respond to the exact details described above.

Thank you.

That’s a million-dollar question; if there was a free online advertisement service that was as effective as your metrics are expecting, everyone would be using it.

If I’m to keep within the parameters you gave in your question, the only free online advertising you can do is viral. Viral marketing is a lot more work up-front, but if you’re successful, its ROI can be amazing. I’m not sure what your business is and who your target audience is, but if you’re serious about not paying a dime, I’d start considering your viral online options.

If you have the time and know-how, viral marketing can give you amazing ROI. For example, a few of my friends created Jobby ( ), an online job search and recruitment site. Their big sell that Monster couldn’t match was using Web 2.0 to optimize the job seeker / employer pairings (using tags to define your job or job search). Anyways, Tony Wright, one of the founders, wrote a controversial article based on his experiences with website design ( ). Attached to the thoughtfully-written article was his Jobby website. He then linked the article to several databases like or . When others began reading the article and reacting to it, the article spread like wildfire and, of course, everyone who read it wanted to know who this Tony Wright guy and his GoJobby was. GoJobby’s hits rose exponentially within days!

Brian Fioca, the other Jobby founder, said that there is also a lot of luck and timing in viral marketing. “You have to hit the right chord at the right time at the right place with the right group of people. That’s what happened to us, I think. But what it does come down to is if what you’re trying to market is lame, it won’t be viral.” Sounds like you have to have the right product to create a buzz! But you’ll never know unless you try.

What viral marketing comes down to is this: your hook must be entertaining, catchy, and interesting. Oftentimes this hook might have nothing to do with your product or service, but might simply have a sponsorship link associated with the entertaining content. According to Wikipedia: “These viral commercials often take the form of funny video clips, or interactive Flash games, an advergame, images, and even text.”

Check out the Wikipedia link below to learn more comprehensive information about viral marketing if you’re interested. If you’ve got the time, you’ve got nothing to loose! Good luck!

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Online Marketing Minute

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

DEMAT + ONLINE Trading Account?

Hi Friends,

I am new to share market and business. I am very much confused as to where I should open my Demat + Online Trading account. I heard from my friends that Sharekhan and ICICI Direct are not good as

1) Sharekhan has hidden charges
2) Sharekhan’s terminal often goes down while trading and u have to wait for almost 20 minutes to trade again

3) In ICICI, the share certificates disappear all of a sudden from our account
4) The terminal is slow

Can u guys suggest me a good place to open my new Demat account:

1) I am planning to invest 4000-5000 INR every month in shares.
2) Brokerage charges should be minimum
3) I am in Bangalore right now.

Demat account allows you to buy, sell and transact shares of private companies in India. Demat account can be opened at any Depository registered with NSDL and CDSL. There are so many depostories at Bangalore like Karvy, Motilal & Oswal, Religare, Shareholding Corporation of India, Indbank.. etc.

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Online Marketing News Marketers

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

online marketing news marketers

Affiliate Marketing News – Become An Affiliate Marketer

Have you ever paid attention to the affiliate marketing news? This is a new affiliate marketing error and it is here to stay for good. Many people today are making an absolute killing being an affiliate marketer. There are many message boards dedicated to affiliate marketing tips and affiliate marketing help. The best kind of affiliate marketing you can get yourself into though is niche affiliate marketing. If you discover the right niche, especially a “cash cow” you will be rolling in some serious money just like I did. If you do your homework it is not hard to find a hot selling niche. Internet based affiliate marketing has turned your average Joe into multi-millionaires within a year or less. If you show a never give up attitude, hard work, and self-determination you can go a long way in the affiliate marketing business.

Just take a look for a moment on Clickbank. This is one of the greatest affiliate marketing sites around. You can do a search and find a topic that you love and if that topic is selling well that is also a plus. The best way to be an internet based affiliate marketing guru is to study the niches and trends in today’s society. Whatever is selling well you need to promote it hard. If you use Clickbank all the work is already done for you such as an excellent sales page, the finished product, and banner links. The secret to affiliate marketing is writing articles and paid advertising through google. I highly recommend writing as many articles you can as an expert on the topic you are trying to sell. Write an informative article giving people the knowledge and confidence in the product you are trying to promote. The sales page is already there and if you have a strong sales page to use all you will have to do is land people to that page through your link and BOOM you got a sale. Most affiliate programs pay up to 75% of each sale you get on the product. For example, let’s say the product is $50.00. You make $37.50 on each sale, more than the actual owner of the product! You absolutely can’t lose! What’s great about this business is the only thing you can waste is your time. There is no start-up costs involved in this market.

