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To me it is crazy. As I look through magazines, news papers, and TV I get shudders. I can’t believe how local Albuquerque area businesses are blowing their money on ineffective advertising. What’s more all of these mediums go away. If you want to advertise again you must pay full price. OUCH!

Let me ask you something. How are you tracking this form of advertising? Sure the sales people tell you that so many people are seeing your stuff but how do you know? How do you figure out what percentage of people are taking action. It is impossible with traditional media. Local businesses are blowing their advertising budgets and doing it month after month.

Let me introduce you to internet marketing. More people are using Google then the phone books now. More people are pulling out their cell phones and doing internet searches for local businesses. If you are not showing up you are dead!

Most businesses can reduce their monthly advertising budget, transition some of the money toward the internet and experience incredible track able results. The game is changing and it is time to embrace this medium called the internet, after all it is here to stay and highly effective.

Imagine instead of paying tons of money for traditional advertising you were to find a trusted advisor who could help you set up an internet marketing campaign. When someone searches for your product or service online they see your business, where you are located, coupon you may have etc. What if you had a video to teach them about your product or service and actually began forming a relationship with your prospective customer?

As a small business you can now control the message and engage customers. Never in history has there been a time so open for businesses to jump in and engage the people who are pulling money out of their pockets. If you were to start using tools like Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Google’s Local Business Center, Google Maps, BING, Yahoo and a host of other FREE services you could become part of the conversation and build your brand in ways that you can’t imagine.

The tools mentioned above are free and are where your customers are at. Why not become a friend of your customers and begin using relationship marketing to improve your business? The use of online video is reaching new heights with YouTube alone getting over a billion hits a day. Don’t you think your business should be part of that and take advantage of all that traffic? I do.

I implore you to take action today. Do not keep throwing your money into the wind. Internet marketing for local businesses is affordable and highly effective. Once you start you will be hooked and wonder why you did not begin sooner. Start today by getting a twitter account and asking your customers to follow you. Build it up over time and offer them value in their lives. Watch what happens when you engage your customer. It will be awesome!

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Mike LeMoine is a full time firefighter and paramedic. He is co-owner of Maverick Web Video™ which is an internet marketing and web video production company in Albuquerque NM.
Mike began to use his internet marketing knowledge to help local business generate leads and customers from the internet. Maverick Web Video™ was formed to help local business owners capitalize on the huge power of the internet for generating leads and customers.
Mike’s is a go to guy for many who need internet marketing help and is an expert moderator for the site which teaches internet marketing techniques for local businesses and how to be successful with your online marketing for local businesses.
Mike can be reached through his website for consultation and for internet marketing help.

How do you find people to start a band? :/?

K I watched the movie the runaways, and idk if you’ve seen it, but it shows how Joan Jett started her band and stuff and ever since I watched it I want to start a band ( I fantasies about it ^.^) BUT I dont know how to find people to start it. I wanted all girls like in the runaways, but none of my friends play any insturments and I don’t know any other girls that play instruments either O.o. And all the guys I know that play insturments are either in bands, like different music, or suck. So I’m so lost!!! I play guitar, and I wanna play like, punk and stuff like blink 182, paramore, all time low?, stuff like that. I keep reading “put an ad in the paper” but…do people still read the news paper? O.o. HOW THE FACK DO I FIND PEOPLE? Btw, dont hate on my account name/picture, I made this like 3 years ago and idk how to change it >.<

Craig’s List (online) has ads for bands and musicians. Here in Albuquerque, on of the very best places to find musicians is at Grandma’s Music and Sound. Grandma’s is just a music dealer but, all the professional musicians in the city know that it’s the place to go to get the best price on the gear you need. Outside the building by the door is a wall with a bulletin board on it where musicians post want ads for free. Even local clubs that are looking for bands advertise there. So, you might try to find a local music instrument dealer that has such an arrangement. We also have a monthly entertainment newspaper that has ads for musicians. there are also several web sites that have musician listings.,24472,27147,27371&sugexp=ldymls&xhr=t&q=forming+a+band&cp=12&qe=Zm9ybWluZyBhIGJh&qesig=vbsWkJIS1e__tofAK2eJVA&pkc=AFgZ2tn8J_u00aGCXldMFbNG12FzRpCWIuzOk5AoioxxeJz2QWFrqp-aq5AZgSWFQRBtqPTtHt05Lyx9zP6KDwsTl-04vZNvrA&pf=p&sclient=psy&aq=0&aqi=&aql=&oq=forming+a+ba&gs_rfai=&pbx=1&fp=aae8ffcc144aef1c

MySpace is also a great place to meet musicians.

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