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I would like to learn Japanese,any ideas?

I love everything about Japan and would love to learn their language.Does anybody know any good sites or cheap books which would help me?To start with i am more interested in the actual language like how they speak rather than how they write their langauge in symbols.I wouldn’t like to join a class however though i would join an online class.I know a few words i’ve picked up from shows like Sailor moon.I have a paid domain website and would give a subdomain to anyone who knows good japanese and would like a website and also anything to do with japanese i am prepared to host it onto my website for you.Eg/ and also free advertising on my site which is

I am learning Japanese too. But, I have been at it for a long, long time. Right now on my Y!360 site I am giving instructions on how to write your own text book on Japanese. It concerns learn how to write the basic syllables of hiragana and then basic grammar. I am not actually interested in Japanese at that level anymore but I am doing it because I get really bored and I like Japanese grammar. I would say check it out and see what you think and I may be able to help you. But, of course, there are many good things said here that, you know, you should be paying attention to as well. Like Japanese that you learn from a manga is questionable. I even remark about that on my site. The other thing is that you need deep immersion in the language to really learn it. I mean, you either have to be in Japan or to surround yourself with Japanese speaking friends. Otherwise, it is just not going to work out that well.
I don’t know why you don’t want to learn to read and write as well. I would insist that you learn to write hiragana as it is the basis for much of Japanese grammar. Otherwise I wouldn’t bother with you. I have taught both Japanese to English speaking people and English to Japanese and Chinese as well and also helped others with English language such as speakers of Spanish.
I am strong on grammar and I can show you what you need to know and help you to write your own text book on Japanese.

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