Local Online Advertising Strategies

What is the best place to advertise an apartment?

I need to sublease my apartment, and I’ve posted (with pictures) on craigslist, www.roommates.com, and some local sites. I am not really getting a response. What are the best strategies for advertising the place? Online, or should I post fliers everywhere??

Also, is it better to give a lot of details in an ad, or less details so you dont scare anyone off?

If you are not getting any responses it probably means your price is too high. Have you looked at the other ads on Craigslist to see where you are relative to similar apartments? I think some people are leery of subleasing. If the remaining lease term is too short or if you are renting a furnished apartment, you are likely to have fewer prospects.
In Chicago, a free weekly paper called “The Reader” used to be THE place for advertising in much of the city. Craigslist seems to have taken over as the first place anyone with Internet access will look for an apartment. You can try a local paper, and post signs in the neighborhood where allowed. Local colleges might be another possibility.
You want to list positives: location, new appliances and finishes, good light, pets allowed, etc. If you have flattering pictures, post them too. If you don’t want to list the address on Craigslist, at least put the nearest intersection. If I see an ad without a specific location, I assume its nowhere I want to live.

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