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Vmg Online Marketing Specialist

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

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Online Marketing Assistance

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

online marketing assistance

I would like to know what kind of service or product I can possibly market online based on my skills.?

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and I have worked in my field for the last 6 years. I have very strong computer skills, can type 45 wpm, good with Microsoft office applications and the internet.

I also love music. I used to mix beats years ago, but haven’t done that in years neither have I been to school for that.

English was my favorite subject in school. I am excellent with writing and enjoy doing so.

Does anybody have a good idea for a service and/or product that I can market online based on my skills and personality that I’ve expressed. I would love to make some part time money utilizing my assistance.

Serious answers ONLY please. And please don’t refer me to bogus sites that have nothing to do with what I’m asking about.

Only you can define your Niche where there is a market for it.

Right now, you are all over the place.

Without a clear focus, you will not see your market.

Choose ONE mastery of expertise.

Digital Marketing Assistant Job

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Free Online Advertising Solutions

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

free online advertising solutions

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Auto Dealer Online Marketing Support

Monday, May 30th, 2011

Your opinion on the Scion TC?

I want any and all input anyone has. I’m looking to buy a TC but, want opinions from past/current owners. I want the bad and good details, bring it on. Anything that you have heard please include. Tell me your likes dislikes, aaaanything you feel a new buyer should know. Also if you are a younger driver 25 and under what insurance do you use and how much is it a month? How much did you pay for your TC and what were your payments a month? thanks!

actually the tc stands for touring coupe. it’s not the direct replacement for the toyota celica but because its the one of the only coupe styled entry level sports cars currently available from toyota its really the only the option if you want a sports coupe from toyota. because its marketed towards youth, it tends to have a reputation for being a type of sports car, and gets compared to the celica frequently.

in terms of performance, the tc is peppy and handles like a sports car. it has a touch of over steer, but still feels enjoyable. it has a 164 hp engine that gets around 22-30 mpg depending on how aggressive you drive. its adequate for the daily driver, but some tuner enthusiasts have expressed disappointment. some expect a $19,000 car to be a rally-racer right out of the box. it has some blind spots, because the roof pillars are particularly thick in order to support the lower roof line.

in terms of safety, this car is top notch. it has a 5 star frontal crash test and a 4 star side impact rating. it handles rollovers very well; i can personally vouch for this. like most smaller japanese cars however, the body panels are thin and have the potential to ding, dent, or buckle a little easier than some domestic cars. certain features like crumple zones are designed to purposely give during a crash so if you do have the misfortune of being an accident, it has the potential to be totaled a little more easily than some larger cars. this brings us to the insurance issue.

because of amount of damage a car like this can take on during a crash, repairs may be higher than most which doesn’t sit the greatest with insurance companies. this car also has a higher number of crashes reported than most cars. this is not because the car is unsafe, but rather most crashes occur with young drivers who treat the car like they were in a nascar race.

despite the fact that this car is very safe it has certain characteristics that should be treated with caution. for instance: the low profile tires, particularly the stock tires that come new with car, don’t have the best traction in ice, snow, or even wet weather at times. the over steer tendency, when driving in such conditions, could mean inexperienced drivers won’t know how to respond ending up panicking or spinning out somewhere. also, because the alloy wheels expose a good portion of the breaks and rotors, water can get up into the area and affect the braking in some ways. the car could pull to one side more than the other making it feel a little bit unstable in wet weather. i wouldn’t let this scare you because i’m sure precaution exists with any car and a good driver should not overestimate his/her car’s abilities.

in terms of costs, this will depend on what accessories you buy with the car. an automatic transmission will add on about $1200. its actually best to buy accessories latter so that they will not be factored into the financing raising your monthly payments. the more down money the better your payments will be. to give you a rough idea of what to expect, has an online payment calculator. my tc is an automatic, with an upgraded sound system. with delivery fees, taxes, extended warranty, gap insurance, and theft recovery services added on the total price was about $19,000. once APR rates were added in the actual amount of my loan over a 6 year period was about $21,400 making my payments about $399 a month. i ended up this way because i was in dire need of a replacement car and had no trade and not much down money. my advice is to make sure you shop around for auto loans to get the best APR and don’t rely solely on the dealer to do that for you. secondly, have lots of down money because you’ll have to finance less and be able to have a shorter term loan.

in terms of insurance costs, this is really the only area that displeases me. insurance companies tend to have more claims, speeding tickets, or other violations on record against the tc than other cars so this affects their rates. i am 33 and have had a perfect record for 16 years and paid $120 a month under gieco. in december of 08 i had black ice accident that totaled my 08 tc. my first ever accident cost me $180 a month for my 09 replacement. i switched to state farm and now pay about $130 a month. i like to keep a low deductible of $250 so my rates probably reflect this, but in general this has been the costliest car to insure of all the cars i’ve ever owned. it doesn’t help that my accident added to the claims statistics.

in all this is the only car i’ve ever bought twice because i believe the first one saved me from injury and because i just plain old like it. i have not had much luck trying to find any new car on the market that has all the features, safety rating, reliability, or the looks for under $20k.

