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Online Marketing Avenues

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

online marketing avenues

Where To Get A Good CD or Savings Account?

I am interested in a long term savings plan with a good APR. I am planning to save for a house down payment, so around $400 a month for a few years. I will not withdraw money, and would like a low starting balance. ($25-$100) Let me know if any of you have a good bank, online or in Central Florida. Thank you!

Ally is excellent for their online saving account and for short-term CDs (I don’t recommend long-term CDs in this low interest rate environment). You can set up an automatic transfer and just have the money automatically deposited in the account. If you decide to go with CDs (or in addition to a savings / money market account) then I would ladder them by maturity and avoid really long term CDs since interest rates are only going up in the future. Laddering the CDs allows them to mature in steps where you can reinvest them at higher rates … assuming rates are higher. The downfall to laddering is if rates go down.

Another thing that you may want to consider is buying some bank preferred shares. One that I am currently in is Bank of America’s preferred J,(BAC-J) which yields nearly 9% and the dividend is paid quarterly. Par on the shares is $25 and they currently trade at just over $23. If you wanted to dabble in this avenue then Sharebuilder is a great way to go to buy small amounts of shares as is Zecco (both let you trade for $4 a trade).

A great avenue to check current interest rates of high yielding accounts is bankrate. Please see the links below.

Good job on setting up a saving plan to meet your goals. It’s a good sign of a financially smart person.

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Online Marketing Newbies

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

online marketing newbies

How to invest in the U.S stock market and what online trading site do you recommend?

I live in Peru and have just turned 18. I want to invest but i’m sure how to go through with the process, I mean I have no broker and I’m not sure how to work with the online sites (which ones are the best?) Any recommendations are welcome. Thank You.

hi there !

I think you are a newbie and as such I would like to suggest you gnutrade trading platform to practice not only currencies but also stocks, commodoties and stocks. The play money feature will help you to practice until you feel that you are confident to go ahead with real money. Learning Center will help you to learn things which you do not know..

all the very best… practice daily

Internet Marketing Make Money Online Beginners Newbies

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Chiropractic Marketing Phrases

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

Why would some say that Alternative Medicine is not “evidence” based?

The Homeopathy, Naturopathy and Chiropractic practices are within the scope of Alternative Medicine. Logically, there’s a school for such health practices like in Canada and it’s very legal. There’s even an “Alternative Medicine Research Institute Canada”. So why the blame for “non-evidence”???

When I started visiting YA, I noticed “not evidence based” was brought up a lot to attack alternative medicine, and given the context of the term and how it was used, I assumed the term was mostly designed to be an emotional attack phrase lacking substance. So as you would guess, next I went to look it up. I found that even within the circles who use the term, it’s not accurately (and consistently) defined, and the “validity” of the mentality isn’t agreed upon either.

To over simplify the term though, you could term it “stuff which does not have repeatedable double blind studies supporting it is not evidence based medicine (and hence bad).”
I feel there are a couple big holes in this train of logic. The practical/capitalist side of it, and the philosophical half.

First and foremost, double blind studies are expensive to do, as “honest as the people who carried them out,” and subject to being dismissed if their results are not liked, or more are put out which show things differently. A practical consequence of this has been that with various toxic chemicals marketed to consumers, the companies developing them published misleading “objective double blind studies” to get their drugs approved (FDA doesn’t test, they just use results given by the producers most of the time), and that when other groups publish studies (due to their being enough of a problem that they can amass the funding) shown proving they are bad (which is the only way this can be awknowldged since anything besides acceptable scientific studies are dismissed), the body with more funds just pumps out a few more to descredit the original party.
So practicaly, the need for expensive double blind studies to prove matters of health results in their being a massive bias or favoritism to parties with large ammounts of funds. Alternative medicine does not have this, so as a result, they do not have as many studies.

Secondly, you could say this is a product of the industrial revolution and the western adoption of modern science. Simply put, there was a belief that by studying and analyzing systems and applying the new scientific knowledge, it would become possible to reinivent old processes, and apply a scientific systematization to them to make them more efficient and objectively perfect (aka assembly line production instead of craftsmen producing an item). In my opinion this reductionist (break things, including their creation into their parts, and then pick the best one available) approach initally created great gains, but overtime had many problems manifest as well (this parallel often comes up in environmental science when the green revolution is explained, initially it spiked food production, but now there are lots of problems, and it’s considered to be worse than it’s predecessor).
In “scientific medicine” a need exists for something like double blind trials to prove something “objectively works” so that curing a disease can be broken down into a series of things done to a patient based of existing data to cure them.
Alternative medicine ascribes to a different model, which is much more variable and requires a lot of consideration to be taken about the patient in each case, and hence double blind studies become less central to the concept.
Additionally, going with this idea, a lot of health practices that alternative people do (especially energy manipulation) cannot really be done in a double blind manner, they require the person doing them to focus on the person.

