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Online Advertising Web Page

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Ok….I have this web page i want everyone to go to and check out!?

I dont just want my friends to check it out, i want everyone over the internet to be able to go to it, but they wotn unless its advertised….how should i advertise it….i want a way to advertise over the internet, some wya that doesn’t cost money, and isnt hard to do….some way that will make it so that lots and lots of people from all over the place when they go online see it. I want to advertise on some website that everyone goes onto, but that i dont have to do much for or pay for….whats hould i do??? where should i advertise and how???
the website is:

You don’t have to pay for advertising to get visitors to your site. Advertising on Search Engines will get you instant traffic, if you want organic traffic to your site, you have to implement Search Engine Optimization strategies, and actively particpate in online communities: social bookmarking, forums, etc..

Eventually, if you have something that people like and beneficial to people, they will start creating links for you.


How to Make Money with Web Site Advertising

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Online Advertising Management System

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

online advertising management system

Increase Your Website Traffic With Online Advertising

Internet is now one of most demanded area for any business type. This is one of easy and reliable methods to get more traffic for your business. In recent days, way of marketing was just to talk some one or face to face. This method makes lots of time for publicity of any type of business. As technology was changed, ways of marketing of business were also changed. They were used to marketing for any business like making hooding at side of road. Sponsorship for any game, parties and other public events were also one of marketing ways. They have some advantages and disadvantages also. After invention of TV, way of marketing of any business also got tremendous turn, entered into electronic medium of marketing.

For rural area, radio (FM) channel broadcasting, played as good medium of marketing for business and also entered in electronic medium for rural area. For electronic medium there is require to at least TV and Radio so that people may get awareness about business type, strategies also. A new way of marketing was just come to know when computer became popular and every person was able to operate this electronic machine.

Internet played important role while giving medium to access website of business from any where. Website is now one of best, cheap and important medium of internet marketing. There are lots of companies they provide internet marketing services for their clients. Internet marketing is done by PPC programs this is paid method and one of short way to get traffic for your website. Other method like email marketing, this is also one of cheap, reliable methods for internet marketing. In email marketing, database of email for different region, different business type and different age group are backbone for this Internet marketing.

For internet marketing this is also require websites or blogs so that people may see your business strategies. Email marketing is best one of other marketing because it takes less time to send email to every body as well as in sending bulk this also takes less time. For email marketing to manage all information like bounce emails, total number of emails, read email, unread email are also required for future marketing plans. There is lots of email marketing software available over internet. They are all available free of cost over internet and anybody can download to it. provides email marketing services to UAE region. They have their email marketing software named ezMAIL email marketing software that can handle unlimited campaign, unlimited unsubscribe management, dynamically message creation, automatically bounce email handling.

Now Internet marketing is most demanded method world wide. This is more reliable method for marketing of any business for any countries target.

There are lots of world wide companies that provide internet marketing. In UK, US and Middle East lots of good companies for internet marketing.

Visit website Visit website for uae online advertising, Dubai online advertising .

About the Author

Justin Mark has 10 years experience in industry field. they are giving his valuable time to falconsearch, tasweek and uaebusinessdirectory in field of seo, internet marketing, web hosting.

Can I get fired If I refuse to share my ideas & system?

(My system is an online advertising system & I have proven to my direct manager that it works for 3 restaurants.)

I broke the chain of command by sending an email to Senior Management about a suggestion to improve the revenue of the company. But instead of getting fired I was told that 2 sales managers want to talk to me about my ideas. Should I share everything with them?Worked there 5 years, I am making $9/H and never got promoted despite numerous suggestions sent to the corporate office in the past. It is a big group(a few billon $).
PS:This last idea that I sent will generate 100s million $
But only me know how to implement it well. Which I think that’s why they are coming to meet me.

The choice is ultimately up to you but had you not wanted them to know how to better their business then you should have kept your idea’s to yourself.

This may very well be the stepping ladder in your career, or they could use and abuse you.

You have to decide if your going to plunge in and go for it or stand back and say thanks but no.

But if you do stand back, will you regret it later?

Join – Car dealer advertising Canada, benefits, advertise car dealers online

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Online Advertising Modules

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

online advertising modules

How Pay Per Click Advertising is Affected by Click Fraud

PPC Advertising is the online marketing technique where you pay for your ad only when some one clicks on your ad. As such this advertising technique is quite beneficial and helps in the process of online marketing, but this technique too has to face the heat of dragons like ‘Click fraud’ that affect the business and destroy the reputation of the entire industry.

When people opt for search engine marketing, the two main aspects of this marketing are organic and paid search marketing. The organic listing is the SEO which we do and the paid search listing is better known as
pay per click advertising
or PPC. These advertising techniques are religiously followed by every website irrespective of its purpose. The main reason why these techniques are conducted is because they enable better traffic and greater clicks on the website.

