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Online Singles Sites Forced to Offer Free Online Dating

The owners of paid subscription based online dating sites have for along time, viewed free online dating sites as second rate. Despite many emerging free online dating sites over the past 5 years, the major subscription based singles sites have continued to expand, and singles have continued to keep paying given all the hype that the free singles sites are simply not up to scratch.

Dating sites that do not charge any fees for members to join earn revenue by selling advertising, and by way of earning commissions through promoting paid dating sites. The overwhelming majority of free dating sites don’t seem to achieve success due to the competitive nature of this industry and usually end up disappearing from the search engine results. There are several exceptions to this however,, plentyoffish and okcupid are 3 of the most successful free dating sites on the market. In fact, plentyoffish has around 8 million members which is the largest singles data base in the world.

It would seem that singles are now taking note of the success of free dating sites, such as the ones mentioned above, and the myth that all free sites have small data bases are simply not true anymore. As a result, singles are reversing the trend and are taking advantage of comparable, quality dating sites, but without any cost, and why wouldn’t they, not much in life is free these days! recently published a news story featuring one of the worlds largest paid dating sites, This story presents an exceptional example of just how much the free dating industry is impacting on revenues and membership declines of traditional dating sites. In a bid to take  away some of the massive business from the big free sites, has just announced it will be kicking off a free dating service. Perhaps now some of the traditional dating sites will experience what its like to have to come from behind.

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I have some questions about Jeff Pauls “Quick Internet Millions System”?

Well I was up late the other night and I saw a 30 minute infomercial on Jeff Paul’s “Guide Quick Internet Millions System.” It left me with a few questions (which im sure is what it was meant to do, so you will check out his website and all that good stuff.) So I went online and was still left with fewer questions but still some.

My Questions are:

1. On the 10 free websites he gives you what are you selling.

2. On the websites what is the average margin of profit on the items you’re selling

3. Would it be items I could kind of “push” or advertise to people in a small town

4. Last but not least, what is your experience with his system?

I won’t give it a try if I were you. Selling things by showing income proof as an enticement is actually illegal.

One tip to asses opportunity. If you don’t know what you are getting before buying run as fast as you can. Those people don’t bother if you run because they already earn million(that’s what they claim).

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