Online Advertising Click Rates

online advertising click rates

What Makes an Online Advertising Agency Crucial for Brands?

Advertising and promotions are the next basic need for branding, after quality standards. So, there arises a need of taking every step strategically. This is due its concern with the image and reputation of the organization owning the brand. The competitive business scenario does not have any room for shortcomings in branding. Now, Internet being a widely used medium today, an online advertising agency becomes useful to serve this purpose.

The Internet advertising solutions gives a cutting edge performance to brands, over similar products and services available in the market. An online advertising agency ensures that brand positioning is done efficiently. Leaving no room for other brands to sabotage the client’s image or capture market share. This practice enables the business organization or advertiser to retain a good position in the market. The advertising is done to make people acquainted to brands. This is why the advertisements are scattered all over the media. The viewers respond to the promotions due to the curiosity generated by ads.

An online advertisement agency does not only run the advertisement campaign but also remains a key associate to plan promotional strategies. Some of the premier online advertising agency consists of market analysts that specialize in advertising and buyer behaviour. This gives rise to an organized approach towards generating business. It is crucial because focusing on sensible utilization of ad spends gives high return on ad spends. Internet is one medium that ensures high ROAS. It is due to the cost effective models and efficient networking of ads, which ensures relevant audience.

An online advertising agency uses various methods to drive relevant response to the advertisements. It considers facts related to publishing websites like keyword analytics, website analytics, metrices, website theme and content. The ads are displayed across the most appropriate web spaces.

In turn, the ads are clicked by people actually looking for such products and services. This gives a high response rate to the ads. Moreover, the advertiser has to pay less in comparison to the responsive leads generated. This makes the solutions of an online advertising agency useful for business development. As, the business organizations are well conversed in converting the leads into profits.

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These online advertising pay-per-click numbers can not be right….?

Ok so say you have a big social network website, which we’ll say gets a measly 20,000,000 hits per day. (sites like get something like 800,000,000) and only .07% of those views are going to click on an ad (i think .7% is the avergae), and you only get 5 cents per click (pretty much industry minimum).

that means:

20,000,000 x .07 x .05 = $70,000

youre still making $70,000 a day, or about $25 million a year..

now think what sites like digg would make with average rates and higher click revenues?

there has to be something wrong with my numbers….?

iryhmebetter, I think you are definitely on the right track.

Check the decimal on the CTR muliplier: .7% = .007

20,000,000 * .007 * .05 = $7,000

Besides that, the way you are arriving at the final $ looks right to me.

Just an added confirmaiton, my CTR is in line with your estimates, 0.786% and while I can’t exactly disclose my exact RPC, I agree 5 cents is a good (albeit conservative) amt as well.

Either way…. not bad at all to have $2.5 MM on the books.

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