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where is a sucsessful FREE website where I can advertise my puppies?

I don’t want to spend any more money… I advertised TWICE in my local newspaper ($31 each time) and bargain traider online once for free and I just paid the $15 to be in the magazine but that will not be in until next week. Same with my second local newspaper add.

Has anyone had any sucsess on any other site? I am on and I tried craigslist but keep getting flagged.
Oh yea, I posted lots of flyers and people keep taking them down!


*Advertise w/ posters on Main Streets

*Some terrific websites are…

All of those are really good places you can advertise your pups! (Make sure you get them vaccinated and to get more buyers attracted, put alot of pictures, and register them)

Good Luck and Hope I helped!!!


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