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Advantages Of Online Marketing Research

Friday, December 31st, 2010

advantages of online marketing research

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Online Advertising Pinoy

Friday, December 31st, 2010

where can I get the cheapest airfare from Chicago to Cebu, Philippines?

Flying to Cebu early next year to visit family and friends, no specific date as of yet, but just looking for the best deal.

Try canvassing airfare at online deals like Expedia, Travelocity, Cheap Tickets etc then contact travel agencies who have wide array of promo ticket offers from US to Philippines and get the cheapest. I recommend that you try to look for travel agencies usually advertising in Filipino newspapers. You are from Chicago and I know there are a number of Filipino stores around the city which have pinoy papers around. Have a safe trip and enjoy the scenic Cebu!!!

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World Online Advertising Market Size

Friday, December 31st, 2010

world online advertising market size

By choosing a craft or hobby you like can be a good start for selecting a niche market which could eventually become profitable. Market Research is, above all, the starting point if you want to make money online. Market Research gives the researcher a clearer view about their audience, the market size, the niche trend and finally the competition within the selected niche market. This article will explains how the Google’s free tools will help you achieve all these without paying for any packages or employing the services of a marketing consultant.

Audience: Knowing your audience is very important and Google’s Ad Planner tool can be used to determine whether your audience are buying customers, their income level or range, the country or city the majority of your traffic coming from, and demographics which includes their age and sex.

Size: reveals how big your target audience are within your niche.

Sustainability: This trend is illustrated by the Google AdWord Tool and shows graphically whether your chosen niche is evergreen or seasonal.

Competition: is generally considered to be good. An exact search in Google using double quotes around the keyword (“keyword”) will return a result of the number of competing pages in the selected niche.

Google Tools

Register for a free Gmail account. G mail accounts can be used for the registering most of the applications you will need; for example Google Ad Planner, Google Ad Word External Keyword Tool, Google Analytics, and so on. An important and innovative fact about Google Gmail is it’s built-in search facility.

Keyword Research

1. Open the Google AdWord Tool and search your ‘seed’ word, thus the top-level category keyword eg: knitting. You can drill deeper and deeper into niches termed as long tail keywords; for example “cashmere sweater”. You may keep drilling until you become satisfied with your chosen keyword.

2. By clicking on the magnifying search button next to your chosen keyword will take you to the Google Insight for search which reveals more information about the country most interested in your niche category and you may even drill further down to find out the city most interested in your niche where a majority of your traffic is coming from. This tool also provides you with information about top searches in your category as well as rising searches.

3. With competition, search exact match for your chosen keyword will reveal the number of competing pages for that keyword. Up to 30,000 competing pages is the ideal competition level advised by most experts. Furthermore, paid advertising is an indication of money to be made in that niche.

Outside of Google, another indication is where there are books and magazines being sold on Amazon for the chosen niche.

So if you know what your interests are you can use the free Google AdWord External Keyword Tool to locate your niche Long Tail keyword. Competition can be determined by the number of competing pages although too much competition will be an indication of a highly competitive market therefore making it difficult to penetrate. The trend illustrates whether your chosen market is sustainable. Who your audience are, their demographics as well as their household income is determined by a combination of Google Ad Planner Tool and all the above.

All the Google tools mentioned in this article are just what you need for your online market research activities but you will first need a G mail account to make it even easier.

If you’re interested in Online Market Research Strategies click here To Find Out More.

how do i start a live web business?

You may want to read the article “6 Hottest Businesses on the Web which lists six areas of the new Web that present new opportunities to small online businesses:

The Web offers tremendous opportunities for those who know how to harness it. You hear of stories of people who earn thousands if not millions of dollars from doing business on Web. While there are many scams (same way in the traditional business world), there are various ways you can legitimately make money on the Web.

Here are the main business models you can adopt:

1. Sell products on the Web – Big boys like Amazon or Lillian Vernon online catalog or smaller businesses like or all sell products on the Web.

