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online advertising agreement template

Going Green and Branding Your Business Online

One of the best ways to be found as a voice actor for freelance opportunities in this day and age is through search on the Internet.

The ways of the past are no barrier to success for savvy voice over entrepreneurs of the new Google Era. Google has brought more to our fingertips than any other web portal on the Internet, corralling relevant websites and taming the Wild West of the World Wide Web.

The voice over market was worth over $8.8 billion worldwide in 2005!

That’s right, a substantial amount of money was spent on language services and voice recording with $12.3 billion spent on language services and voice recording projected for 2010.

It’s no secret that there are many people who are online for this type of work, however, there are tips and strategies that are not quite as evident when it comes to differentiating yourself from the other people who do voice overs online.

Here’s an avenue that you may not have thought of when it comes to branding your voice and voice over services, but it’s quite opportune and timely considering the current state of environmental affairs in the world due to Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming.

It’s amazing how the increasing awareness of these issues has and continues to impact businesses directly.

Let’s visit this back story to get an idea of what is going on and how people are being affected.

Up here in Canada, there is a company I heard about on the radio that is actually citing “Global Warming” as their reason for shutting down one of their factories, a factory that happens to employ hundreds of people and is laying off veterans in the workforce who have served them for decades.

This company produces snow blowers and the like.

With a very mild winter and relatively no snow this past year, the company couldn’t justify producing additional stock for this year when there was still inventory that hadn’t sold from the previous season. Because of climate change, this company will need to look into manufacturing other seasonal products, perhaps golf carts or similar items as was suggested on the CBC Radio One Sunday morning program.

It is through these realizations and corporate decisions that new, enviro-conscious business deals and procedures will emerge.

By virtue of an ever-growing demand for environmentally friendly products and practices, the adapting global marketplace will propel this diamond in the rough niche for green branding opportunities worldwide for so-called green initiatives.

You may be wondering what this has to do with branding for voice overs… I’m getting to that, not to worry.

Essentially, as business changes for many corporations in the manufacturing industry, they will need to change their messaging or product offerings to accommodate Green Initiatives such as the Kyoto Accord or Kyoto Protocol.

While going green may pose certain financial commitments for companies and branding strategies, it does present new opportunities to market to their customers and prospective customers.

After making agreements and going green, these companies will want to flaunt their new status as an environmentally friendly company and will need to market that message through commercials, printed materials, updated phone system recordings, website voice overs, podcasts, public speaking engagements and more.

This desire to promote support for the environment will ultimately benefit you as the content producers, in this case, of voice over services.

New opportunities will arise for work as well as new opportunities for you to brand your image as an environmentally conscious voice over professional and businessperson.

That could mean updating your company colors, logo or even your entire brand itself to position yourself as an ideal choice for a company re-branding their images as environmentally sensitive.

Have you checked out the templates online that you can use for your website to brand your web presence?

There are a wide array of nature-inspired themed templates available to you through royalty-free image providers that you can use to make your website more appealing and branded to attract clients who are embracing the new way of going green in their business.

Some of these themes may focus on water, greenery, solar energy, floral patterns, and oxygen. There’s no shortage of images out there that you can acquire to brand your website for visitors who espouse saving the environment.

Branding your website with graphical themes opens the door to text branding as well.

Consider the following brands if you’d like:

– Green Voice
– Fresh Voice
– Pure Voice
– Solar Voice
– Aqua Voice
– Enviro Voice
– Organic Voice
– Clean Voice
– Pristine Voice
– Clear Voice

With those suggestions, you will be able to brand your own voice over business and be a trail blazer in the field of eco-friendly audio production services.

About the Author

Stephanie Ciccarelli is the VP of Marketing with the leading website to connect with voice actors hosting more than 10,000 professional voice acting professionals. Stephanie is also the author of The Definitive Guide To Voice-Over Success.

Doctors that provide phone/internet consultations?

Does anyone know where I can find a doctor that provides phone/internet consultations? I’m tired of going to doctors who I have to wait 3 months for an appointment, and then they only see me for about 3 minutes anyway!

I have an Health Savings Account plan, so I don’t mind paying out of pocket from my HSA account.

The most optimistic view of how the Internet will affect the health care system is that it will provide low-cost, high-quality health information to consumers who will then use this information, in conjunction with providers, to produce better health outcomes.

Behind this “optimistic” view lie a number of assumptions about how the business of health care does and should work. For example, survey results from the Wharton Virtual Test Market show an unexpectedly high number of people buying health care items through the Web. The purchases, however, tend to be vitamins and nutritional supplements rather than prescription drugs. This is because most online pharmacies have not tried, or have not been able, to set up links with insurance companies to cover the costs of these prescriptions.

In fact, the online drugstores have not been selling a lot, period, and their stock prices reflect this. They are very, very low relative to a year ago., and others have lost a billion dollars of market value over the past year, so Wall Street clearly doesn’t think they can sell prescription drugs.

Even if a consumer read on the Internet about an alternative drug for asthma, clicked on and then wanted to order that drug, she would first need a prescription. She might then have to pay out of pocket for that drug because her insurance company just isn’t linked up to

Online drug companies are definitely trying to make these links with insurance companies, but it will take a lot of work,. For example, physicians need to start using technology that allows them to write prescriptions online. Then there needs to be a series of procedures and agreements between the drug dispensers, the insurance companies and the online drugstores.

Some companies have begun trying to enter this market. Among the aspirants is, a California-based company that sells health insurance over the Web.

Consumers could help. If consumers find sites that allow them to search for information about a specific condition, learn about a new drug, request a prescription for that drug from their doctor, order that drug at the online pharmacy, and have it automatically delivered to their home, then perhaps they would start demanding that their insurance company do whatever it takes to allow this process.

The question for pharmaceutical companies is how much money they should take from their non-Internet advertising budget and allocate to the Web, and what impact that will have.

Look at these free health content sites–,,;; Wrong,; replied by Dr Kevin Pho; and You’ll find oodles of materials and info about almost any kind of diseases, their symptoms and tx. . And half of the health ads on the Internet comes from pharmaceuticals. Pose a health question in or and you would get all the necessary answers and then some. Most if not all of the respondents are doctors.

In addition, I find a lot of free health info and questions from regular consumers with realistic problems in a forum type format. There are also a lot of free medical advice given to internet users.

Try some of those links below:|ivl|wb|medical|PPC9BBEa|c

The link below are answers to questions posted by consumers and answered by a panel of pharmacists.:

You can also use YA. A lot of respondents are medical professionals like me with a lot of qualifications ;experiences and well-intended motivations behind them.

David Drummond testifies before House Judiciary Committee

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