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Does anyone know where is the best free marketplace to advertise my Jewelry Online business?

I’d owned a Jewelry business on the Internet. I need to get more driving traffic to advertise my online business. I love web design, so I created my webstore to choosing at freewebs. Although the freewebs didn’t have that much build tool since it’s free. I tried to found my way to created my webstore by my own idea. Here is my Jewelry Shop :

May all of you to let me know how is your think when after view my website? Please kindly leave me a comment & I willing to improve more.

In fact, I did reseached over answered pages to got some free adv but there are too simple to seem like can’t get too much help. I need somewhere are like women group or women network. Maybe this is the best marketplace to add my business adv? Do anyone to list me some web link?

Thank you


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