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America’s Top Ad Designer Reveals the Biggest Advertising Mistake Ever!

When it comes to advertising, I spend a lot of time telling people what works. Today, we’ll focus on something that doesn’t work. And believe me, this is a biggie.

Want to know the biggest mistake 99% of ALL businesses make when it comes to advertising? It’s in their headline. Most advertisers fail to make a meaningful and/or fascinating statement of benefit in their headline. Here’s a good example:

A chiropractor runs an ad with the headline, “Affordable Chiropractic Center” which also happens to be the name of their company. Sounds like a decent headline, doesn’t it? It states their niche – low prices. It also tells us the service they offer – chiropractic care. Underneath that they list the different types of therapy they specialize in. To the left, or to the right, there’s a picture of Dr. Smith the chiropractor. At the bottom are the address and phone number, and maybe even a coupon for a free consultation.

It’s pretty much a standard ad. You’ve seen it a million times for a variety of businesses. And to 99% of ALL businesses this is a decent ad.

What do you think? Will it work? Sure it will. That is, if the person reading it is looking for a new chiropractor RIGHT NOW. Otherwise, they’ll overlook it and move on to the next ad. Now, let’s redo the ad with a more meaningful headline and see what happens.

First, change the headline from “Affordable Chiropractic Center” to “END BACK PAIN NOW” or “STOP BACK PROBLEMS BEFORE THEY STOP YOU.” Underneath that heading include a subheading that says, “Call Today for a FREE Consultation” or “Call Now for a FREE Report.” Leave everything else the same, except move the name of the company to the bottom of the ad, right above the address.

Now, we’ve refocused the emphasis away from the name of the company and to what, exactly, the company can do for you – end your back pain now, or stop back problems before they stop you.

Will this ad work better? Absolutely! It will attract ALL of the people looking for a chiropractor RIGHT NOW just like the previous ad. In addition, it will attract ALL of the people who AREN’T looking for a chiropractor, but still suffer from chronic back pain. (Ask any doctor how many people that is!)

But that’s not all! It will also attract the loved ones friends and family of people suffering from chronic back pain mostly because of the free report. And, it will most likely attract people who already have a chiropractor but aren’t happy with him or her, because their chronic back pain still exists.

This new headline states a fascinating, meaningful benefit, not just the name of the business or the fact that their services are affordable. (I don’t know of ANY medical services that are truly affordable.) It’s not cutesy or clever or misleading or funny. It offers a solution to a problem. And that’s what people look for — solutions. They look for benefits. Remember: People don’t buy Red Bull, they buy an energy boost. They don’t buy Tylenol, they buy a “cure” for their headache. They don’t buy a Peppermint Patty, they buy the cool sensation of flying down Hollywood Boulevard on a Friday night in a shiny, new Bentley with the top down and a backseat full of giddy, bikini girls. (Or maybe that’s just me.)

Oh yeah, and they don’t buy chiropractic care, they buy a solution to their back problems.

This technique can be used across all forms of media — from display ads to classified ads to Yellow Pages ads to radio and TV commercials to websites, banners and text ads. Use it promote your entire company or just a specific product or service.

However you use it, you’ll be glad you joined that exclusive 1% of all advertisers who know exactly how well it works!

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Phil Autelitano is a professional ad designer and marketing consultant with over 15 years’ experience. He has been called “America’s Best Ad Designer” and “The Greatest Ad Man You’ve Never Heard Of.” He is President of Action Ad Services, an ad design agency specializing in newspaper, magazine and web ads, offering nationwide service, 24/7. Visit:

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