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What is better as an online ad publisher?

should i use pay-per-click or pay-per-view ads and how much would a regular rate be for a start up website.
I should say cost-per-click or cost-per-thousand-impressions
Ok, im not trying to advertise my site, i want to put ads on my site so i can get money.

Use both.

Especially if your site is new and you have limited traffic, CPM ads will not give you much because revenues from CPM ads are very dependent on traffic — the more traffic you have, the better CPM ads will be in giving you revenues.

As to what rate to charge, the amount depends on a number of factors:

– Who is your audience and how desirable is your audience to the advertisers? If your audience are techies or those who have the propensity to purchase higher-ticket items, then you can charge a higher price as compared to an audience of students.

– What is the rate of comparative websites in your niche? You don’t want to overprice yourself out of the market yet you don’t want to undercharge as well

– What is the rate advertisers are willing to pay in your site? You may charge $5 per CPM and yet for months nobody’s taking you on the rate even though you may get inquiries — this implies that advertisers think your rate is too expensive. But if you charge $0.50 per CPM and advertisers are flooding in, then you may be too cheap and can afford to increase your rate.

– What is the CPM you get from other advertising vehicles? Do you run Google Adsense, and if so, what is your effective CPM rate with them? Or if you run banner ads through ad networks like Burst Media, Valueclick or Tribal Fusion, what is the CPM you’re getting? You can use those values to help you gauge your rate.

Since you’re just starting in the game, experiment and see what rate the market will bite. You can start at $1 per CPM and see how it goes.

Lower Your Click Through Rate to Achieve Better Performance

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