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How else can I advertise my small business?

I have been working as a Recruitment Consultant but needed to make some extra money. I decided upon an online CV/Resume writing service.
I have posted adverts on all the free ad sites I could find.
I have created a blog with a list of services, prices etc… Whe I leave a response on messages boards and he like I always leave my blog address.
I have printed leaftets to leave around populated areas…

I get some response, but no where near enough what I need.

The service I offer is so much cheaper than normal Internet prices that I thought I would be inundated, but I’m not.

I decided that I would use free advertising methods for now, and then pay for advertising out of my profits.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get more business for free??

Any help greatly appreciated.

Well, you can:

1) Search for other recruitment consultants and see if they offer their services online. You can even contact them and ask them your question.

2) Hm…forums are not the best way to generate blog traffic. You must optimize your blog for the search engines so people can find you easily. And also you must create some valuable content for them to read your blog. People don’t like very much advertising except if they have a reason to listen to you (you offer valuable content and establish yourself as credibility).
You have free videos about starting with keyword stuff and market research on:

And at the end, ask on other forums! Just type small business forum and I’m sure you’ll find LOTS OF FORUMS for small business owners. Ask your question there and you’ll probably get a lot of help from other small business owners and maybe you’ll find another recruiment consultant there who’s offering his/her service online.

Hope this helped.

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