PPC advertising
is conducted by famous search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN and there are a number of people who make use of this advertising technique to enhance their business prospect. But the sad part of the business is that even these popular search engines are not secured from Click Fraud’. In order to prevent these fraud practices, where clicks were automatically generated and the subscriber was charged for a click without any reflection in the reprot, these search engines invested in building hi-tech ways of preventing fraudulent ppc advertising on their website. But it is difficult to state how much of their methods have been successful.

The click fraud advertising might not affect
ppc advertising
module of large companies that run the campaigns for large amount, until it is outrageously higher than the expected amount. But for a medium or small website business, that invest less amount in there campaign, it is easy to catch the fraud.

Click Fraud, is not a practice which is carried out by a single person. They are automated programs, that are designed to click on a ppc ad a number of times in a day which could vary from one thousand to five hundred times in a single day. Apart from this, there is no other issue that the paid advertising technique faces. But this problem itself is so complicated that there hardly seems to be any option out of it.

About the Author

Naman Jain is an Online marketing professional, Presently working with Rupiz Media, one of the leading online marketing company offering expert UK web development services and website designing solutions over the globe.

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Free Online Advertising Cuts

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Are large old oak logs worth saving?

I have two very large white oak logs laying on my property. They are over 2 ft. in diameter and 12 ft long. The tree was cut at least 10 years ago. I’ve cut other parts of the same tree into firewood – it is rock hard, very hard to split, very hard work. But the wood is solid – no significant insect infestation. In this part of the country, fallen oaks are pretty easy to come by. People frequently advertise their fallen trees (free for the taking) online. All that considered, I hate to saw it up for firewood. Can it be sawed into timbers that have value? …or will hiring a sawmill to come out and perform this service be cost prohibitive? … or is it too old to have any value?

As a Professional carpenter and joiner with my own mill I have been asked this dozens of times and the answer is always this,log it burn it enjoy the warmth.This type of wood is of no value ,oak especially is grown carefully for woodworking and is naturally matured as planks for at least seven years in a controlled free air flow dry environment,here in the UK we were inundated with log and trees after the big winds a few years ago and I can assure you none of it was worth a cockle except as firewood. Sorry to disappoint, but also a you said the cost of calling out a mill to deal with it would cost an arm and a leg.

Set Your Broadband Free – The Directors Cut

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Top Rank Online Marketing Minnesota

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Out of state cheap tuition for business/marketing major?

I wanna know what are some good not too expensive out of state colleges (0-$35,000) where I can major in business/marketing. I live in Texas. I’ve already looked into OU and LSU, any others?

I am not sure why you feel you must attend a university outside of Texas to major in business/marketing. Texas has some excellent state funded universities, which will cost you much less than most other state funded universities in other states (because you will have to pay non-resident tuition for a state funded university not in Texas.)

However, having given you my “word to the wise,” the well-respected publication US News and World Report has some good information through its Education web pages. This is the link to the US News and World Report list of colleges/universities offering the “best values” for a quality education and cost (with financial aid);
The calculation used here takes into account a school’s academic quality, as indicated by its 2012 U.S. News Best Colleges ranking, and the 2010-2011 net cost of attendance for a student who receives the average level of need-based financial aid. The higher the quality of the program and the lower the cost, the better the deal. Only schools ranked in or near the top half of their categories are included, because U.S. News considers the most significant values to be among colleges that are above average academically.
[End quote]

You will note that a lot of the schools listed are private/independent schools (not be confused with for-profit/career/proprietary schools) which offer their own excellent financial aid to accepted students (grants and scholarships from the schools’ own funds.) Therefore if you are only interested in state government funded schools, the ones on the US News and World Report Best Values list that are not Texas state funded schools and which would offer business/marketing majors are:
Univ. of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Univ. of Pennsylvania
North Carolina State Univ.-Raleigh
Univ. of Virginia
Univ. of California-Riverside
Univ. of Southern California
Univ. of Pittsburgh

I do hope you notice that Texas A&M Univ. is on the Best Values list.

This online article has a different list of state universities with the lowest non-resident/out-of-state tuition:
The chart of information goes on for several pages, so be sure to look at the full chart. Also, I cannot tell when the article was written and the cost information compiled. So, you will need to check the web pages of each school or use the College QuickFinder provided by the well-respected College Board to find the cost information for each school:
Plus, you will need to check the majors offered at each school. The web pages for each school found using the College QuickFinder have links to the Majors offered.

Caution: It looks like a number of the schools on the chart in the above cited online article are in states with cold winters. With a quick glance, it looks like Minnesota State University-Moorhead with a non-resident tuition of $16,800 is the cheapest. It can get v-e-r-y cold there in the winter. (I graduated from a univ. in Central Wis. and we had many winter days with below zero temperatures.)

