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How do you become a professional dog trainer?

I have trained our three dogs myself, two of which are rescues that came to us with issues. I love working with animals and even my husband thinks I should go for it espeically since our friends keep coming to us for advice on what to do with their dogs. So far Iive been able to help them.

* Join the Association of Pet Dog Trainers ( where you can network with other trainers online, attend conferences, and continue your education even if you are not a professional trainer just yet.

* The book “So You Want to be a Dog Trainer” by Nicole Wilde ( contains info on all of the above topics plus advertising, equipment, phone tips, trainer etiquette and more, and has sample forms you can use in your business.

* There is now a certification offered by the Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers ( Once you have enough experience, consider becoming certified

Hope this helps =)

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