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Please help me design an Ad for Santa Claus?

I am serving as Santa Claus this year w.i. my region. I plan to design, print and publish a nice Advertisement about my services (as Santa.)
Please help me design either / both a cute ad for the kids and a serious ad for the grown-up kids explaining my services.

I have MS Publisher as part of the software on my P.C, but I have never used it. 🙁

I can download any .jpg or .jpeg images if I need this as a photogenic aspect in my ad.
Thanks – I am in Texas.

Perhaps ad font and some decor to your original photo in photo bucket (a free online service) by downloading pic, going into ‘edit’ and then decorate…add font and graphics there…or you can go to printing house and hire someone to add your desired graphics-which will cost you.

In your print ad, you may choose to make a small brochure with pix of you in the get up and add some holiday motifs/decor to the page.
Specify services you offer and perhaps give references and of course, contact information.
you’ maybe do well to volunteer your services as well for seniors’ home and sick children’s hospital.
Research what other Santas do in their advertising online and perhaps gain some Inspiration for your own advertisement.

Perhaps join this Santa for hire website:

Here’s a sample of one Santa’s page:

Canada’s Best Free Ad Posting Site –

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