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Online Marketing Workshop

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

online marketing workshop

Online customer service/business/marketing seminars or workshops?

I am looking to find and take some online workshops/seminars. I am looking for different aspects of customer service, business, and Marketing/Advertising.
I have found a website which seems insightful but only has the customer service side of things.
Anyone know of any others of tried any of these online courses?
I have a good job and just want to further my skills and build a more impressive resume.

Take a look at my site, I think you should check out wealthy aff. its a great program that will teach you exactly how to make money online!

Good Luck and Hope it helps!

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Online Advertising Capabilities

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

online advertising capabilities

Which online forum software can I use which would allow me to eventually include ads and affiliates?

I have a good community that I want to develop into a forum, but I would eventually like to monetize the forum so I need a program that I can eventually ad advertising or affiliate links when the time is right. Which program has this capability? uses phpBB software for your free forum, which is popular and easy to use on the front end. The setup is also supereasy and they offer automatic updates, a big advantage in discussion board world.
You can also add your own ads easily.

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Year Online Marketing From Home

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

year online marketing from home

how many people moves from home in Miami in one year?

im wondering what is the potential market for a moving company, since i m thinking of starting my own, so does anyone knows how many people moves to another home in a month or year in the Miami/Broward area? i been looking for information online but havent found anything, thanks for your help.

A good amount of people move constantly in Miami and Broward but keep in mind right now people aren’t moving too much because of the economy.

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Online Marketing Legal Issues

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

online marketing legal issues

I want to sell small quantities of of Coca Tea, is this legal in the US?

I currently sell Coca and Trimate tea online via various venues (I import it from Bolivia in small batches). I have searched for the legal issues regarding this (people keep finding me though) and I would love to do it legally. There is one vendor on Amazon who sells it and they seem to have cornered the market (monopoly). A little fair competition is all I am after 🙂

It is not legal to ship it to the us. Coca is a strictly controlled substance.

Your customer are, however, free to buy it from you provided it isn’t shipped here.

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Online Marketing Organizations

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

is it hard to get revenue sharing agreements with big online players?

If you have a good business model and website but want to get a partnership from a online giant to help you drive traffic on a revenue share basis is that possible? Whats the best way to get hold of the right people in organisations these days? In the real world (which is what I am used to) it seems so much easier to get someones attention for sales with physical products but I am fairly new to the online marketing arena and dont know the best way to get the growth I want without spending thousands on marketing.

Sure, I understand viral teqniques, seo and other common methods but to get a real presence like the websites (facebook, google, youtube) that came about when not much else was available seem like they now own the web almost like they have saturated or standardised industries.

Yes it is possible. I think it is best to concentrate on building your website. At a certain level these people will start approaching YOU. Otherwise you are probably wasting your time. PS. Do you think for $27 someone wil give you the secret of pumping tons of traffic/money to your website? If only it were that simple.

Online Marketing Starter Kit- Vid. 5 Facebook Pages

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Online Marketing Emails

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

online marketing emails

Email marketing is simply the advertising of products via the use of electronic mail messages. It includes sending of emails to further promote your product to existing customers and to potential clients, to encourage customer loyalty and establish relationships, and by putting marketing messages in emails that are sent by other sources.

Email marketing is has basically become popular because of its very affordable method of advertisement. It is also a way of sending your message to your clients, unlike with others that customers go to their websites just to get their message.

Most people think of email marketing as merely impossible due to the number of spams available online and the popularity of social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, which have modified the way of communication of the online community. Does mail marketing still have a place in the Web? The answer is yes. That is because of the following reasons:

1. It is information driven.

2. It creates trust, loyalty and relationships.

3. It permits targeting.

4. It can maintain sales via other ways.

5. It promotes straight sales.

Recent services of email marketing and strategies sustain record incorporation, segmentation and a variety of techniques and tricks so that the sending of outgoing messages will be improved. There are even advanced processes that can produce on-the-fly electronic messages, which can be modified to a client’s basis.

Each email promotions you send can produce loads of definite information that you can further apply to improve your message contents and approach.

These email offers and advertising can produce instant action, such as downloads, registrations, inquisitions and most importantly sales. Furthermore, helpful emails and newsletters can allow people to the nearest events and stores and you will be able to create realization, supply to branding, promote trust, lead them to be loyal to your product and reinforce relationships.

Generally, these are all great ways of promoting your online market, however:

You have to know that email marketing can only bear its fruits if it can be managed appropriately. Email marketing is proven to work but you have to bear in mind that you must learn about its basics. That would include creating a list of possible clients who would be interested to what you have to offer, then construct an enticing message and make sure your sent messages have reached your target customers.

When you get the basics accurately, there is a host of other techniques that you will be able to utilize to promote more success. There is actually a lot more room of improvement and a definite bountiful of rewards for those people who will fortunately improve.

One example is a report that found out that if you use web analytics to aim email promotions, you can generate nine times the income and 18 times the earnings of broadcast mails.

At an even lower level, when one just mails a couple of coupon offers to clients who have not yet bought or tried a certain product, the result will definitely bring loads of extra revenues for a single seller.

Tina L. Douglas is a skilled writer from California. With numerous experiences in the field of writing for several financial institutions, she is greatly qualified across a variety of economic issues. Her notable pieces of writing involve email marketing.

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Online Advertising Romania

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Bosnia and Herzegovina?

My family really wants to go to Bosnia and Herzigovina, Medjugorie to be exact. I was wondering what some good places to visit there are and how much it would cost for 3 people (2 adults 1 14 yr. old) and some good activities.


