Best Free Online Advertising

best free online advertising

where can i find a free advertising site for my best friend’s online candle business?

cristy runs a candle/lotion/bath accessory business from home and sells online. we’re looking for free online advertisement.

Some of that comment above is rubbish, there are plenty of directory sites and business indexes which list your site for free. What’s in it for them? Free content written by users, which boosts them up in the search engines, which gets them more users like us. Users like us, that probably click Adsense adverts, and make them money.

Everything S/he wrote about blogging and content is correct though – Get Cristy to set up a blog on or blogger and write about candles, lotion etc. Write everything, anything and all you can about the industry, products and your site – and link each post back to your site. This will boost your search engine placements, and ergo traffic.

Now, the free index sites: ALL are FREE! – add your url and it automatically ads your site to it’s listings. – add your site to this, a wiki of websites, and write what it’s all about, what you sell etc. – Free uk index directory – there’s a small US flag too, click that to list if you are in the US. This site is brilliant, you can really go to town on adding information and links about your sites. – it’s in german, and a bit confusing, but add your url and it will pull in your website’s picture and data, and provide a link. – write about your site, what you sell, set up a blog and link your products – brilliant resource. – write a ‘lens’ (which is just a page), about every single product you sell, and link them all together, and link them all to where people can buy from. Squidoo even sends you free money depending on how many lenses you make, and how many people visit them. I have 2 and I make a measly $2 a month – but if you have one for every single product you sell, you could easily pay for your web domain and hosting out of the free cash

Not to mention a couple of other places it wont hurt to advertise: (free!)

Best Free Advertising Websites – Free MLM Home Business Advertising

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