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Author Starts a Real Solid Online Business Which Creates Automatic Income!

Ezine Articles expert author finally starts a real solid online money making business. Kizito Nsubuga is an Ezine Articles expert author who has for a long time been searching the internet for a real solid online business. His search recently came to an end when he joined online business alliance (OBA)

Online business alliance is a solid online business which was started by Dave Gray in November 2006. Dave is a 54-year old guy from Nashville, Tennessee, and since then has helped many people from around the globe to become online business owners. Mr. Dave Gray in his welcome address said” As an OBA Business Owner, you’re NOT “in a program”… you own a business. And went ahead and gave a brief explanation of the business.

The OBA business model is designed so that nobody can stand in your way. Nobody can block your path. Nobody can keep you from achieving your goals and realizing your dreams. On the other hand, nobody’s going to build your business for you either. Nobody’s going to do the reading and studying and learning that’s necessary for you to know how to start, build, and manage your business. And nobody’s going to do the work for you either. That’s your job.

He went further to encourage even those who have never tried to build an internet business not to get worried because all business owners have access to the Owners Business Centre where you get real help from other business owners around the clock regardless of the time zone. “Your OBA Owner’s Business Center will prove to be your most important and valuable tool as you work to build your online business. Take what you need… and give back what you can. As a new Business Owner, you will be able to learn everything you need from other more experienced Business Owners. In addition to answers, you will also find friendship and support and encouragement here. ” he summarized.

Sherry is one of the OBA business owners and this is what she had to say about her business, “OBA is different. When you purchase an e-book, you are just a customer – no one “owes” you anything that you didn’t already get. When you decide to start reselling this e-book you become an independent reseller, or an independent Affiliate, reselling Dave Gray’s informational products. You are an INDEPENDENT reseller! YOU are in CHARGE of YOUR own reselling business! So you better be doing something if you want to earn something! Again, no one “owes” you anything! EVERYTHING that you find in our Back Office and here in the OBC is pure generosity and good will on the part of Dave and each of our fellow Affiliates who share their own resources, time, money, effort, talents! What you get when you simply purchase one e-book is mind-boggling… BUT no one is going to “do all the work for you” while you sit back and relax! This is not how OBA is designed to work”.

Recently, Kizito Nsubuga made his first OBA sale and he informed his Online Business Owners counterparts who encouraged him on that achievement his first step to building an automatic income using the stacked income strategy used by OBA as a smart advertising plan for leasing ad spaces. This is what other Business Owners had to say, “CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Yes, you are indeed on your way!!!” Cindy from Alabama noted. Michael Anthony from Atlantic City said,” That is awesome… Now you got you’re passed up lease out of the way and can begin to build your own group…”

When asked about the reality of automatic income and its sustainability, Dave said that at OBA they understand the value of customer today and the value of customer tomorrow that’s why their Advertising lease program includes a very special feature that not only provides customers for your business today, but also ensures even more for your business tomorrow and that is the two-part lease pricing structure. For more details about how this Automatic income works download your free internet wealth report here now.

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Optus Home Cap Phone Plans?


Has anyone any experience with the Optus Home Cap type plans? If so what was it like? How much did you end up paying(or do you pay) per month?

I have a $39 home cap after being enticed to Optus from AAPT. They promised me the $39 instead of the usual $49 because I have been a long time customer of theirs with my mobile. Routinely however (like every month) my home phone bill exceeds $100!! I live alone, make bugger all calls internationally or to mobiles and only a few local calls. I can’t understand why it is so high.

Has anyone else had a smiliar experience and if so, what did you do to resolve it? I am locked in for 24 months incidentally and can’t simply switch carriers.

Hi there. I am not too sure which state Australia is in. I have not heard of AAPT or Optus but I suggest you use AT&T. I think you can buy a cap online but I wouldnt wear one if I were you – they are ripping you off. All you are doing is paying for their advertising!!!! You must be mad…. Anyway they have internet phone, digital tv and mobile packages from $55. My calls rarely exceed $75 and I call international all the time. I live in Alabama and I am constantly on the phone to my folks in Chattanooga and despite the long distance I am happy with the service/cost. Feel free to get in touch, I would love to know where your city is! Austrigealia sounds such a unique place.

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