Since a lot of what is done in alternative medicine either does not make sense to western medicine or goes against financial interests, it will be slandered, and the term evidence based is just the most commonly chosen one. When studies come along, they are normally dismissed and ignored.
In short I’d say the term evidence based is just a term which implies the negation is worthless, but doesn’t have much actually going for it. When homeopathy was created, conventional medicine was based around swallowing mercury and letting blood out, but when homeopathy provided an alternative that actually worked and cured the disease which only treatments like blood letting had previously existed for, it spread like wildfire, and before long had colleges teaching it based in the US. By the definition of evidence based we are currently using, this result is not evidence based. By the same token, you could say chinese medicine which has existed in china and improved over 1000’s of years (since over there, doctors were only payed if they cured their patients, and hence had to actually do the job and gradually improve, whereas over here you pay regardless of it it works) is not “evidence based”.

Lastly, I’d like to leave you with an example that I believe sums a lot of this up. A (very scientifically sound) study was done which showed that if a group of people in one country prayed for a group of people in another country recovering from operations, there was a stastically significant increase in their recovery rate. This study has been mostly ignored, occasionally attacked (although not that much since there was nothing in the procedure it followed that could be pointed out as a flaw, along with it being reproduced), and any treatment involving intention or prayer is still regarded as quackery and evidence based medicine (or possibly placebo…although that counter argument doesn’t really adress the people recovering did not even know they were being prayed for).

Sorry for the long answer, but I hope that answers your question well! I’ve been meaning to put this into writing for a while, so thank for giving me somewhere to do it 😛

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Online Marketing Media Kit

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

What do you exactly do when your an avon representative?

do you just have to go out and convince people to buy the products?….does anyone work as an avon representative? do you like working for them?

Yes I am a Unit Leader with Avon, and LOVE it! You don’t really have to CONVINCE people to buy, as much as just let everyone you come into contact with KNOW you’re an Avon Representative and it pretty much sells itself from there. I’ll give you an example:

I’m in a mom’s group and we were at a birthday party for one of the kids the other night. I was talking to two of the mom’s (one of which has bought the bug guard from me, and I had asked her if she was out yet) and she turns around and says to the other mom “this is the Skin So Soft lady” and I started to laugh. Then the other mom was like “OHH you work for AVON?!” She got all excited! lol.

It’s really just incorporating it into your everyday life, and that’s the reason I love it.

You can also sell online, which I also do. LOVE learning about internet marketing and social media.

Ok so here’s how it works:

Avon is sold through catalogs. Your brochure is your store. The brochures change every 2 weeks (we say campaigns). You make a commission on what you sell, and during your first four campaigns, you earn 40%.

Start by passing out brochures to all your friends and family (whether it be in person or online). They’ll give you orders, and you’ll put your first order in to Avon with NO money. When you get the products in, you will put them together for your customers, and when you deliver the order, that’s when the customers pay you. When placing your second order, that’s when you pay for your first one minus your profit. Avon will tell you how much to pay – you don’t have to figure out anything on your own. That’s pretty much it – and what I like about AVON is that there are no quotas you have to keep, no inventory to buy, and NO BOSS! Everything is up to you!

With AVON, you’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

To help you succeed, AVON provides:

-Unlimited earnings
-FREE online training
-eRepresentatives opportunities, your own Web page and much more! (FREE)
-Personal Growth, recognition and awards
-Avon Independent Sales Representative Savings Plan

How to get started:

Not sure where you live, BUT if you are interested in becoming an AVON Representative,and you live in my area (Haddon Twp., NJ) you can contact me (I’ll put my information at the bottom). We will then go forth with meeting up and getting you signed up as a Rep. I will then be your “upline” as we call it. I will be your support, you can come to me with any questions you may have, I will teach you what I know and help you to succeed in your AVON career!

If you don’t live within my area, you can go to and put in the reference code “JeffreyRichard” and you will be automatically connected to me. The account is under my husbands name, if you’re wondering why it’s JeffreyRichard.

How much does it cost?

It only costs $10 to get started if you sign up with me. If you sign up online, it’s $20. (As of right now, it’s only $10 to sign up online-this will end 9/20/11)

What you get when you sign up:

You will get everything you need for your first 2 campaigns when you sign up. You will get 10 brochures for your first campaign, and 10 for your second. You will also get an order book, information on getting started and finding customers. I give you a packet of information, tips and some other great things.

