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local online advertising free

I recently started a construction company, what is the best way to bring exposure to it?

I started this concrete resurfacing business at the end of last August. I invested all of my money buying the business, and the tools and materials and truck I needed, and I luckily got a decent sized job around the block from my house right away. Over the winter business has pretty much grinded to a halt. I provide services for indoor flooring so it isn’t a seasonal business, I just need to get the word out there to thousands of people. I hand out fliers here and there, and I have a website and some online advertising, but it just isn’t doing the trick…At all. I have almost no money left over, so I need to find a cheap, effective way to advertise. I have tried telemarketing also, but that doesn’t seem very effective when you are dealing with this type of work. I am open to any ideas or suggestions at this point.

There are a couple cheap ways that I would recommend. One method is to advertise on www.craigslist.com. This is a free classified ads website.

Another method that is relatively inexpensive for someone in your industry is get a hold of the local chapters of the National Association of Home Builders and the Associated General Contractors. The cost to join is a couple hundred dollars. If the members of the chapter don’t need help on their projects, they will probably know someone that does.

The last method had already been mentioned. But, I will mention it again. Word of Mouth. This is the best method of all. Word of mouth is typically free unless of course you pay a referral fee.

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