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Panasonic EYC142B

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Panasonic EYC142B


Panasonic EYC142B
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Customer Review:

As a carpenter, completed the installation of office, I use this drill for 6 days a week, 8 -10 hours a day. This set is definitely the best I have ever seen. This is the third Panasonic me, and when I saw that the driver of the impact I had to do it. When I asked the children instruments shop, told me that the batteries Panasonic makes his own, and this is the best. Other reviewers are right weight and feel and balance …. perfect. After two years of solid use, I had no problems.


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An Enthusiastic Home Owner

I’m a hack pure and simple and though I’m a hack I purchased this Panasonic driver, drill, floodlight combination set to replace a pair of aging Milwaukee 12 volt super tough drills as well as to augment my trusty 21.5 volt Kawasaki drill that everybody hates, but me. The primary reason I thought to give Panasonic a go was due to positive reviews regarding Panasonic’s battery life. Now that I’ve had some time using these tools I can share my opinion about this tool set. 

The set comes with one very nifty hard case that accommodates the drill, floodlight, and charger. Hands down, it is the best hard case I’ve ever seen included with a tool set if for the only reason that it is a no-brainer to get everything back into the case including the battery charger cord without fiddling. Sadly, there isn’t enough space to carry the driver in the hard case but Panasonic included a soft sided tool bag that is large enough to stow every thing and then some. While I wish Panasonic had included a single hard case large enough to hold everything, the soft-sidded tool bag allows rapid access to every tool when up-ended in yard sale mode and personal development of Mcgyver-like puzzling skills when trying to make it all fit back into the tool bag when in fifty-two pickup mode. This to say, that though brilliant, if Panasonic wished to improve their product, a hard case large enough to carry everything would be welcome in my world! 

As for using the tools, first, let me say that although I don’t have huge hands, other reviewers’ caveats about the ease of accidentally reversing directions with both the drill and driver are true! Without a doubt it is way too easy to accidentally change directions with either tool because the lever is located a 1/4″ to 1/2″ too low. As a result the direction lever comes in constant contact with either the webbing between my thumb and pointer finger or the pointer finger, or my thumb itself. After one or two sessions of driving a screw in, then out, then in, then out, and then in as my finger and thumb jumped the direction lever side to side, I learned to hold it in place with my thumb. Though stupid, I became accustomed to this short-coming and learned to neurotically check direction between screws. Although I wish the grip itself had an additional 1/2″ to accommodate my curiously thick and strong hands, notwithstanding both drill and driver are very well balanced and I like both. 

As a home-owner and a hack, this is my first experience with a bit driver and I’m impressed with the power and endurance of the battery. Using the driver to install my first Pella entry door when it warmed up to 25°F here in Minnesota, the driver had plenty of power to run 40 3.5″ drywall screws into the walls surrounding the door frame’s flashing. Then, once I realized that the door wasn’t square, disgusted with myself, the driver still had power to remove all 40 of those screws, with plenty of power left to carefully drive 3.5″ stainless deck screws through shim stock and into the framing and install about twenty of the drywall screws back in again before I released I had forgotten to caulk the flashing. Fighting back tears of angst, with plenty of power in reserve to yank out the door, the flashlight came in handy as the sun set and temperatures dropped to 15°F. On one charge, I still had power enough to install all of those screws one more time! 

Whoever said that he was unimpressed with the floodlight Panasonic included hasn’t almost completed a project with me before. After I discovered that somebody had sent a glass goblet down my sink and destroyed my garbage disposal, I used my drill to remove the under-sink cabinet doors so I could pop in a new disposal. While puzzling out the best way to replace my broken disposal, I quickly discovered that the copper water line running to my dishwasher had been sweating and ruining my cabinets. Determining myself to fix the problem, I chased off to the store to fetch some pipe insolation. When I returned, I set the floodlight in place and pulled out my dishwasher. To my dismay, I learned the hard way that the water feed line wasn’t long enough when I heard it break and begin spraying water all over my kitchen. After shutting off the water main, I again chased off to the store to fetch a new ball valve, copper fittings and copper line. After stripping the cheap Chinese copper fittings, I chased off to the store a third time and bought those lousy copper fittings again. To my horror after those copper fittings stripped as well, I consulted the Great Pumpkin and came up with a new battle plan and called the plumber and plumber really liked how the floodlight could be aimed as well as its endurance. 

With my exceptions noted, I’m very pleased with this Panasonic combo tool set and hope to God that someday, I’ll be able to use them to complete a project the same day I start.
great drills

The impact driver is really excellent.I had no problem driving 4 inch deck screws and all kinds of lag screws.The drill worked really well too
Nice features but over-rated

I just purchased the combo cordless impact driver, drill and flashlight. First impressions: 

Pros: The set came with a very nice heavy duty tool pouch that was not advertised on the Amazon website. 
The driver and drill are very light weight but have plenty of power. 
The belt hook on the driver and drill have been redesigned from what’s shown on the website and is more functional. 
The impact driver can be set for three different levels of torque, which is very handy for removing fragile, rusted deck screws without breaking them. 
The drill has a 1/2 inch (13mm) chuck. 
The drill keyless chuck is a one piece unit and can be tightened with one hand, not two as on many other drills by other manufacturers. 

Cons: The set comes with a plastic fitted carrying case but there is only room for the impact driver, flashlight, charger and spare battery. it won’t accommodate the drill. 
The flashlight is totally cheesy and not that bright. they should have used an LED bulb and redesigned the reflector to make it smaller. 
Although the impact driver is quiet and smooth as silk, the drill has an annoying high-pitched whine when the trigger is first pulled. the sound lessens as RPMs increase but the squeal of this drill is really obnoxious. i have never heard anything like this from all of the other cordless drills i have owned. 
Very high price but i don’t see any additional features that could warrant this price except perhaps for the variable torque adjustment on the impact driver.

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