You can either sell: (a) through your own storefront through your own website or applications such as Yahoo Stores; or (b) sell through online auctions like eBay

2. Information Delivery. Others such as or create content and monetize their content in a number of ways:

a. Advertising – From the article “How to Generate Advertising Revenues for Your Web Site” , there are several ways you can earn money from advertising:

1. Join an advertising network. Advertising networks are organizations that aggregate Web sites that offer advertising space, and sell banner ads (and other advertising options) across them. Traffic requirement is often a minimum of 5,000 monthly impressions, although many do not accept sites hosted by free page services.

Burst Media
Fastclick (ValueClick).
Tribal Fusion

2. Participate in contextual advertising networks. Contextual advertising are text ads delivered based on the content of the web page using an automated system.

Google Adsense
Yahoo! Publishing Network (currently in beta and available to US publishers only)
Quigo Adsonar
Commission Junction Evolution

3. Sell advertising for your site directly. This is admittedly a more difficult route for a small business site wanting to earn advertising revenues. But hey, as they say: “no pain, no gain!”

b. Affiliate Programs – you sell other people’s products that your audience may be interested in; and you get a certain commission after the desired action was done (whether a sale, a lead, subscription to email newsletter, or however this is defined)

c. Paid online content. or Supporters forum all require paid subscription before accessing the information

d. Content licensing and syndication. Some publishers such as the Associated Press get paid every time their content is published elsewhere

One article that I found very useful is “7 Steps to Successful Web Site Development” as it takes to you all the decision steps that you need to take when starting an online business. Like any other business, startup period is full of “should I do this” or “should I do that” questions. The article is useful because it helps you think through every step of the way – from why do you want a website to who is your audience to how will you create your website to how you will market your new website.

Here are the steps you need to take when creating your online business:

STEP 1: Set Your Goals – Why do you want a web site? What is the size of the online market? What are the goals for your website?

STEP 2: Develop Your Web Site Strategy – Who is your website target audience? What typically appeals to your target audience? How are the other websites (your competition) reaching out to this target audience? How will you measure your performance?

STEP 3: Set-Up Implementation Plans – What name will you give to your site? How do you envision the design of your web site? How will you create your website? How will you create your content? How will you maintain your website?

STEP 4: Start the Ball Rolling – Do you have a logo? For e-retailers, do you have the critical components needed to run an e-commerce site? How are you going to host your site?

STEP 5: Create and Launch Your Web Site – Have you uploaded your site with your chosen web host provider? Are the scripts and application you need for your website functioning well? Have you tested your website?

STEP 6: Promote Your Web Site and Measure Its Results – Do you have a plan in place to market your website? Do you regularly review your traffic logs and web site performance tracker? How are you going to get sites to link to you? Do you know the search engine keywords that you rank well? If your site is not visible in the search engine results pages for its keywords, what strategies do you intend to do?

STEP 7: Maintain Your Website and Grow Your Web Business – Continue to find ways to grow your web business. How do you intend to continue your education on web development?

You may want to check out these books:

– Starting an Online Business For Dummies
– Low-Budget Online Marketing
– Starting and Running a Business on the Internet
– How to Start a Business Website
– 121 Internet Businesses You Can Start from Home

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Online Marketing Healthcare

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

online marketing healthcare

This is the fifth and final habit in my series of 5 Habits of the most successful medical practices. Working with over 2500 medical practices over my 20-year long career, I’ve been able to see what habits successful medical practices have that set them apart from mediocre practices. In my first post of this series (Habit #1: Always set clear goals), I introduced the S.M.A.R.T. goal setting method. In the second post (Habit #2: Setting and committing to the right marketing budget), I touched upon three different methods for determining your marketing budget. Habit #3 of successful marketing practices was not to do spaghetti marketing, or in other words, how to develop a structured marketing system. In the previous post (Habit #4), I talked about the importance of committing to marketing constantly over time and avoiding common pitfalls.

Habit #5 of successful marketing practices is successfully implementing your marketing plan. It’s one thing to plan, but it’s another to actually do. The old saying that “Knowledge is Power” isn’t true. In my experience “Action is Power”.

