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Why is there so many anti-american, anti-jewish, and pro libertarian stuff online?

It seems no matter where I go from youtube to forums there’s this bull everywhere. I know there’s such thing as target advertising and targeted searches but seriously?

Its not like I’m looking for it, almost all the videos on youtube I see is this. There’s nothing pro american I can find, it gets annoying where its on a constant basis these things just pop up when I do searches, even news articles online.

Is this just my own searches and things I seem to stumble upon or is this really whats happening in America. Do people really feel this?
It seems as though people are really pissed off. I don’t have anything to be pissed of against the US, I love it. Its a great place, but people are really hatting the US.

~people are really pissed off, at America, and at Israel too.

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