Internet Marketing Online Advertising Free

internet marketing online advertising free

What do you think about my website business I’m trying to make?

Hello world! My name is Million Dolla Man! I am in the middle of a marketing experiment. I am working to develop a system, that for free, will teach others how to make money online through internet marketing and advertising, WITHOUT SPENDING A PENNY! I wish to make it so easy to become successful, and free in the process. When a person goes to work for a new employer, it only costs them time, but they gain money. I wish to be the FIRST business in the world to offer someone their own business with ZERO startup cost! That’s right! NO MONEY DOWN! How can such a system exist and make the developer money? IT DOESNT! That’s why I am in the process of making it! I need you to go to my site and critique its simple design and concept. The site is underconstruction. I’m doing it all by myself, no help, but am documenting every step of the way, in order to develop a system I can easily teach for free! There are ads on my site, which is key. Please look at it at

Ok, first impression:

1. GET A DOMAIN. Who will take your seriously if you’re under some site? Be real…

This is your first and most essential step.


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