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What is your policy on buying used paperback romance books?


I have a site that I put up early this month – I have over 600 used paperback romance books listed with full descriptions. A lot of Diana Palmer and other great authors.

Some of them are Ex-library and some I’ve bought from retail and trade stores.

Shipping is free and most books are less than $1. They are sold by the box.

The site is:

I was wondering if people were interested in buying used romance books and what they look for in terms of price and condition?

What would you like to see on a site selling used romance books?

Also, does anyone know of some great places to advertise my site online…preferably for free?

Wow, you really put a lot of work into this. A collection of over 700 books? Good lord, girl.

Your site is well laid out. Very nice, and easy to use. However, have you thought about spicing it up a little? You are selling romances, correct? And I’m willing to bet, the majority of your customers are women. I’m not saying being lewd or anything, but a nice rose here and there might be nice. Otherwise, I stand very impressed. You even list the ISBN numbers for each title.


Try this:

Otherwise, just keep talking. Keep linking. And unless you’re in a rush to sell, I wouldn’t go to Amazon. You’re site is much too nice to abandon just like that.

Shame you only have romances. I could really go for some straight horror or sci-fi.

Good luck. I hope you sell them all.

Oh, just thought of something. Why don’t you ask this question again, but pose it another way. Something like, Do girls really like romances? Just something enough to entice a thousand girls to click on your question.

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