Hi. I’ve been to Bosnia a few times. Unfortunately though, I haven’t been to Medjugorje or the southern portion of Bosnia. I saw the location on the map and it seems to be close by Mostar. There is a famous bridge there. It has some old ruins also. Bosnia isn’t very touristy (well it was until the war) Lots of good stuff got burned down. Sarajevo, although further away, has a really good Turkish influenced area. Its like a mini Jerusalem and the most Muslim influence you’ll get in Europe. It definitely something you’ll remember. Medjugorje is also close to Dubrovnik, Croatia. I would definitely take a day trip there. Its beautiful. Actually, anything on the coast there is nice. It hard to recommend any other places because I’m not sure how much your willing to travel around the country. So its hard to recommend anything else but the obvious. The country looks small, but with all of those mountains and curvy roads, it takes you hours to get to places.

As for activities….I know every year theres rafting and camping on the rivers. They advertise this at the tourist agencies. I believe in 07 it was almost 200 euro for four days? Honestly, it hard to plan anything in advance. When you go there definitely go to a tourist agency. They will offer you day trips, which aren’t really expensive. Most of it will probably be eco-tourism. Being Serbian and loving to learn about my history, there was much there for me to enjoy, but I’m not sure if its something you could relate too and probably think it was boring.

For prices–restaurant food, accommodation, and entertainment is very reasonable. Flights should be around $1000 pp–give or take a few hundred. Hotels…eh…might look online for that. Never stayed in one there. Also consider going to other countries–Croatia, Serbia/Montenegro, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania(Transylvania). Those won’t break too much of a budget. Maybe Austria or Greece?? Or, I’ve done this, have a connecting flight from Munich or Paris? Land at the airport early (we actually had our check in luggage held at the airport so we didn’t have to hassle with it) go sightseeing for a day, one night at the hotel, back to the airport and then to the next destination. It won’t cost you extra for the flight, sometimes it actually cheaper.

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Online Marketing Ethical Issues

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Whats the best way to catch a turtle?

any trap ideas?

food to catch them ideas?

Any other info?


So…bypassing all of the moral reasons to buy a captive bred animal I”ll move on to some practical issues with your plan and point you in the direction you’ll need to go.

First off be aware that catching a turtle in the wild is a lot like fishing – you can bait and place for something specific but that doesn’t mean you’ll catch what you are looking for.

Step – by -Step
1 – awareness, despite efforts to the contrary in most states catching or collecting turtles from the wild is covered by the local DNR and a fishing license is usually required. Regardless of whether or not the herp community online agrees with the policies of individual states there are in fact allowances for some types of turtles to be caught and eaten or kept as pets – your first job is to contact your local dnr office and get the rules and regs.
2 – After contacting your local DNR office and purchasing a license you will receive information about where, when, how and how many turtles you may trap and keep. You will also receive notice on the legal methods for doing so in each area.
There are actually many methods that various states allow – know yours before going any further and hopefully you can do as you like without damaging local populations.

A side note – most states and the fishing licenses don’t require that you release ‘fair game’ animals that have been tagged by wildlife researchers. it is however considered a point of courtesy to record place and time of catch and turn in any monitors or tags found on an animal you have legally caught – failure to do so can alter data in a way that affects future collection limits.

All of that being said.

There are more than just moral and ethical reasons to consider the purchase of captive bred animals. In reality the cost of an animal is the least expensive part of the hobby in most cases – having dealt with both captive bred and wild caught turtles for more than 30 years now I can tell you with complete assurance that one vet visit (a necessity for keeping a wild caught turtle of any age healthy in captive care for more than a few weeks) will cost far more than the cost of most captive bred animals – especially if purchased online. Pet stores are pricey and iffy at best – lots of wild caught animals in the typical pet shop – consider checking here for some available turtles:

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Online Advertising And Marketing Schools

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

I am soon to be the Sales/Marketer for my hotel. Although….?

I am going to school at a local business school for Marketing and Management. With this known I am soon to be getting a promotion to the Sales/Marketer for my hotel. I will working alone as with no team to help me.

Since I am a rookie by any means in this field I could use some advise. I have started a list of ideas to start doing research.

Here is some of the list:
-Online Advertising
-Define business goals
-Gather the demographic data based on my target market
-Know my local businesses
-Research companies that travel to this area
-Study local hotels and how they market and try to find different way to stand out from the competition

That is my list currently. What do you think? Would you add anything or delete some things?

Any and all information is welcomed. I thank you for taking the time to help me out.

You have some great ideas, one I think you should consider also is promotional products. I recently wrote an article on the benefits promotional products bring to companies and my findings were inspiring. Did you know that 84% of people are able to recall a company or organization from their promotional products and 62% end up doing business with that company after receiving an item. If you are interested in more information, read my article, it could help you think of some great ideas for your new position.

10 Stupid (Internet Marketing) Mistakes Costing YOU …

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Online Marketing Nashville

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

online marketing nashville

Moving to Nashville – Work advice?

Anyone out there who can give some advice on who is hiring in the Nashville,Tn area now? Or what kind of job resources there are for employment? I have been doing the online searches like monster, craigslist, etc. but would like to find hidden resources, any advice I would greatly appreciate.
Also, Knoxville, Tn if you happen to know of any good resources or jobs. Although the market in Knoxville is really bad right now, so seriously thinking of making the move to Nashville. Only thing stopping me is finding somewhere to stay while I look, with no money.
Thanks, all I want to do is find work and earn a steady, dependable paycheck. It shouldn’t be this hard.

Unfortunately, with a 10 percent unemployment rate here, finding a job will depend on what you do. I would not move here without a job in hand, especially since you have no money to live on.

Check the online classified at which is the Nashville newspaper. You can do the same in Knoxville. I don’t know the website, but just Google “Knoxville newpaper” and it will come up.

Nashville SEO and Internet Marketing Commercial (Final)

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