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Who founded the notorious game Evony? What is their story?

This is purely out of curiosity.

I already know about their… coughcough… advertising campaign… But I really just want to know about who the founders are and how Evony came to be. If anyone knows, please comment. It would help out a lot. Thanks!!
Yeah… but I need details on who created evony. A lot of people were talking about Chinese-Mormon gold farmers or something like that. Is this true? I’m just really confused.

When in doubt, Wikipedia!
Information on the developers is in the wiki site and there are links to other information sources there as well.
By the way, in gaming, gold farmers are people who are paid ridiculously pitiful sums of money to acquire gold and treasures in various online games; which their employers then turn around and sell for even more ridiculously high prices to gaming junkies for use in the games. Most of the pitifully paid farmers are from China and other Asian countries. Without getting into a whole Yahoo Answers Politics & Government thing, exploiting Asian gaming gold farmers is exactly the kind of thing many American Mormons would do as well.

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