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Online Marketing Success

Friday, September 30th, 2011

online marketing success

How to market a new product ?

I am planning to start an Small Scale Industry. Other than me marketing the product directly, is there any other way to market the product ? Are there any paper bag marketing persons in chennai ?

You could be earning – $1000 to $3,000 – a day in just days!

Dear Reader,

You should have no problem setting up online accounts. Each
one can be worth up to $50 – $200+ a day, every day. (and
no, it’s not surveys or some other nonsense.)

Once your accounts are set up, you will be able to earn up
to $500-$1,000 in less than 2 hours a day. I will show you
how we do that and then I will help you through the process
so that YOU SUCCEED!

You can have cash income EVERYDAY! I’m talking about DAILY
INCOME that is automatic. I get so excited sharing this
information! I really mean that. I get excited because I
know for a fact that I can prove this to you and you will
thank me and say nice things about me!

Ok, back to the program.

You will learn how to:

* Set up your online income accounts

* Set up your online transactions.

* Access your money online or through any ATM machine

I want your success,

Online Tactics

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Online Marketing Reps Sales Reps

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

How to find great Sales Reps?

I own a concierge service in Georgia I am looking to hire sales reps in other states to market our online magazine. I have not had any luck yet.

Goto Hot Jobs on Yahoo.You can look up resumes and target sales reps to work for you.Click on this link below then click post your job.

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Free Online Marketing Systems

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

What are some good online niches to affiliate market in?


This is a longshot, but I’m getting into affiliate marketing, and would like to know if anyone out there happens to know some good niches to get into.

Finding the right Niche is a very important question when starting your Internet/Affiliate marketing business, You can not even think of starting till you know what Niche your products, services or affiliate promotions will appeal to.

Here are a few steps and resources that may help you out.
1. Brainstorming, This is the best method when you are trying to figure out what to build your product or service around as well as choosing the right Affiliate promotions.
Get a pen and paper and write done all the things you are passionate about,

Now Next Right done all the things you are good at
Combine the two lists to find 3-5 matches in from each of the lists. Now narrow that done to 1 or 2 and begin,

2.Your Keyword research, Keyword research will help you to find very narrow specific topics that surround your Niche, Remember, The more narrow the search term the better, these are the people searching for exactly what you have to offer. Narrowing your topic down will also help you get free traffic as well as reduced PPC fees. A great tool I use for Keyword Research is Keyword Elite.

3. Product creation or affiliate promotion, Do you have enough Knowledge of the subject to write your own product?
If so then go right ahead and do it, A good tool helping you to create your own product is Overnight product Creation, By: Brian McElroy and its even FREE!

Affiliate promotions are great, You don’t have to have your own products or services you only need knowledge of the products or services you wish to promote. Some great ways to promote your affiliate promotions are, Blogs,PPC Marketing, SEO Marketing. social and viral marketing, Really the list of advertising opportunities is endless. One place to find good affiliate products to promote is

4.Build your traffic and email list, Rinse and repeat. build traffic to your product or affiliate promotion pages by witting articles, participating in forums, and using PPC AND SEO methods.
One tool I use all the time for my PPC campaigns is Speed PPC

Affiliate marketing will make you money, When you approach it the right way with the right systems and a good plan.

Please check out
How to start an Affiliate business internet marketing online

Also, Right now is a great time to gemore then 100of the best Internet Marketing products from the industries top gurus through the Biggest FireSale of 2008. Check it Today!

For more info and Good Luck!

Free Internet Marketing School for Your Home Business

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Current Online Advertising Trends

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

current online advertising trends

What is a Marine Biologist?

For the longest time now i have loved animals and at the moment dolphins. My family thinks I should have a job working for dolphins. I have a feeling that its not a stage like all other teenage girls, because i have always loved animals and have been riding for 9 years straight.

My questions are-

What really is a Marine Biologist? What would you do?

Are there any other jobs besides working at a aquarium that involve in working with the sea life?

What is a good salary to make these days?

Besides the simple Vet, what are other jobs that have to with animals.

Also any information on any of these are great! To learn more about Dolphins today I have just adopted a dolphin, and will plan on doing other animals to learn about them too. I live on the coast so i have been on whale watches and just adored them. Thank you!

Marine biologists study the oceans, this encompasses everything from the study of marine animal and plant/ algae taxonomy, physiology, ecology and behaviour to chemical processes such as phosphorous and carbon cycles and physical processes such as tides and currents.Most Marine Biologists do not work in aquariums, jobs can be found in fisheries and aquaculture, marine resource management, conservation, environmental impact assessment, government advisory bodies, the scientific media, ecotourism and other leisure industries and pressure groups.

A lot of people seem to believe that marine biologists all work with dolphins, whales and sharks but that is simply not true. These jobs are very rare and only a fortunate few work in that field. Most marine biologist don’t study animals at all. A large percentage study algae, phytoplankton and chemical and physical oceanography looking at cycles of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous and at processes determining tides and ocean currents. The vast majority of living organisms that are studied are zooplankton, tiny invertebrates that live in the water column. Many others study other invertebrates, mainly molluscs such as barnacles , a lot study commercially important species such as oysters or mussels. Fewer study vertebrates although there are a lot of fishery scientists looking at overfishing and population trends of commercially important species.

As for the salary, it’s usually pretty poor this is not a career you can do for the pay; while many job sites will state the starting salary for a marine biologist with an MSc is about £20k (about $30 000), that is quite inaccurate. You will be applying for a lot of jobs in the £10- £15k ($15-20 000) range. But you usually start out literally with nothing; it’s become normal for a huge proportion of graduates to start out doing unpaid work experiences for several months or even years. £20k ($30 000) may be what you can expect with an MSc and a lot of unpaid work experience or maybe with PhD.Just to give you an idea, I’ve recently been working with a charity working with marine mammals that advertised for research assistants on a voluntary basis, only accommodation provided, no money. They received applications from people with PhDs with postdoc work experience and publications on their CV.