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Online Marketing Slogans

Monday, May 30th, 2011

I need a slogan for my online marketing business?

I need a slogan for my online marketing business. We are a full service online marketing company. Our services include: SEO, PPC, social media marketing, web design, blogging, online reputation management, email marketing, etc. The name of my company is SearchDog Marketing and I’m in desperate need for a slogan. Please Help!!

“search dog marketing, a businessman’s best friend”

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Dublin Online Marketing Agency

Monday, May 30th, 2011

ebow digital agency dublin

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Online Marketing How To

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

Photographers – How much interest is there in online marketing tools for independent photographers?

I’m a independent Photographer and I couldn’t find a very good way to market my photography online (other than as stock) But with stock you lose soooo much money. I’m now looking into designing some tools photographers can use to help market their work. Bringing customers to photographers, proofing tools online and etc. Just want to know how much interest there is and see if anyone has some ideas to help. It’s all about Photographers helping photographers. Thanks in advance.

There are already multiple sites on the internet that help provide photographers with online tools. and are two of the biggest online sites in the photography business to help us out. They offer a wide variety of tools such as online proofing, online ordering, online CD creation, mailing lists, event tracking lists and much more.

So, if you are to create an online site, you are going to have an extremly tough time breaking into a business where the product has been pretty much perfected at a very reasonable price.

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Online Advertising Executives

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

online advertising executives

Agency Sales Executive?

Hi All,

Please, I really need your help. I am going for a very important interview, and I have to travel all the way to New York for this interview, as i would move there if I get the job.

I am experienced in selling advertising space online but not to Agencies and companies.

I have now got an Interview with a company I admire, can anyone please give me tips on the roles, funcition and target of a Media agency sales executive.

I would be most grateful


Be friendly, confident and engaging. Talk to everyone including the receptionist. Remember names and be interesting. Chat with others waiting in the lobby area as well. Be casual about it (not overly boisterous) but show interest in everyone about everything. Next: When you’re interviewed you need to be confident and show that you’re a closer. That’s what they want and that’s what they’ll hire. Lose the “farm boy” sound of “all the way to New York” as it makes you sound like you’ve never traveled, are not worldly and have little experience. Especially in New York. If they’re going to risk placing you on potentially high profile accounts and expect you to close sales, you need to sound like you can do exactly that. In other words…. SELL THEM. Good luck.

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Free Online Advertising Networks

Sunday, May 29th, 2011

Where can i get free advertising from?

I have my own online game.

It is brand new and i need some visitors.

It is free to play.

The best way to promote your website for free is just by using the right traffic techniques and strategies. There are many so called SEO “gurus” out there that would lead you to believe that generating traffic to your site is really difficult. Nothing could be further from the truth! There’s a right way and a wrong way to
generate traffic to your site. The wrong way would be spending dozens of hours and tons of cash just to generate some decent traffic. I created 50 videos and an Ebook on how to generate avalanche of traffic to your site. There are many ways that most website owners are just ignoring. For example answering questions on this website is one of them. If your interested go take a look on my site.
grts Nick Securio

How To Get Accepted Into Any CPA Advertising Network & Make Money

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Online Advertising On Wikipedia

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

online advertising on wikipedia

Does anyone know anything about the Georgetown School of Continuing Studies (SCS)?

Well, I really really really really don’t want to go to UDC but I thought it was my only option… that is, until I stumbled across a full-page ad in the local paper advertising Georgetown SCS. It looks really good but to be honest I’ve heard nothing about it.

According to (the almighty) Wikipedia, Georgetown SCS has been around for a long time and has graduated a lot of people… but is getting a degree there better than getting one at UDC? Or, is a Georgetown SCS degree the same as any other Community College? I did some searching online but I couldn’t find any reviews from actual/former students…which, honestly, makes me nervous.

If I went there, I would go for their Bachelors in Liberal Arts with concentration in Ethics…with the intention of getting my masters in Computer Science.

Please, any help on this would be appreciated.

Wow, are you confused.
SCS is like the Learning Annex, it is an extension program with no academic credentials. None of your credits would be transferable to a real university, even GTown.
A BS/LA with a concentration in ethics prepares you for one thing – Starbucks. It will not impress any potential employer other than you make bad decisions.
Finally, it will be worthless applying for grad school. If you want a MS/CS, you will need a CS degree. You don’t get into grad school with a worthless degree completely unrelated to your intended field, that would be like trying to get into med school with CS degree.

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