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Ways to make extra money/money from home,business from home?

I know there is no quick fix its slim pickins, the majority of companies advertising for easy work from home earn $1000 a week are scams. But if you do work from home full time or/and work from home to earn a little cash what do you do? Im look for ideas as my health is not good and i dont want to leech off the system forever.
Here are things i have found already
Webcam model(have not tried it yet so can not vouch for any company and im guessing to earn a decent amount you would have to look like supermodel)
Teaching online
Working for call centres etc

You are correct, most of the work at home ads are either scams or home based business opportunities being deceptively marketed as jobs.

Webcam modeling – Actually you don’t have to look like a supermodel. It’s very easy to get these jobs and in most cases you can start within 24 hours. Most webcam customers actually want to see REAL women. Most webcam models are actually average moms or college students and those who approach it seriously and work consistently can earn an above average income even working just part time. There are many dishonest sites and recruiters out there claiming that their models make thousands per week though, so be careful who you listen to and who you go to work for. If you have any questions or want any more specific info on cam modeling feel free to email me.

Teaching online – If you have the credentials for it then there are good opportunities out there. These jobs are tough to get.

Artist – Once again proper credentials/portfolio are needed and most of the work is freelance and may not be steady work.

Call centers – this is probably the most common work from home job available. Very tough to get these jobs. Even if you do get one it could be months after submitting your application. I do know of some companies who are hiring, but every time I post their links some doofus reports me for spam, so if you want some info on good companies feel free to email me.

Other than that there isn’t a whole lot of online jobs unless you have some specific skill, i.e. accounting, IT, etc. In that case you would simply search for companies in that industry and weed through them to find those that are hiring at home workers.

As for home based businesses there are many good one’s out there. Many of those that you think are scams are legit and good home based businesses, so I won’t make any specific recommendations here. The only advice I can give you is to really learn how to evaluate and properly investigate these opportunities.

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