The most successful medical practices know their strengths and weaknesses. They build on their strengths and find others to fill the gaps where they may be weak. The most common example is trying to develop your own marketing communication tools. For example, in an age where one can easily develop their own website, a medical professional may be lured into thinking their time and money would be well spent buying the tools, learning the art, and creating their own website. This could be a critical mistake. Leave the development of your website and more importantly, search engine optimization (SEO) to professionals that specialize in medical practice marketing. You wouldn’t consider going to a web designer for surgery, would you? Don’t think for a moment that you could develop a website as well as a professional website developer with experience in medical website creation. This can also be said for graphic designers, search engine optimizers, and medical creative writers.

This is also true with any other marketing communications tools. If you try to develop your own brochures, print ads or direct mail pieces, the result (or lack of results) can be more costly for you in the long run. The most effective practices know their strengths, which is practicing medicine and providing the highest level of patient care. Concentrate on those strengths and get support for your marketing activities from marketing professionals.

Habit #5 is about implementing your marketing plan for your medical practice. The most successful medical practices know how to market their practice and who to trust with building their brand. If you need support for implementing your marketing plan, call me at 561-477-6348.

Rich Hachenburg
Founder of Competitive Edge Healthcare Marketing

Need advice for MBA?

I am a MS in Computer Science who’s got about 6 yrs of experience in the Networking/Telecom domain. I don’t see myself getting any smarter than my boss technically – so it appears I am at the end of a ladder here. Would like to go in for an MBA but having trouble deciding which specific concentration. I do know that I don’t like Accounting, Sales, Enterpreneurship. A combination of Finance + IT (i.e. more like Financial Maths) sounds interesting & have no idea what International Business is all about. Am wary abt specialized MBA programs in healthcare, real estate etc. I want to be able to switch industries in the future – maybe from finance to event management. What course should I really be looking for ?? And what materials/online forums/websites should I read to be better prepared for such a degree/job market.

My suggestion:
1. General business management
2. International business
3. Entrepreneur (if you are interested in starting your own business in the future)

Best wishes.

Health Care Marketing Agency I Online Marketing Alchemy, Phoenix

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Online Marketing Agents Hiring

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

online marketing agents hiring

How do i go about trying to get a book published?

I have written a childrens story that could be a big hit. I am not sure how to know which agencies i can trust online and not sure how to find one otherwise. Any info on the first step i should take or a trustworthy agency or website would be appreciated!

I would not recommend getting an agent. Why pay someone to do something you could do yourself. I’m fourteen and I published my book when I was twelve without an agent. If I can do it so can you. Here is how I recommend going about getting your book published. Go online, find a publisher you like, and submit your manuscript. Remember, it takes most authors lots of tries submitting their manuscript to different publishers. Let’s say you have a publisher that likes your book and gives you a contract to print your book. Now you go through editing which doesn’t take a lot on your part. Next (if your book requires this) is illustration. Most of the time the publisher has hired illustrators to work on your book. That step is easy unless you choose to hire someone separately or draw them yourself. Now your book starts the printing process. This is your time to start the hardest part in publishing a book…MARKETING. Most people who dive blindly into publishing a book don’t get. Unless you are a famous author YOU the author are expected to do most of the marketing for your book. That means getting a website, contacting book stores, contacting media, and a lot more! This is very hard work. If you a prepared to give up a significant amount of time to promote your book, this is fine. If you expect to sit on your couch and wait for your first paycheck you are sadly mistaken. Put the effort in and it will pay off. To help people make their writing dreams reality, I am now offering a full, detailed report on how to publish a book through my website for less than two dollars! Just click “order” in the menu bar and add it to your cart. I highly recommend you check that out. Also, if you have any questions you can contact me through my website by clicking “contact” in the menu bar. Good luck!

Thomas Strock
Tomato Turtle: A Trip to the Park

Video 3 – 5 Questions to Consider When Hiring a Real Estate Agent in Bernardsville NJ

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Online Advertising Sales Resume

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

I’ve been unemployed for…wow…over a year. yikes! Decided to put up an online portfolio. feedback please?

