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Analyse Hand History?

I play a lot of poker online and want to start analyzing my hand history, i’ve tried a few programs but found nothing that’s appealing to me, i’m looking for a program that’ll record all the hands I play automatically,be able to easily search through my played hands by catagories such as winning hand(straight, flush, full house…e.c.t) and pocket cards(7,2 10,9 A,K e.c.t) and big win/losses, I also need to look at tournaments as a whole but also search for individual hands, I would also like to be able to see my chip stack fluxuations during a tournament and a easy user interface

I use Pokertracker: it does everything you’ve asked for, and much more. You can filter your hands according to literally hundreds of criteria: hole cards, made hands, draws, opponents, actions (yours and your opponents), position, how much you won etc etc. It offers a whole bunch of ways to analyse your hand histories, in pretty much every way you could think of.
It really is excellent software.

It also gives you an HUD, which gives you real time stats on every opponent at your table, based on all the hands you’ve played against them previously. For this alone, It is an invaluable tool.

It offers a 60 day free trial. After that it’s $45 for the micro-stakes version (up to $25NL or $11 tourneys) or $90 for the full version ($145 for the Hold’em and Omaha version).
Honestly, it’s well worth the money. Use the free trial, which will at least give you a chance to analyse the hands you’ve played so far, then decide whether you think it’s worth forking out the money.

I understand that Hold’em manager is also very good and will perform pretty much the same functions, although I haven’t used it personally and cannot tell you which is better.

Hmm. reading my answer back I think I sound as if I’m advertising (spamming) Pokertracker. I’m not! I’m not affiliated with Pokertracker in the slightest, I’ve just found it to be a very useful tool.

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