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Online Marketing Report Sample

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

online marketing report sample

What kind of writing sample should I submit for online marketing job?

I’m applying for a freelance copywriting position with an online marketing company. What kind of writing sample should I send to something like this? I have a BA and MA in English. I have tons of academic research papers but is that what they want? I’ve also written press releases, memos and reports for my current job. I just don’t know what would be appropriate to submit. Please help.

It sounds like the press releases will be your most appropriate choice for this.

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Online Advertising Free

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Free online advertising, other than Craigslist?

site links that you have used and are absolutely free

Try – The FREE Auction and Classified Community.

Paid Ads Free Review-DON’T Buy Paid Ads Free!

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Online Advertising Qa Process

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

where can i find a work at home online jobs without scams and which is real..?

there are lots of online jobs that are just scams that’s why it’s so hard to figure out which is real or not. would you kindly suggest an online job which is real and it’s based on your own experience.

pls… help..

Now answer this… why is this question posted 200+ times in the past 7 days in yahoo answers alone???


Darn tired of answering but anyways here’s your cue…

The biggest problem is most people use keywords like online jobs or work from home or part time jobs etc in google or yahoo and will almost always end up with spam sites.

1)The search engines process the query based on the keywords you provide and not based on the actual contents of the sites.
2)The legitimate sites don’t do a lot of advertising so you are unlikely to see them unless you use the proper keywords

For example: Try typing “freelance jobs” instead of “online jobs” you’ll find the difference yourself.

►Now site verification part:
McAfee site advisor or WOT (web of trust) installed in your internet browser. All known spam sites will be marked with a red or yellow icon and dark green or green indicates trusted websites . (This is not 100% effective but upto a certain extent yes)

►Some legitimate site’s I’ve come across (outsourcing company) (outsourcing company) (outsourcing company) (outsourcing company) (outsourcing company) (Only Software Development/Related jobs)

These sites are basically like auction sites where you have to bid for your job.
For more info you can check out the websites or googl…. er yahoo it 😉

►The jobs you get here are

Administrative Support

* Data Entry
* Personal Assistant
* Web Research
* Email Response Handling
* Transcription
* Other – Administrative Support

Writing & Translation

* Technical Writing
* Website Content
* Blog & Article Writing
* Copywriting
* Translation
* Creative Writing
* Other – Writing & Translation

Web Development

* Web Design
* Web Programming
* Ecommerce
* UI Design
* Website QA
* Website Project Management
* Other – Web Development

Software Development

* Desktop Applications
* Game Development
* Scripts & Utilities
* Software Plug-ins
* Mobile Apps
* Application Interface Design
* Software Project Management
* Software QA
* Other – Software Development

Networking & Information Systems

* Network Administration
* DBA – Database Administration
* Server Administration
* ERP / CRM Implementation
* Other – Networking & Information Systems

Design & Multimedia

* Graphic Design
* Logo Design
* Illustration
* Print Design
* 3D Modeling & CAD
* Audio Production
* Video Production
* Voice Talent
* Animation
* Presentations
* Engineering & Technical Design
* Other – Design & Multimedia

Customer Service

* Customer Service & Support
* Technical support
* Phone Support
* Order Processing
* Other – Customer Service

Sales & Marketing

* Advertising
* Email Marketing
* SEO – Search Engine Optimization
* SEM – Search Engine Marketing
* SMM – Social Media Marketing
* PR – Public Relations
* Telemarketing & Telesales
* Business Plans & Marketing Strategy
* Market Research & Surveys
* Sales & Lead Generation
* Other – Sales & Marketing

Business Services

* Accounting
* Bookkeeping
* HR / Payroll
* Financial Services & Planning
* Payment Processing
* Legal
* Project Management
* Business Consulting
* Recruiting
* Statistical Analysis
* Other – Business Services

If you think you qualify for any of the above then you need to go and sign up as a “Provider”

1)There are no registration fees or any other hidden payments.They take their cut from the people who hire you for their jobs. In short you work for “someone” and that “someone” pays the site’s fee; not you. Plus the site ensures you get paid and that too in time.

2)If you are only looking for “Click on ads Make money” or “Take Surveys get $$$ ” or “Refer a friend make instant cash ” keep in mind that they are not worth your time or money.The sooner you figure this out the better it is for you. Now I cant speculate here. So do your own research before jumping into anything…


Hope this info proved useful for you…

The Future of Display Advertising: Ad Neworks & Exchanges at Connected Marketing Week 2010

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Online Marketing Timeline

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

looking for business books. do you know any like this?

as a fledging entrepreneur i’ve read books on finance, econ and marketing. i’m looking to read books specifically on how successful business owners make money from ideas.

Real books with more in-depth version of this

Thanks in advance!

Well- I’m successful, and have started 5 businesses, still run two. No books involved, but probably would have helped in the beginning. A search on Amazon would be a very good way to find such things; they have virtually all on the market available.

Ideas as a term covers inventions, marketing and about every kind of service one can think of. Vague part of your question, hard to answer that very specifically. Idea for something new, idea on a way to do something better, improve a product, market a service- all are different subjects.

I turn ideas into products (inventions), manufacture them and sell them worldwide. I’ve also taken ideas on how to market existing products in a way not done before and created a business that worked. However I hated it as it had no creativity, so gave it to my brother who runs it now and has become wealthy doing it.

Most ideas aren’t viable, but if they are your own, they are free. A creative mind comes up with dozens a day sometimes. Figuring out how to turn a specific one into money is just another idea. Think on the possibilities, and it will come to you.