I’ve been throwing my resume down the gaping holes of craigslist, careerbuilder, etc and talked to various employment agencies so I’m not just sitting around on my butt. I’m told that a portfolio helps but I’m still newer to graphic design. If anyone is in HR or is familiar with the hiring, interviewing process I would really appreciate a look over at the portfolio site.

I’d love a job with marketing, advertising, writing…etc. just no sales!! Dont know if the portfolio reflects that. It still needs work with the scrolling and all that…but i’m more interested on the things i can change myself like the content and background. =) thank you so much! I’m beginning to really freak out about having beeen unemployed this long…I moved to the bay area thinking things would change…but nope…still waiting.
here is the site:

college education? or just planning to throw junk online and trying to get a job that way

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Free Online Advertising Sales Training

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

I want a stay at home job doing data entry or something like that….?

….where they train you quickly, you start working asap, etc, but…..everything I run across online seems to be a scam or something. Like, i’m really hesitant to sign up with the sites i’ve found. Does anyone know of any stay-at-home online work sites that I can look into? Thanks alot.

There are many jobs you can do from home, but you have to realize that you are actually going to be working… from home. It can be very challenging, as there are sometimes a lot of distractions in the home that you wouldn’t have in an office.

Anyway, here is a list of legitimate companies that hire home-based workers:

* Alpine Access is a call center company that uses customer service representatives who work from home. Employees use their own telephones and computers. The company provides representatives for clients like Office Depot and J. Crew.
* Convergys hires home-based call center agents who provide support in customer service, and also supplies sales agents or help-desk staff for companies.
* Extended Presence provides its clients with outbound sales agents and marketing support staff who work from home.
* Internet Girl Friday provides information technology support as well as administrative services for clients nationwide.
* LiveOps provides customer service support for a variety of major corporations.
* Spheris provides support to medical professionals. Its services include medical transcription and clinical documentation.
* Staffcentrix supplies virtual assistants for business clients, including CEOs and upper management of major corporations.
* VIPDesk provides call center support and also offers a home-based concierge service to clients.
* Voicelog provides representatives to perform verifications for transactions done online or by telephone. Many states require changes to telephone service and other remote transactions to be verified by a third party, which VoiceLog provides.
* West At Home also hires home-based customer service agents. They cater to a specific range of industries, specializing in health care and pharmaceutical support, as well as the hospitality industry.
* ODesk is a free website that advertises home-based jobs and allows you to apply for thousands of different jobs in your area of expertise.

Please remember that there a MANY people out there looking for the same thing you are, so you have to have perseverance. But don’t give up! The more networking you do, and the more you get your resume out there, the better your chances of finding something. I did!

Mike Blinder Advertising Sales Training on Plan Book Selling

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Online Advertising Grants

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010

online advertising grants

Grants aren’t only provided to help students pay for college and university studies. In higher education, at least, colleges and universities often expand their offerings with the help of grants. This year alone, public and private educational institutions have been provided grants worth millions of dollars. They plan to spend the grant money they’ve received on everything from summer student scholarships to statewide education initiatives.

Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio: A $911,658 grant provided by the federal government as part of its American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block program was announced in June. With the money, Bowling Green State University plans to install energy-efficient lighting, as well as a technology-controlled lighting and indoor climate management system. The heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in one of the campus buildings are to undergo upgrades. Grant money could also benefit research and academics related to energy, technology or environmental policy, the announcement noted.

Concordia University in Portland, Ore.: A $123,188 grant provided by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission and administered through the Orbis Cascade Alliance’s Northwest Digital Archives was announced in June. With the money, Concordia University is to catalogue archives that are considered historically and religiously significant. Concordia University is a Lutheran institution, and the archives have to do with this religion and the Pacific Northwest’s largest 19th century ethnic group – its German settlers. Other liberal arts colleges and universities in the area are involved in the effort as well.

Davenport University in Grand Rapids, Mich.: A $35,000 grant provided by the DTE Energy Foundation was announced in May. With the money, Davenport University’s Grand Rapids Pre-College Engineering Program plans to help middle school teachers provide hands-on projects intended to boost the appeal of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers among students.

