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“I think 65 percent of the businesses today are sliding on thin ice. I don’t know how you feel about it, but most businesses only have one stream of income, and that one is barely paying the bills.

The rest of them, in my opinion, are sliding on thin ice with knee pads on . Having said that, as a business owner, I do know what it takes to thrive in business, whether you want to admit it or not, most businesses are not cutting the muster

So, if you are determined to make it in this economy and grow your business like you did in the early 90’s, these tips should come in quite handy.”

“In my opinion, all these clones out there are eventually going to burn themselves out. Stink-n think-n almost never generates the same level of success as an optimistic innovator.

The key to making it through in tough times is to take a trend, sprinkle up-to-date revolutionary marketing strategies… Voila…a new and improved outcome. You do not want to make the same mistakes other businesses have made. You want to always be on the look out for creative cutting edge advertising ideas.

Advertising is a critical component to running a successful business.”

This article is going to share three of my top tips for growing your business in one of the most economically turbulent times in history.”

This is the perfect time to identify low-cost advertising options?

3 Power Tips you can Learn from the Fortune 500 Companies… These three discoveries are the same tactics Fortune 500 Companies are employing:

1. Big businesses has lost control: we all have heard of companies that just don’t get it. They seem to be working backwards. By the time most of them come up with a new plan it is normally too late. Well not anymore, big businesses are spending less money on bigger ideas.

What am I speaking about; you have companies like IE. Candies, Nike, and American Eagle employing online strategies and other internet techniques to boost sales.

2. Companies are gaining more momentum. I was shocked when I first noticed the advertisements on Craigslist looking for mom and pop bloggers. Educated, uneducated, anybody with online advertising skills, that could assist them with their marketing campaign.

Companies are getting so savvy now, they are even allowing you to work from home. Businesses are recognizing that they do not have to spend a lot to get a lot.

3. Advertorial; my husband is a avid reader of the newspapers. And he is always showing me a story that is supposed to be a human interest story. However, 99.9 percent of the time it is a under-cover ad. Advertisements are being disguised. Companies are getting slick.

Check out commercials, they hardly ever just come right out and tell you what they are about anymore. There you have it, what can you learn from Fortune 500 companies? Think Big Spend Small…

With the implementation of the internet, the sky is the limit. The companies that are optimistic and innovative will be the ones still standing after the smoke clears.

Grab your entrepreneurial thinking helmet and get in the game.

Thousands of businesses are dieing everyday. Many just down right refuse to try anything new. Others are just down right afraid of the internet. Something I remember hearing while playing cards; scared money never wins.

Since 65 percent of businesses are failing, that is no reason for your to follow their mistake.

Educate yourself about free online advertising ides, and be one of the few still standing in 2012.

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