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Three Free Methods to Find Roustabout Job Vacancies

Except for times when oil is selling above $100/barrel, looking for roustabout job vacancies sometimes feels like an uphill battle. But there is no reason to be discouraged. The world runs on oil, and regardless of the state of the economy, or the price of oil, there will always be jobs available on oil rigs. Whenever you find yourself feeling down, remember that even in the middle of the recession, oil companies worldwide are still spending $400 billion on oil production. Exxon spends $79 million a day on oil production. With so much money flowing around, there are definitely oil rig jobs available. You just have to know how to find them. This article discusses three free methods you should be using to find no experience roustabout and oil rig jobs.

Method #1: Check newspaper advertisements for roustabout job vacancies. But unless you live in an oil town, your local paper is useless. Instead look at the national dailies and the daily papers of oil-producing states like Texas, Pennsylvania, Virginia, etc. If you had to buy subscriptions to all of these newspapers, you would probably go broke. Fortunately, your local library should already have a decent selection of newspapers for you to look at. If not, you can always ask your librarian to subscribe to the missing papers. Just remember to turn up at the library early enough to beat the crowd.

Method #2: Check the free online job boards like Monster. They allow job seekers to post their resume for free, and also allow job seekers to search for roustabout job vacancies and other job postings for free. Just note that smaller companies may not post their openings here. For one thing, they may not be willing to pay the membership fee to post their job ads. For another, the boss of a smaller company is often an older man who is not familiar or comfortable with the internet. Before you say that you are not interested in working for a small oil service company, just remember that companies like Shell and Exxon often sub-contract their work to them. In the US, many oil rigs are run by smaller drilling companies.

Method #3: Let everyone you know that you are looking for roustabout job vacancies (or whichever oil rig job you have an interest in). Start with your family and friends and move on step-by-step to talk to people with whom you are less familiar. Remember to speak with your neighbors, former teachers and classmates, your church pastor, your barber, grocer, and anyone else you can think of. Don’t expect any one of them to offer you a job opening on an oil rig, but if you keep on talking to people, one of them may know someone who knows someone, etc…

If you just look for roustabout job vacancies using the first two methods, you will find yourself facing a lot of competition. That’s because everyone else concentrates on them. But most people are too shy or too lazy to apply the third method – which is why you’ll face almost no competition there. If you get lucky, you have the chance to meet your future boss right before he puts up the job advertisement, meaning no one else to compete with.

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