Social Media Mashup: New Facebook Timeline

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Starting An Online Advertising Company

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

How can I start my own advertising company?

What must I do to start my own successful advertising company?

The fact that you are posting here online suggests to me that you are not ready to start an advertising company.

The first step is to get experience in the industry

Then move into more contract work. Maybe some small jobs. Depends on what you specialise in.

You will build you business through word of mouth and then you can actually bother registering.

Start a Business with Online Advertising Agency

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Online Advertising Alternative

Monday, November 28th, 2011

online advertising alternative

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New Online Marketing Tactics

Monday, November 28th, 2011

How to market on the internet?

I’m trying to start a business, I have a website I just need people to be interested and purchase the products. How can I introduce the products or the website for people to be interested and purchase the products?

As others have stated, this is a big question that many, many people ask. There are lots of methods to online/internet marketing, and there’s no one perfect answer: Any given method or combination of tactics can work brilliantly for one site and flounder miserably for the next.

You could seek out an online marketer or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professional for hire to help you. There’s certainly a cost associated with this, but experience in this area is worth a great deal.

If you were my client, here’s what I’d recommend:

1) Answer these two questions to identify your target audience and begin to narrow your online marketing focus – the more specifically you can answer these questions, the better:

a) Who is the ideal customer for your product(s)?

b) How do these ideal customers use the Internet?

As an example, if your answer to 1a was something like “Teenage girls in the USA” and 1b was “Shopping, updating their MySpace page, Twitter, etc.” then you can see you pretty quickly get a general idea where you should be marketing.

2) What can you give away to your customers?

Everyone likes freebies, and especially when they can receive something they value at no cost – the keys here are “value” (it has to be valuable to the customer, not necessarily to you) and “no cost” (you can ask for something in return, but it shouldn’t be money).

For example, some companies will send samples of their products to you – in exchange for an email address they use to follow-up and send additional announcements / information. It could be a “free” catalog, it could be coupons – these are generic examples of course. For a website, though, obtaining someone’s email address (and their permission to email them) can be a very powerful tool in your marketing toolbox.

3) How optimized is your website?

It’s great that you have a website – have you confirmed that it is easy to navigate, is it “findable” by all the major search engines, is the content compelling to your would-be customers? Any marketing success you have will be quickly erased if your website isn’t solid.

4) Take it off-line

Starting any website is a big deal – be sure to tap everyone you know for help, even just visiting the site and offering suggestions can be a life-saver (see #3 above). Send an email to everyone you know inviting them to your website, and ask them to do the same.

Again, these are my basic suggestions in the absence of knowing your specific products, website, etc.

In my opinion, the critical steps are: Know as much as you can about your ideal customer, then try to get your products and/or website in front of them.



Online Video Marketing Strategy (Tip #362: Death By Details!)

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Online Marketing Courses Degree Programs

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

online marketing courses degree programs

Best choice for career change to event planing?

My undergraduate degree is in Politics and Religion. I spent the last two years as a community center youth director. My other job experiences have mostly been as administrative assistants. Now I really want to get into PR and event planning. I want to go back to school but I’m not sure for what. Which program would be the best in the long term, MBA in Marketing or Master’s in Journalism with a concentration in PR. Of course, there are also online Master degree programs specifically in Event Planning. Thoughts?
Yes, the MS in Communications is my other choice. What about between that and the MBA?

MBA in Marketing, hands down more valuable than an MS in Journalism.

You might also want to consider MS in Communications.

Online Marketing Courses at Market Motive: Practitioner Courses and Master Certification

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Online Marketing Affiliation

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

Resumes: How to include my job history without showing what religion I am?

I’m applying for a full-time internet marketing position for a company. But there’s a problem, some of my work history includes a religious online site that I own (and make a small amount of money from) and want to include it because I have performed internet marketing on it and believe it to be relevant work experience.

How can I include this experience without letting them know my religious affiliation? I mean, all they have to do is check out the website and they’d be able to tell what religion I am.
Please note that I am not ashamed of my religion/faith (it’s Christianity), but I see a lot of people that say including your religious affiliation usually gets your resume tossed out. Thanks for the answers so far, though.

be proud of your religion stick it in everybodys face

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Online Advertising Statistics Australia

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

online advertising statistics australia

Is it possible I could earn $300 a week in the holidays?

In the holidays I always have nothing to do so this year Ive decided to get a job and earn up some cash. I havnt got the job yet but I was just wondering if it would be likely to earn $300 a week in the holidays working mostly everyday for 6 -10 hour shifts? Im 15 and live in australia so im talking AU dollar here and Im expecting $300 a week for 7 weeks.

With today’s technology it is quite possible to run your entire business online from anywhere in the world using your laptop computer. You no longer need to leave your house to make a living for your family. It can be done from the comfort of your own home. No commute required. No travel time with reduced fuel consumption and maintenance on your vehicles. Best of all you are your own boss.

The amount of people using the internet worldwide continues to increase almost monthly. This bodes well for internet business entrepreneurs and anyone wishing to take advantage of the internet work from home business industry. Global Internet Statistics shows over 800 million people worldwide are now using the internet.

There are several websites promoting several top Internet home based business products and services from paid surveys online to network marketing and MLM businesses. If you already have your own website you can even promote affiliate business on your site. In fact everywhere you look on the net almost every single site you go to is making money from some form of advertising or work from home business opportunity.

The internet is forever changing the global job scene and the world economy with new internet opportunities arriving on the internet every day even as you read this.

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