Keep in mind, the tuitions at most colleges/universities increase every year. The 2012-2013 costs will probably be higher than they are for 2011-2012. Be sure to consider the cost of travel to/from campus at the beginning/end of semesters and for some holidays, too.

Happy researching.

Librarians–Ask Us, We Answer!
Find your local Public Library at:
Find your College/University Library at:

Best wishes

Thomas McMahon of TopRank Online Marketing

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Online Advertising Engines

Friday, July 30th, 2010

online advertising engines

Online Search Engine Marketing Is Benefiting California Businesses

Even though many businesses in California have yet to offer online service on their websites, most of the major ones are using search engine marketing to help their companies attract new clientele. You may hate to admit it, but there are a lot of people today who either shop entirely online or use the internet to find the items and stores they’re looking for. This means that despite your desire and determination to stay offline, you could potentially be losing a lot of opportunities for new business.

In order to increase your company’s chances of being more successful and more inviting to prospective customers, you may need to do as many other serious California companies are doing by investing in search engine marketing. So how can search engine marketing increase the amount of traffic you get to your website? Search engine marketing, or SEM, uses the latest, most effective online advertisement techniques to amplify your website’s notoriety on search engines. You may or may not be surprised to learn that a huge amount of online consumers actually use search engines like Yahoo regularly to look for their favorite products. You also may not be surprised that few of these consumers search through the multitude of results listings that populate when they type in what they’re looking for. So how can you get your website to show up higher on the list?

Again, search engine marketing can come to your company’s rescue. SEM is fundamentally built around specialized tactics used by online marketing consultants. It works to help advance your website’s repute on commonly used search engines. Key phrase analysis and research is one of the most important aspects of SEM, as well as pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization. With the employment of an experienced SEM firm, your website can gain a higher ranking on the search engines your potential customers count on everyday. Keep in mind that although the amount of traffic to your California website could dramatically increase, it won’t happen overnight.

Just like any other form of advertising, search engine marketing takes time and persistence. Unlike other forms of advertising, however, SEM can be incredibly cost-effective relative to the amount of new business you could acquire. Traditional promotional techniques are often expensive, clich?nd outdated. These reasons among other reasons make the customizable SEM techniques in which online marketing firms specialize unique, fresh and inexpensive.

So whether you manage a restaurant or own a consulting firm, search engine marketing can be one of the most significant investments you can make to increase traffic and potential revenue to your website. SEM consultants can also help you improve the atmosphere of your website, making it more appealing to your new traffic. SEM is now one of the most common and prolific advertising techniques California businesses can use to entice new website visitors to become happy customers. In addition, online marketing firms can do more for you than just make your website more noticeable on search engines.

About the Author

Joel McLaughlin
Learn more about California Search Marketing
Read the original article.

I believe local web site directories, not search engines, will benefit small businesses in the future. Why?

1) It is more convenient to search for area businesses on a local web site directory than on a search engine when the right bundle of services are offered to the public.
2) Most business owners are not online savy. Local site owners can work directly with area businesses and help them find what the public is looking for from area businesses.
3) A local web site directory can create uniformity for online sites, and it is easy to remember area businesses under one site.
4) Search engines generate most of its traffic by offering free services to the public, and big businesses will spend as much $250,000 per day to promote their business on these sites. Area businesses can offer services the public will use and promote a local web site directory through word of mouth advertising. In exchange for free advertising, online merchants can generate income by promoting their sites on these pages.

You need to read the new study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and comScore that lauds the great benefits of online local directories.

According to the study “Impacts and ROI of Internet Local, Classifieds, and Directory Advertising” shows that online local directories can be a powerful medium to drive online and offline sales. The local space attracts highly valuable customers who are likely to convert both online and offline (though the study finds that most of the conversion occurs offline). The study offered several case studies (e.g. Verizon superpages,, etc.) and looked at the funnel analysis for each as well as the conversion rates.

View the Powerpoint summary of the study here

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Chiropractic Advertising Idea

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Chiropractic Marketing: The Quick Way To Generate 30 New Patients Every Month

You will become versed on how to use inexpensive television infomercials to expose your message front and center to thousands of people and then let the law of averages do the rest.

What is the most efficient way to bring in 30 new patients per every month?

Tap into the law of averages.

I have developed many ways to generate significant patient flow using high probability methods. In this article, I’m going to talk about one very successful and proven way to generate a serious patient flow that has stood the test of time but could be considered by some to be outside the box in approach.

What am I talking about?

Running a Chiropractic Infomercial!

This method is rarely used by doctors because it is a new idea for them. It also requires you to break through some comfort zones. But this method has proven very successful and effective.

