Creating Online Advertising Campaigns

creating online advertising campaigns

Get More Business From Advertisement Campaigns

When organizations want to reach target customers or user segment, it becomes essential for them to launch advertisement campaigns. Most of the markets are competitive and few of them are volatile too. The organizations having such target markets need extensive advertising for creating brand rapport. It helps to steer them clear from adverse effects of ups and downs of the market. Though such campaigns are not limited to such situations, as providing repute to a brand is essential for all organizations.

The brand awareness and patronage created by advertisement campaigns becomes helpful in capturing a good market share. The organizations or advertisers that target a good market share, have to use Internet as an advertising medium. Why online advertising? This is because of the potential of this medium to reach the target audience extensively. A data from eMarketer shows 1.15 billion regular Internet users. This data indicates the growing number of users, which amounts to an enormous base of potential customers. These users search information related to products and services.

Now, an increase in awareness about this feasible advertising medium is also growing. According to eMarketer, the total online ad spend worldwide was around $ 18.6 billion in 2005 and is expected to rise up to $ 34 billion in 2008. The data also marks this rise as 4.7% in 2005 to 7.3% in 2008. This indicates the rise in consciousness about online advertising. When it comes to online advertising agencies, India is housed to a few premier organizations catering to the advertising needs of all sectors. It is feasible due to the increased usage of Internet.

IAMAI data shows 46 million Indian Internet users and 40,000 advertisers associated with Internet. In such scenario, online advertisement campaigns comprising of banner ads becomes useful. It attracts more user response because the ads are published over a large banner network. The Internet advertising will be even bigger in the coming times. The fact that gives more ground to it is a data from Nielsen/NetRatings. It shows that in March 2006, 185 billion display ad impressions were bought by marketers.

Interestingly, it is almost double the number in March 2005, which was 97 billion. This data signifies the feasibility of display ads to advertisers. Hence, inclining the advertisement campaigns towards banner ads is useful for advertisers. It is capable of getting responses from the length and breadth of Internet. Consequently, there would be more business generation.

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Meenakshi Wali is the co founder of Rupiz Media Ad Network, a leading online media buying agency. She is heading a team of experts, which is into Advertisement campaigns, internet banner advertising, online web site advertising, web banners.

Is google sometimes suckssss?

These people in google are really arrogant these days.

First time created my googleadword to advertising my website. SO my campaign was running and it was online, i was receiving some visitors but the status of my ad was “pending review”. OK, later they emailed me, saying my ad campaign was disapproved, because “Destination URL Not Working”and will run no longer. What the Hell! i checked everything was working fine. I emailed them again, now what they are saying “After reviewing your account, it has come to our attention that your Google AdWords accounts do not comply with our Terms and Conditions. As a result, your accounts have been suspended and your ads will no longer run on Google.”.

They don’t even gave me enough reason, have i used any offensive keywords? noo….its just getting in my nerves

Welcome to my world.Yahoo is the F*ckin same

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