There is two major components to a career in marine biology; schooling and experience. You will need at least a Bachelors degree to find a job in this field, if you get a ‘normal’ BSc as a result of an online course it shouldn’t make any difference if you studied for it online or at a ‘real’ University. A BSc will not get you far however, obtaining a Masters course or even a Phd. (a Doctorate) is highly recommended as it will dramatically increase job opportunities. To do a Masters takes about 2 years in the US (1 in the UK) and the duration of a Phd. varies from about 3 to 6 years but getting on a fully funded PhD, unless you are not picky about what you want to study, can be very hard to.

Marine Biology is very competitive, however, so you usually need a lot of experience as well; volunteering or interning at relevant places greatly increase your chances; aquariums, marine labs or even natural history museums, any experience is good experience.

It’s worth mentioning that many people have slightly distorted views on the work of zoologists based on what is shown on TV documentaries ; people working with big charismatic animals, out in the field in glorious weather all day witnessing amazing behaviours. But TV programs are produced to appeal to the majority of people and the majority of people want to see big charismatic animals doing exciting stuff. Most people inzoology do not work with mammals or even vertebrates and even when you are working with charismatic megafauna, it’s not as glamorous as it’s made to look on the TV, for every day of field work you are looking at several days of data entry and processing and statistics and it’s all decidedly hands off, not crocodile hunter style

Also, contrary to popular belief, dolphin trainers are not marine biologists and if you love dolphins, it’s not a job you should consider:;_ylt=AkECjbnYH6SappOFL9kGn77ty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120129095539AAEh5XR

Also have a look here:
for career advise
For real life accounts of working in marine bio

Good Luck!

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Online Marketing Communications Degree

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

If I want to be a newspaper or online writer, are there any majors I can take besides journalism?

It’s just that a lot of times people relate journalism to like broadcast journalists. I was already accepted into a community college and I chose journalism as my major. Also typically how much do newspaper or online writers make?

You could major in mass media, communications or marketing (my former editor majored in history!), but the bottom line is daily newspapers look for journalism majors.

I went to a 4-year university (before the internet), and you could choose between print, broadcast or public relations/advertising in J-School. Contact the schools you’re interested in attending after getting your two-year degree, and find out what they offer.

Finally, only people who aren’t in the media think broadcasters are the only reporters out there!

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Online Advertising Resources

Monday, September 26th, 2011

How can I negotiate a lower price on a used car being sold by a dealer, (not a private seller)?

I want to buy a used compact car and spend between $7,500 – $9,500. I’ve seen several cars advertised online by dealers and private sellers that come close to meeting my criteria, but I would prefer to buy from a reputable dealer (like Carmax or similar) that does a 100+ point mechanical/safety inspection. I know that dealers price cars above the Blue Book value to make a profit. So how can I negotiate the price down closer to my preferred minimum price of $7,500? Also, can anyone recommend online references/resources that provide advice on how to negotiate effectively with auto dealers, for either used or new cars? (I live in the Washington, DC/Baltimore, MD metro areas if that’s relevant.)

The only reasonable response I have seen to your question is to check or Everything else is hogwash. These two webs sites provide you with a reasonable knowledge of what the car is worth and will provide you with trade in value, as well as, retail value. The dealers will have close to trade in value in the car plus their reconditioning costs. Get this info so you are not offering something that is completely unreasonable, and offer somewhere between trade in and retail. Make sure you are looking at cars that are within your price range of course.

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Free Online Advertising Marketing System

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

free online advertising marketing system

How can I make money properly from affiliate marketing using free social media and clickbank?

I am on a modest budget and would like to laern how to make money using clickbank and social media properly without spending money on advertising such as Google Adwords.

With so many so called systems out there I would rather a system that actually lives up to its claims if you have a step by step that you follow and DOES make a good residual income.

I really want to get out the rat race and have at least a decent second income by the end of this year and then eventually be able to have a full time income online selling affilate products to begin with.

Selling affiliate product via clickbank or commission junction etc is a great way to make a living on the internet but you need to know what your doing or you just waste your time because you get no where. So make sure you do your research and find the right course to teach you what is needed to be successful.
There are many so called Gurus out there just interested in taking your money and not actually helping you.
You can do it on a modest budget, but it will be a little slow, don’t expect to make thousands overnight or even in a week because you won’t.
Remember you need to invest time in the beginning so you can market your sites etc.
Hope that is helpful

Bear Marketing System (Make Money Online Free Home Base Business )

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Free Online Marketing Exams

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

free online marketing exams

where can i find the book “satellite communication” by pratt, bostian publisher john wiley online for free?

plz help me… its my Exam on 18th… unable to find this book in market….

Almost might even be illegal to share the info even if one knew..try your univ library

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Online Advertising Cyprus

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

online advertising cyprus

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Online Marketing Advertisers

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

How does writing for money online really work?

I’ve just signed up with and I’m not really sure how it all works. It’s marketed as a site where you can write a blog or post and get paid by sponsors/advertisers. I’m finding it rather cumbersome, though.

I just want somewhere online where I can write articles and get paid for them, not by people having to pay to see the content, but rather for advertisers (for example) to pay for the coverage they’d get. You know? Those bars you sometimes see at the top or side of some websites which have sponsored links.

Am I thinking along the same lines as the companies who offer these services? Do other schemes such as AdSense and operate along these lines?

Well, writing for money works two ways: One, good articles equals more visitors to the site. Then, the ads (and affliate links or links to the product they are reviewing) gives them a source of revenue.

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