What you get if you sign up online:

You will get everything mentioned above, only your kit with your brochures and everything will come through the mail and the extra information I provide will be sent through a Welcome Email.

I also provide internet marketing training, including “How to create a Facebook Page,” “How to edit tabs,” “How to get fans” and much more to come!

Hope this helps, sorry it was so long lol.

Aubrey Richard
Avon Unit Leader

Blogs and Media Kits Great Blog Marketing Combo!

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Google Online Marketing Challenges

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

google online marketing challenges

I’m looking in to developing an on-line store or E-Commerce business.Which way you think is best to do it?

I want to know the best software to use and any tips,Experience is the best after all….

The question is if you had such a business set up how would you market it–get the word out? You can buy into a pre made commerce site or build one. A great way to get started online would be to set up niche blogs and then offer affiliate products there and also include Google adsense, this is a no cost way to get going online. I suggest doing alot of research into it.

The biggest challenge will be marketing. You can use article writing, paid ads, offline paid ads, build an email list etc.

Good luck!


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Online Marketing Agency San Francisco

Friday, August 10th, 2012

online marketing agency san francisco

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Free Online Marketing Training Courses

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

how to become a personal life coach in Canada?

I would like to hear a suggestion for where to go. Thank you!

There are quite a few online associations/schools for people to become a life coach all around the world. The most well known one is ICF (International Coaches Federation) Many of the schools online that offer coaching classes are charging anywhere from 5,000 CA to 20,000 CA…it can be kind of frustrating as there is no government funding for these ‘type’ of courses.

In Canada, the only coaching course that I was able to come across that gave you hands on experience, and you were able to go to an actual class is the one put on by the Certified Coaches Federation (I’ll leave you the link below) The cost of the weekend excursion was 895 for the course. It is a two day training, where you learn to do coaching from an NLP standpoint. I found the course was very informative for coaching, however, the marketing/starting your own business aspect of it was lacking (however, I have been able to learn so much on my own in the past three years that it doesn’t bother me at all anymore)

Currently, there are no restrictions on who can be a life coach. Unlike a medical doctor, or dentist, you can practice coaching without a certificate (but if you’re not good you won’t have clients) The whole point behind the certificate is to make you look legit (because anyone can throw a web page online and claim that they are a coach)

If you have any questions, or would like some help to get started, feel free to contact me at my email address listed on my website! Best of luck to you!!

Myherbalife – FREE 8 Day Internet Marketing Training Course

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Online Marketing St Louis

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

online marketing st louis

Does anyone know what the liquor figurines I saw are called?

I was at a flea market recently and wanted to purchase a set of liquor bottle figurines. I thought his price was too high and am trying to learn more about them. They were approx 8 inches tall and each figure was a different ethnicity with the type of liquor written on the base.

There were 6:
Mexican one said Fire Water
Scottish said Scotch
Russian said Vodka
Englishman said Rye
Southerner said Bourbon
Pirate said Rum.
They were made of ceramic or porcelain.

Ceramic Liquor Decanters

Ignore the link it is some crap stuff.

Bar Full of Fancy Figurines : Bottles Treasured More Than the Liquor in Them
May 11, 1986|JOHN M. LEIGHTY | United Press International

OLEMA, Calif. — Visitors to Jerry’s Farm House restaurant sometimes get the spooky feeling that they are being watched.

With good reason. In every nook and cranny of the rural bar and restaurant are miniature figures with such familiar faces as John Wayne, Abe Lincoln and Elvis Presley. Two replica long guns adorn the old-fashioned bar, and a model of the Spirit of St. Louis floats from a beam.
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The 907 figurines collected over the past decade are not just ordinary souvenir bric-a-brac. Each one is filled with 80-proof booze.

“I don’t know of any place around that has a collection of whiskey gift bottles like this,” said Agnes Bunce, who with her husband, Jerry, moved from Hamilton, Ohio, to this small Northern California town 13 years ago. “We bought them all from distributors by standing right behind the bar.”

Enshrined safely in a clear plastic case are some of the couple’s rarer buys, including a 14-piece “famous miners” set worth $8,000. There are 10 Elvis Presley figures in different poses that cost up to $200 each and a “classic car room” with replicas of everything from a Model T Ford to a vintage fire engine.

“There are ceramic guns with a fifth of booze in them. It’s silly,” Bunce said. His restaurant, a wood-framed structure built in 1875, sits 40 miles north of San Francisco adjacent to the entrance of Point Reyes National Seashore, a sprawling area visited by a million people each year.

