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Several questions regarding chiropractic school?

In order to apply and have a good chance of getting in, how prevalent is undergraduate major/degree in terms of getting accepted? Those of you with experience, what sort of major would you suggest?

How long is chiropractic school? What kinds of things do you learn?

Salary potential? On average?

The whole idea of becoming one sort of intrigues me mainly because it has the perfect blend of job qualities that I’m looking for.

Very sociable vocation, allows me to help others to a certain extent, relatively good pay, relatively respectable career, good job stability, flexibility, no rigorous schooling involved like medical school, and seemingly stress free.

Also, if and when one graduates from chiropractic school how hard is it to get a job? Would you have to open up your own practice or how does that work?!

If you are an honorable person with scruples, you will not go to Chiropractic School.

Chiropractic is a fraud, based on superstitious antiscientific mumbo-jumbo, and manipulation — literally and figuratively — of gullible ignorant patients.

You are correct that chiropractic school involves no rigorous study. In fact, chiropractic students are not very bright — they score the lowest of all matriculants of “health” profession schools.

Chiropractors have recently started an advertising campaign in major newspapers, because the “profession” is slowly dying. Fewer patients see chiropractors today than did twenty years ago. It’s also for this reason that chiropractic students are taught practice management in school — ie how to find suckers and keep them coming back for more “treatments”.

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