Chiropractic Advertising Agencies

IS IT OK To Use a Pornographic Website (Serious Q to Women, Please)?

to lure people into your business like a Chiropractic Business?

I mean like a video of sex, and graphic images of nude people to lure people as a method form of advertisement?

Is it legal? And if you were a woman and found this out about a chiropractor before going to him, would you go if you KNEW he advertised this way?

He is well known and a very prominent chiropractor………………….

Would you let your daughter or friend go there to get chiro help???????
HUMAN: His name and information as a chiro is CONNECTED to the pornographic images…….

Is it legal? Yes.
Is it moral? Maybe.
Should you be going there? Probably not a good idea unless they a good reason.

The answer here is MAYBE… because it really depends on the ads and why it was there in the first place. If the chiropractic ads use scientific nude pictures to demonstrate a point, then it is understandable. If you use a plain obscene sex pictures like people having sex or anything irrelevant to chiropractic, then you should not be going there. Sometimes the chiropractic place are oblivious that their name of business is being used in a obscene way, mainly the mistake of the ad agency. I say tell the business that their ads are popping up on with sex images and ask if they are aware of it and is that what they wanted. If yes, don’t ever go there. In most cases, it’s somebody careless mistakes.

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