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Online Marketing Simulations

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Is there a computer game where multiple players can play together against the computer? (business simulation?)

I’m looking for a multiplayer business simulation game — one in which the multiple players (small group, not MMORPG) are all members of the same organization, or allied organizations, playing against a computerized opponent or set of opponent forces (the economy, market forces, etc.). Would like to have this played by multiple teams who can all start from the “beginning,” thus an ongoing online scenario would not work for our purposes. Ideas anyone???

yes there is….do u know counter strike?(FPS)…u and ur friends can play together as cops or terrorists against the pc.u can also choose the

Medical 3D Animation and Simulation

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Philippine Online Advertising History

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

philippine online advertising history

Wait??!?!? What about all the other minorities during Jim Crow?

Doing a small research project online and ran across a simple question. If you were Latin, Asian, or Another fair skinned 2 medium dark complected race in 1950s America, what facilities would you use? With Jim Crow Laws being rampant across the US and most public venues being separated by “White” and “Colored” how did the other people fit in. I’ve scoured multiple websites and books for this answer and found none.

Separate facilities (drinking fountains, etc.) for the races were not common across the country during the 50s, though more overt prejudice was. You need to remember that people of color are not equally distributed across the country. For instance, Seattle has a comparatively small African-American population but a large Asian and Asian-American population. Each region just discriminated against a different minority.

“Redlining,” refusing to sell property to minorities, occured across the country. Seattle’s International District included Seattle’s Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino residents and was also home to many of the city’s African-American residents because so many other neighborhoods were restricted. The same laws against intermarriage between races existed on both ends of the country. Along most of the west coast, a white could not marry someone who was Asian.

These prejudices began early in U.S. history and were not confined to skin color or other appearance factors. In the 19th century, it was not unusual for businesses to post signs saying “No Irish Need Apply.” In some areas, Italian immigrants faced the same type of prejudice. Sometimes the prejudice was against a particular faith. This happened to people who were Catholic and Jewish. As you can see, though its illegal to post signs or advertise in a prejudical manner, some things haven’t really changed.

If you widen your search criteria to include more than “Jim Crow,” you won’t have any trouble finding information on the history of prejudice and discrimination.

DZRH: The Philippine’s First Radio Network on its 70th Anniversary

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Online Advertising Shows

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

online advertising shows

Breeders advertising Protection Work with dogs?

I was looking at some breeders online for rottweilers (Not looking to buy, just curious) and found that several advertised breeders say that they do “protection work” with their dogs. They show photos of the dogs showing aggression and attacking people in padding. My question is if responsible and good breeders do this? Shouldn’t such work with dogs be left to proffesional trainers and police, not the breeders of the dogs? Also, wouldn’t this only teach the dog to be aggresive, and this unable to be a part of a family?

I breed horses, therefore I am the best person to train them because I know how they behave and I breed them for character traits. When I sell a young foal, I want to know the person buying it has the knowledge to continue the training. Sometimes I need to demonstrate certain skills the Dam or Sire has, which the prospective buyer wants in the foal they are looking to buy, if I am not skilled enough to handle the horses and train them, then I can’t show of their abilities. The same goes for the dog breeders.

To get a dog to this level requires skill but being a police man doesn’t give you that skill, they get trained by the type of people you are talking about. if I was looking for a guard dog, I’d be looking to buy one from the kind of breeder you mentioned. They sound very professional to me.
Training a dog doesn’t unnecessarily make it aggressive. A highly trained dog will listen to it’s trainer. A big dog of certain breeds are more likely to be aggressive if they are not trained and socialised. You can train a dog to become aggressive but what you described sounded very controlled.

The Listening Post – Chile’s miners and the media

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Online Advertising Flat Rate

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

I’m launching a magazine and need advice about pricing it for vendors?

My target audience is juvenile, young adult (9-17 year olds), boys and girls. I am not selling advertising at this time in the mag; it is bought either via subscription or at a store.
The suggested price on the magazine is $4.99. But I am going to be taking it to vendors (online vendors as well as those who sell through stores). I want to know, is there a rule of thumb for the cost I charge vendors? Do I give a “discount” depending on how many magazines they choose to purchase? Or, do I just give a flat rate of $2.50 per mag, whether they purcase one for resale or whether they purchase 1000? Recommendations?

Find a similar type magazine and see what they charge.
Remember that rates are based on how much exposure your advertizer will get (how many copies a month do you sell?). Many new mags give away lots of copies to increase exposure – like the weekly entertainment papers – they are free to readers (greatly increases readership). then they can tell advertizers that they reach xx,000’s of readers each week.

SEO Services Miami

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Online Advertising Tracking Software

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Should I use ANONYMOUS software?

My friends told me to use anonymous software in order to hide my Ip address so that no advertising websites/ hackers can see me online and that way my surfing would be safe.(I used GhostSurf Platinum; Hide my Ip these two softwares and both of them are top rated softwares in Anonymous surfing) But when I go online using those anonymous softwares and check my security on this website—-
it shows my ports are open. But without using those anonymous software my ports are Stealth.
But I heard these Anonymous softwares are for your own Privacy. So my question is that should I continue using those softwares or what kind of Anonymous softwares should I use so that no advertising companies can’t track me.

that kind of anonymous sometimes harm your pc and it cannot reconized the net or what ever

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Free Online Advertising Viral Network

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Best Websites to Advertise/Promote your YouTube Channel?