‘You’ve got to be kidding. An infomercial to get patients?’

Now hold on. Before you call me crazy give me the gift of an open mind here. You see for some reason a doctor is more likely to spend a few thousand dollars running a bunch of 30 second TV commercials then they are to run a 30 minute TV-show style practice infomercial that could generate substantially more patients for about the same cost.

Why is that? It is because the TV infomercial has gotten a bad rap. The Practice Infomercial is one of the most reliable and inexpensive forms of mass marketing that exists for you. Inexpensive in terms of bang for the buck.

I know what you’re thinking. I can’t see myself running a television infomercial. Aren’t those things for selling knives?

Let’s set those misconceptions aside.

The reason behind the effectiveness of Chiropractic Informercials is the same reason why giving community lectures works.

Imagine if you could package your proven lecture and instead of presenting it for 20 people at the rotary club, you could present it for thousands of people at once.

That’s what a chiropractic infomercial really is.

Just imagine the effect of over 5,000 people becoming aware of how you can help them?

We could both agree that the law of averages would insure us a certain percentage of patients.

The power of the Chiropractic Infomercial is you get to give a complete educational lecture to thousands of people for less than it costs for billboard advertising. If you dare to give this a try, I can assure you that your odds of success are high and you will become a mini-celebrity amongst your patients and in your town.

About the Author

— > Read The 1.3 Million Dollar
Chiropractic Marketing
Case Study. Further, make sure you watch free
chiropractic marketing
video training’s of visual walk-throughs teaching the very best methods for getting patients. (just click on the blue links!) Good luck in your chiropractic marketing endeavors. — Ben Cummings

What is the most popular form of “alternative medicine” today?

Just curious…is it aroma therapy, art therapy, etc.?

There are so many forms of alternative medicine that it’s almost impossible to tell which is most popular. Here is a short list of alternative therapies: Acupuncture, aromatherepy, bodywork, chiropractic, colon hydrotherapy, energy healing, feng shui, homeopathy, kinesiology, magnetic therapy, massage therapy, meditation, naturopathy, nutrition counceling, physical therapy, pranic healing, reiki, sound healing, reflexology, yoga. There are more. The most popular is the one you choose. The one you choose to be popular might be the one that some one else thinks is the least popular. Since these therapies are relatively unknown in main stream society, then it would be hard to tell which is most popular. In the town where I live, there is a group of alternative healers that has come together to educate the public about the existance of the practitioners. We have created a directory of healers and are currently advertising for a yearly fair of healers. We have no idea how many alternative medicine practitioners there are in town. If we don’t know then the rest of the people in town don’t know who they are and where to find them. Until recently, the alternative medicine group was afraid to advertise for fear of being harassed by the AMA. A new law in our start has changed that attitude.

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Collect Online Marketing Data

Friday, July 30th, 2010

i just got asked to do a yahoo questionnaire and am a bit worried…?

i just got re-directed to a site from my yahoo email account and decided to look into it a little before doing it,

on the base website where the information is collected this is in the information part (copied and pasted directly) cookies may reside on your computer but they are accessed only if and when you affirmatively agree to take a survey through These cookies are only used to determine if a person was exposed to a specific advertisement, not to track users, build profiles, or collect any other data. is a safe online web site where objective market research is conducted and privacy policies are in place to protect the identity and information of survey respondents.

what do you think about it?
is it a real yahoo thing or not?

WoW this is funny because I was just asked a couple of hours ago to do the same. Given the privacy policies and all that I read on that I believe that it is a safe site to do surveys. I just did one earlier and everything still seems to be ok. Its always good to be a little cautious. When you complete the process of the profile and short survey sends you a confirmation e-mail with your info and welcoming you. In my opinion, its all good;)

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Online Advertising Creative Best Practices

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

What’s the best way of improving my art?

I’ve always been quite creative, and my family all say I’m good at Art, but I’ve never taken it at school or anything. Although I always have lots of ideas for painting, drawings, or other art pieces, I’m always disappointed with the result. I don’t get much time to practise at the moment but I’m hoping to spend a lot of summer improving my art, as I might take Art AS next year and am interested in creative advertising, too.

SO – over summer, how should I go about improving my art? Is it a good idea to start off with simple drawing first? If so, what? What are the basic pencils, paints, paper, whatever that I’d need? (I already have charcoals and sketching pencils).

Any advice you have would be extremely valuable to me…

Please help. 🙂

Communities like are tailored towards artists. You can find tons of helpful tutorials and feedback on your art.

The best advice is to just keep practicing. Over and over and over. Maybe set aside an hour, use that for art only, see what you can come up with in that time. Eventually you’ll surprise yourself.

If there’s a specific medium or area of art you want to improve on, find tutorials online, there are a quite a few.

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