Online promotion affiliate marketing is everywhere you go. Take the time to do extensive research before you jump into promoting a certain product. The great thing about internet marketing affiliate programs is you have all the tools necessary to do a great job in this business. You can do it all right in the comfort of your own home. There are many affiliate marketing resources out there available at your fingertips. Make a goal of 2 sales a day starting out and eventually aim for 10+. If you write enough articles and do enough paid advertising you can reach your goal in no time. I wish you the best of luck!

About the Author

Are you tired of the same old boring job?  Better Lifetimes can teach you how to start your own
affiliate marketing
company.  Learn more by visiting the Better Lifetimes program website and FREE Blog on the latest
affiliate marketing news
. Visit
to learn about the info for FREE!

Hi, What are the major online media publications and tools that marketers and advertisers use the most?

I am trying to find out online sites or resources that have information about marketing and advertising. ie: trends, forcastings, etc. I know of some such as the IAB, Comscore, but are there more major ones I should know about?

Also, what are the major online news publications that marketing/media/advertisers people often use? I am familiar with Adotas and Adnews but can you please list more?


As far as creating ads, one tool that advertisers use is stock photo sites such as those at this site:

Google Adsense is another of the online “publications” that advertisers use.

Youtube Video Sharing Sites : Articles To Video Why? Details Here!

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Online Marketing Blog Information

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

What exactly is URL scraping?

I have looked all over the web for a definition of this term cause i just started to get interested in online marketing especially pay per view advertising but i don’t know most of the terms they use especially URL scraping? most e books that are sold on ppv are sold though PayPal which do not accept my country or the price is too steep can anyone recommend a blog or newsletter i can subscribe to to get information? but the definition of URL scraping would do for a start please also is it something illegal?

URL scraping is the term used to describe when a website has several different URLs that all load the same resource. Unless you are into the grimly details of the internal operation of the web server’s actual code it really is of no interest to most of us. It is legal.

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Online Marketing Stores

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Online store that has thousands of hits but zero sales. What went wrong?

Looking for business professionals, marketing experts or online shoppers!

I’ve just established an online store at I have thousands of visitors to my website over the weeks but zero sales!

What can I do to improve my website? What do you look for or what attracts you when shopping online?

You site looks good. The typical conversion rate is 1% and you need to have 1000 views to establish the formula.
As to where your readers are viewing or clicking your site, here is a great free tool that you can use==>
With data collected, it can help you analyse the situation for further corrective measures.
As for internet marketing, preferably you should have a squeeze page or landing page to capture leads. Once you capture leads, you can build relationship first.
Other points to take note: Type of guarantee that you can provide if customers do not like what they ordered, special offers.
Also consider setting a blog.
An example of opt-in page or building up relationship can be seen at this blog==>
You can write about just how intricate or special each item is and link back to your site.
Study your competitors that sell online and see where your unique selling preposition is.
Oh dear, I have so much more pointers to share. I will send you an email shortly, ok?

Introduction: Online Marketing Strategies for Retail Stores

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Online Marketing Masters Degree Program

Friday, January 29th, 2010

online marketing masters degree program

How to Master your Career With an Online Master Degree

As the job market becomes more and more competitive, employers are selecting the best candidates to fill their job’s vacancies. You can secured a job with your undergraduate degree after you graduated from college is because you are the best candidate at that time for the position. You must continue to stay competitive in order for you to move upward to higher positions along your career path. Working experience and strong knowledge on your work related field are the key factors for your career achievement. Your working experience can be built along your career path, but how to master your career so that you will continue to be the best candidate for any job promotion opportunity that appear along your career path?

You may want to continue pursue for your career related knowledge so that you are well prepared if you are given any opportunity to advance your career to next level. But, you may not want to quit your current job or take a long unpaid leave just to go back to college to earn a graduate degree. Then, online master degree program can be the best option for you to earn your master degree without the need to sacrifice your current job.

There are many prestigious online universities offering various career related online master degree programs that fit for working individual who plan for career advancement.

Before you start search for your prefer online master degree program, you must first consider what type of master degree program that fit well into your career path. And, what are the compulsory courses that must be included into your master degree program so that you can gain the necessary knowledge that can help in your career. Internet is the best place to search and get the necessary information on any online master degree programs offered by various online universities.

If you search for master degree program online, you should get thousands of results, you must carefully short listed online master degree programs that contains your required courses. Then, you can get further information on your selected master degree program from those online universities. Requesting online universities to send you their degree program information are always free of charge, you must utilize this benefit to get as much information as possible and carefully review each master degree program to further narrow down your selected list.

