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How many questions have U had removed Questioning Obama’s legitimacy?

Is Yahoo just deleting any question that gets reported w/out actually checking for violations?
Is it possible that Yahoo is playing a Media Giant’s game by acting on these questions as he gave Yahoo Multi $Millions for advertising?

Obama Steps Up Online Advertising on Campaign

I just find it odd that I have a multiple amount of fair questions that get deleted. Others won’t even post, they show it in my profile but will not show in any forum. Only when they question Obama. Now Im not believing this is complex just prolly coincidence and “Violation police” pressing violate for wrong reasons.
Anyone else having similar issues and why do you feel this is?
OK Natalie Z thumbs up and technical glitch on questions noted, yet Still, the removal of questions altogether is another story outside of my “complex”

I’ve had six questions questioning Obama’s legitimacy deleted. Yahoo will delete any question if two or more people report it. That means if two liberals don’t like what you have to say, they can get your question deleted. Every time this happens, I write to Yahoo and ask them how i broke their terms of use and every time they write back and basically say “your question was a violation just because. we didn’t really have a reason to delete it.” So basically, Yahoo supports Obama and doesn’t care if your question gets deleted.

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