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who thinks it wud be good if it was made easier to use those free sim cards u see advertised online?

u know the thing log in to internet home page add on screen and theres a as for say 4 free sims on orange /o2/t-mobile etc, well some have free messages once u activate the sim. it wud be cool if they were like a blank sim with no telephone number attached and u could put it in ur fone and when u do the sim reads details on ur fone and ads ur phone number on to the sim. that way ur not spending all the free texts telling people ur new number hence using all ur free messages and having to go back to the old sim. then it wud be cool if when ur free texts run out u can text cancel to a 4 digit number and leave that sim. but by doing so renders the sim useless so u throw it and go back to ur old sim u had before this one with free messages. it wud be such a cool thing. that’s y i never get these sims, id have to change network/number and tariff what a pain. lets see the responses to this topic. no stupid comments please

In theory you can..

you need to request your PAC code from the existing No
and then ring up the phone Co and port to the old No/Old-different Company
would take the normal 2 days to happen.

BUT the free SIM cards with benefits are not designed to be an endless free supply, only a way of getting you to try their service…and hopefully find it works better where you are…and stay with them.

Never tried to port mu No, but have used one of the free cards when I lost/damaged my old SIM card. They moved my number to it…. and as it was Vodafone, they gave me an extra pound credit for registering !

try it, and let us all know 😉

NB PAC codes only work between different companies.. not within one.. so you would keep changing operators..but no problems..

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