Then, you must get all you questions answered before you decide which master degree program to sign up. The best way to clarify all your doubts is directly contact the online universities admission office. Most of online universities have their contact information stated on their websites. And, some of them have their admission officer online to answer any enquiry through online chat session. You should make sure you get all your questions answered before you make up final decision on which master degree program best suit your career goal.

After you have enrolled into an online master degree program, your next task is to complete your master degree based on your pre-plan schedule. Your busy working schedule may cause you to out of focus on your online study. Hence, properly time management is important to ensure you stay focus on your online master study while continue with your busy working life.


You must always stay competitive in this challenging job market with strong education background on your working field. Earning an online master degree in your career field will help you to master career and advance your career to next high level while build up the required working experience along your career path.

About the Author

Jullie Harvard is the author of, an online degree directory that lets you browse over 1000 online degree programs offer by accredited online universities.

Are online degrees/elearning legitimate and/or do employers consider those degrees reputable?

I’ve been researching some of the online degree program (of course, not University of Phoenix) and am wondering if these degree programs are legitimate. I was looking at Ellis University — but it’s a considerable investment (cost and time) and am hesitant only because I don’t know if an employer would skoff at that degree (Masters – Marketing).

Has anyone earned an online degree and have any stories to share about how employers perceived it? Or, if you were in the position to review resumes/hire someone would you consider an online degree legitimate?

PS – Yes, I know all about doing research and checking the school’s accreditations. That’s what I’ve been doing — just want to learn any personal, “real-life” scenarios.


Yes, some are legit, while most are not. Contact teh specific program you want and ask them questions about the licensing.

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Online Advertising Booking System

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Opinion and views on online booking system for outdoor advertising?

billboards, all kind of outdoor advertising… can be booked online.

conceptually, anything online which brings convenience to your customers is definately a good thing.

but it can only be a success if done right – and that’s the tricky part.

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Online Advertising Jobs Marketing

Friday, January 29th, 2010

online advertising jobs marketing

Affiliate Marketing – Earning Online With Affiliate Marketing

Did you know that earning money online with affiliate marketing is possible? If you don’t, then replace all your probability questions about earning money online with “Yes, it is definitely possible”. Because you are going to earn money online with affiliate marketing if you really are motivated to pursue this business. Let me tell you why is pursuing affiliate marketing business worth your time, ready?

Let’s start with why, shall we?

Affiliate marketing can be a very profitable venture for you as an affiliate. It involves low-risk advertising and high ROI (return on investment). You, however, need to invest your time.

In the year of 2005, it is estimated that affiliates earned over $7 billion in commissions resulted in their efforts in generating almost $100 billion online transaction.

According to statistic, internet users has grown rapidly, 1.17 billion people in the world are using internet in 2007. In 2008 it is estimated to grow over 1.3 billion. It is a huge market.

Answer this, why not?

What are the benefits?

Some people want to pursue this business because they want FREEDOM from their 9-5 job, working 5 days or even 6 days a week. They know if they are successful with affiliate marketing business, they will release themselves from that tie.

Some people want FREEDOM again, flexible time and travelling anytime you want. Spending less time but earning even more than what they earn from their day job.

So technically, there is one benefit people want to achieve FREEDOM.

How difficult is affiliate marketing?

It is difficult to start, I admit that. But the most important thing is getting started. The most difficult to get started is getting started they said. Well, it is true.

Affiliate marketing will become a very easy thing to do when you have had one successful campaign already. In other word when you are getting use to market research and keyword research.

There is no such thing as easy money. You’ll have to learn a lot before being successful, the sooner you fail the sooner you will succeed. I am not telling you to fail fast. Most of successful affiliate marketers failed before earning their big money. The only reason they are successful after so many failures is never give up.

Do you think you have the same attitude? You think you do not give up that easily? When you are that kind of person, affiliate marketing suits you.

You can be one of successful affiliate marketer if you are motivated and determined enough to pursue this business.

Once you try and you will never stop because you will never find way to earn money as easy as this, only if you are doing it right. I, personally, have myself coached at an affiliate marketing university called wealthy affiliate.

About the Author

Visit my Blog at earning money online with affiliate marketing and Grab Your FREE gift.

We want to get a job in Austin?

My husband and I are planning on moving to Austin or San Antonio and I’m wondering how can we start searching for jobs online and if there could be even a chance to relocate from Los Angeles CA with at least a temporary job around that area. We need an advice about which city would be better to move to San Antonio or Austin. I’m a Makeup Artist and also flower designer. He has a B.S double major communications/English and wants to have an Advertising, Marketing, copywriter or Public Relations position…….

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