Online Advertising Business Plan

online advertising business plan

Incorporating an online website business?

I am planning to launch my website in the next few months. My problem is whether I should (or I have to) incorporate this website into legal business entity. My partner and I are US residents (not citizens) residing in California. Our business is expected to be losing money (startup costs) for at least the first or two years. We will generate advertising revenues after we gain enough traffic. I was planning to defer the company incorporation until it gains a certain size. But some questions come to my mind such as 1) legal liabilities, 2) tax libilities 3) Capital raise issues 4) anything that is important that you can tell me
If we finally decide to register, where? offshore(eg Cayman), or delaware or California or HK(our citizenship)

I am really puzzled now. Any responses would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

I would definetly talk to a lawyer about that.
Or maybe the local Chamber of Commerce.
Especially if you plan to claim losses on your taxes then I suspect you need to do something to make the buisness more “real” than just saying that it is.

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