Agnes Bunce said she attracts a lot of repeat business by serving old-fashioned biscuits made from her grandmother’s recipe, along with homemade strawberry jam, apple pie and salad dressings. The biscuits are so popular, she said, that they prepare the mix in a 30-gallon drum.

“We have to make the mix several times a month,” she said. “People like coming here because we’re just ordinary country folks who serve down-home meals at reasonable prices.

“And, we’ve had a lot of visitors come in to see our bottle collection,” the very first of which is still her favorite–a vase-shaped Jim Beam bottle embroidered with a yellow rose.

Other ceramic and crystal figures include an intricate fishing boat, a sewing machine, a fox terrier and a skater under the Olympic flame. They are all wired firmly on shelves to prevent their tumbling in an earthquake like the great 1906 shaker, which was centered only half a mile away.

Jerry Bunce does the bookkeeping for the family business that includes two sons, a daughter and a daughter-in-law. He said the odd-shaped bottles hold up to a fifth of liquor apiece and have to be bought directly from distributors because interstate shipping of liquor by mail is illegal.

“A lot of people collect empty bottles through catalogues,” Bunce said. “Ours are all full.”

He said over the years they’ve bought bottles from such well-known distilleries as Wild Turkey, which sold them three colorful turkey figures, to more obscure labels like Lionstone Whiskey, which produced a man in a tub.

“There’s a lot of whiskeys I never heard of until we started collecting the bottles,” Bunce said.

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Free Online Marketing Methods

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

free online marketing methods

How to Get Free Movie Tickets online?

Hot buttered popcorn, a box of candy and a good movie are the ingredients for a fun time.
The only thing that could make it better is for the movie tickets to be free online.

How to Get Free Movie Tickets online?

If you fell you’re very lucky, I found a website you can apply for free movie tickets online. Have a try please.

If you’re not lucky, follow the complicated method.

Check official movie websites for upcoming movies for advanced screenings and chances to win tickets. Advanced screenings are offered to promote the movie, raise awareness and help spread the word about it.

Sign-up online for tickets to advanced screenings. There are many websites online, including Volition Movie Tix, Film Metro and Free Movie Screenings (see links in Resources). These sites have a limited number of tickets, given out on a first-come, first-served basis. Results will vary based on the region of the country you’re in. Your movie selection will also be limited to those the movie production companies choose to promote.

Complete online marketing offers from different sponsors. Websites such as “I Want Free Movie Tickets” and “Free Movie Premier Tickets” send you free tickets when you complete certain offers from different company’s products and services. The sponsors pay for the tickets. When you fulfill the required obligation, the website sends you the free tickets. Examples of companies include auction sites, universities, satellite companies and alarm companies.

Establish a special email address for the unsolicited spam that’s sure to follow after you sign up for free movie tickets, because correct personal information is required to get your tickets. Once you divulge your address and phone number, you could be subjected to telemarketing calls also.

Read the entertainment and metro sections of the newspaper. Frequently, passes for advanced screenings are advertised in these sections. Listen to radio stations for the chance to win passes.

Look for opportunities in every area of your life. The organizations you belong to may offer free tickets to certain movies to its members. Teachers, for instance, are often offered tickets to education-themed movies. Businesses of all sorts use movie tickets for promotions. Check-out car dealerships, store grand-openings and real estate open houses in new neighborhoods.

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Online Marketing Blog Says

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

online marketing blog says

whats the best niche to be in at the moment when it comes to being an affiliate?

I’m trying to start an affiliate blog but I don’t want to waste my time on something that is already over run. Is the online gambling market worth a look or perhaps employment, health and beauty, alternative energy?

Hi the best thing to do is your keyword research 1st then build your blog/ site around that. I think the online Business market is going to kick off BIG TIME over the next couple of years and is always a good market to be in.

That being said, I think picking something you are passionate about & is of interest to you as apposed to something you can just make a quick buck off is most important that way you will come across more truth-full & trustworthy to your potential clients & you will never get bored doing it!

$ Once you’ve picked a market you’ll need a site/ blog. I use Weebly which is great as it’s a site & blog combined & it’s FREE {use the link bellow}

$ Then you’ll need some products to sell on there. I’ve been using Clickbank for years now & I also use a cool plug-in to find the best products, in any niche, Affiliate Elite {find the links bellow}

$ Then you need TRAFFIC going to your promotions & there’s a new TRAFFIC getting program that’s just been released AUTO TRAFFIC AVALANCHE which works like gang-bursters! {find link bellow}

This is my own little system & it works for me. Anyone can copy this & get GREAT results!

All the best, Robbie Griffiths

Video 1 – How To Create A Pro Website or Blog by Internet Marketing Coach Vincent Ortega Jr.

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