Any good websites I can spread the word around? I feel my videos need more views for the amount of quality I put into them. Thanks.

You may even think this question is advertising. Well it is not. I am not asking you individually to go onto my channel, but IF you want to, you can.

Thanks if you know any websites. Ajjad.

Methods to get FREE YouTube Views——–>>>

1-Make a good quality video through a high definition camera, if you do it for professional use.
2-Choose topics to create videos on which are bound to be popular or maybe you could be the first one to start on a new topic.
3-Create a email list and tell all of your contacts to check out your video ( Whether they are your friends and family, or business clients if you do it for business purposes)
4-Try to use content targeted keywords and put as many appropriate tags as you can.
5-Email your friends and family about your videos.
6-Share it with your friends on social networking sites like facebook, twitter etc.
7-Post it on digg, stumbleupon.
8-You could put it on your blog, or tell your friends to put it on theirs.
9-Make people aware of your video through online forums likes where there is free review service for everything
10-You could post it on sites where you refer other’s and get free views.
11-Put in eye-catching thumbnails
12-Make the videos short(precise) and up-to the point so that more n more people watch it.
13-Get YouTube friends or do the sub4sub thing (Do it once in a while so that it’s not spam)
14-Place in nice thumbnails ( meaning put in the most thrilling part of your video at the half so that it’s attracting to people.
15-Tell as many people as you can, spread the video as much as you can.

The free methods may be good for fun purposes but not enough when it comes to business,
I don’t only rely on these ways as they would get you some traffic but they won’t be sufficient and won’t make you go viral.
So you could choose some paid methods. Believe me, I have myself tested upon these and completely satisfied when REAL certified people watch my videos.
Those whom I’ll recommend are reliable and offer you money back guarantee. Plus they are the cheapest suppliers in the market and I guess they are people who really control the whole market.
And for YouTube Partnership Program, it’s totally safe as they are in accordance of YouTube TOS.


1- The most recommended site of mine would be

At first, I was a bit shaky to use their services. They are champs in this field and can make you go viral in a day(If you take packages like me)


I had to buy youtube views, subscriptions in a quickie and when I searched ‘youtube views’ I ended up on this site. They are by far the most cheapest providers I have came across, who satisfy your youtube needs.

3- My friend searched on how to get youtube views on itself and came up with this site, …
He was just amazed by the results, and they have a good customer support. They really rock man.

4- Get this software from

It’s a program that send people invites, makes youtube views, they have a network of poeple who use their services and watch, like, comment on each other’s videos

To get youtube partnership program, the best way is to buy youtube views from these sites.
As that would just be a step towards your youtube partnership program.
The money you sow will soon reap.
For youtube Partnership Program I guess you may need 100K Views on your video and 8K Subscribers on your channel..

Hope it helps!

If you need to know how to get facebook page likes/fans you could visit my blog @


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Online Marketing Office

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Which do you think would be a good company to start?

Which company would be better to start?

Home and office cleaning-self explanitory

Home and office decorating- Bring samples, and ideas to customer. Also hire and coordinate the project so the costumer has no hassles Meaning we find and verify all companies and make sure they are insured and have references. Customer does not leave their home we physically bring samples to them or they can view online

Market small businesses- We obtain small businesses to give free services and buy one get ones….and coupons at NO CHARGE to the business. In exchange we ask for a referal and sell the coupons with FREE stuff and incentives to consumers who would like to try the business out. (ie 1 free massage, 1 free facial, free manicure/peticure, buy one shampoo get conditioer free, etc) all on one card….we then sell these cards door to door for 30-40 dollars a piece…….

Please choose 1, 2, or 3….which do you feel would be the most successfull

House cleaning will be the most lucrative.. why because people are busy now-a-days..and need help.

No real time for pampering… and with the Home Depot and Lowes and the home “do-it-yourself decorating” TV shows.. well maybe this niche may be well-covered..

I say start the clean up business first..which will then lead you into the decorating forum and then because you have cleaned and decorated their homes.. they will be ready for the spa treatment (facial, manicure etc) after a hard days work…

Sounds like you have 3 business plans in one. Go for it!! You really cannot lose with these!

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Best Online Marketing Forum

Monday, June 27th, 2011

What are the best forums to market online businesses to college students?

Call the colleges themselves and find out what they offer. Often for a fee you can advertise in the school newspaper, have a table in the common area, etc.

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Online Advertising Marketing Campaign

Monday, June 27th, 2011

online advertising marketing campaign

New York Marketing Firm?

Where can I find a New York based marketing firm that specializes in search engine optimization and pay per click advertising?

I want to run a campaign for my jewelry store based in Manhattan and hope to find an seo expert that has the skills to deliver local search results, as well as take my online store to another level with marketing online.

PS- I am looking for someone that is google adwords certified, or a company that is certified.

Thanks! 🙂

Check them out at Online Sales Consulting. I doubled my sales within 8 months.

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Espn Online Advertising Rate Card

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

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