Fisher College, Boston, Mass: A $10,000 grant provided by the Verizon Foundation was announced in July. With the money, Fisher College and Signature Healthcare/ Brockton Hospital School of Nursing plan to train instructors in simulation technology and provide other forms of academic support services. Through Fisher College’s partnership with the Brockton Hospital School of Nursing, students in a nursing degree program earn their associate degrees after completing coursework at the hospital and the college. The Verizon Foundation supports nursing programs by paying for summer skills workshops, peer mentors and other efforts.

Brescia University, Owensboro, Ky.: A $281,994 grant provided by the US Department of Education was announced in August. The grant, expected to be provided annually for five years, could total more than $1 million, according to an announcement from the institution. With the money, Brescia University’s Student Support Services plans to continue helping students who have disabilities, financial challenges or who are first-generation college students in their families. Brescia University’s Student Support Services program, a federal TRIO program, is funded entirely through this federal grant. The Student Support Services program currently serves 160 students and since it was established in 1977 has helped 2,627 students, 1,107 of whom have graduated, according to Brescia University.

Brown Mackie College, Salina, Kan.: Two federal grants that total $64,355 were announced in August. With the grant money – $25,490 from an American Recovery & Reinvestment Act Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students program and $38,865 from a Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students program – Brown Mackie College plans to provide scholarships to financially disadvantaged students from rural or medically underserved communities who by January 2011 enroll in the institution’s associate degree program in nursing. Applicants must also maintain minimum 2.5 grade point averages and be first-generation college students.

Students might not receive grants such as these directly. Yet they often benefit when the money is used for scholarships and for programming that helps train them for their futures. When colleges and universities institute programs that benefit the community at large, grant money goes even farther, as the grants provided this year demonstrate.

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Free Online Marketing Tutor

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

free online marketing tutor

Education is a wonderful tool and schools are always needing educators. The problem with being a teacher is not being able to select your dream position. Although teachers are needed, you might not be needed where you have a specialty. For instance, you may see an ad for “Spanish Teacher Needed,” but you probably won’t be able to handpick all the details that go with the job, like the salary.

You could be trained in another language as well; perhaps Italian, German, or French. You may have dreamed all of your life about the opportunity to teach students, but you may not have realized that a teacher does not make a lot of money. At least, not in the traditional classroom.

Being bilingual opens you up to other opportunities that you may not have thought about before. You can work in the classroom with your students sitting right in front of you, and you can also teach via the Internet to students who you may never see face to face.

Opportunities like this will not have an ad titled, ” Spanish Teacher Needed.” You will have to advertise yourself through various avenues on the Internet. You design and market your own Spanish course, or another language of your choice. In the design of your own course, you need to be creative and do something that other online educators have not thought of.

What sorts of things can you do to make yourself stand out amongst the competition? The key is to make sure your site shows up in the search engine when a possible student types in, “Spanish Teacher Needed.” If you are not accessible, your online course will never have any students. Many adults take classes online for various reasons. Some cannot attend school because of a job or children. You can be the Spanish teacher they need. The course needs to have a well developed website. You can communicate with the students through email or perhaps a forum. Check out other foreign language sites and see what they offer, then use your imagination to add an extra service. Students will pay more to learn more and cultivating a learning environment will help you be successful as an online educator.

Check out other online Spanish teacher resources and jobs that hire Spanish speaking professionals! Go to Spanish Teacher Needed job section including where you will find more education information, jobs and much more. Visit this site Today!

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Online Advertising Like Adsense

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Suggest a name for my online advertising company Like adsense ..?

Suggest a name for my online advertising company Like adsense …. and clicksense ! … ..

in this ! .. dot com domain name must be available !

name must be powerful and ! .. users can earn and advertise ! on my site !

I’m pretty sure that nobody is going to take the time to do this kind of research for you here.

I’d suggest that you pay a visit to where you can put in a keyword, and you will receive a list of suggested domain names, together with an indication if they are available to register.
good luck,
Eric G.

Google AdSense Steps to Success

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