Online Advertising Cpc Cpm

online advertising cpc cpm

I’d like a short explanation of the differences between CPC and CPM in online advertising.?

I did understand the basic concepst but I do not realize exactly how much is a thousand impressions. How are they measured? Also where can I find some statistics about how many impressions/clicks are normally done on a medium-high traffic site. I want to assess the price of posting such banners and I don’t know how many impressions mean “a lot” and how many mean “a little”. Thanks!

So far you only have one click on your question (mine, writing this answer). There’s no telling how many other people have seen the question, though.

The companies who sell you impressions can tell how many times your ad has been seen. It’s a simple as counting the page views and the more technical will be able to say how many unique visitors have seen the ad.

The number of clicks per impressions are going to depend on how well your ad can convert. If you claim to give every visitor $1,000 you’ll have a high conversion rate. If you try to sell something they don’t want no amount of advertising will make the sale.

Low traffic sites depend on who’s talking to you. Some claim that anything under 10,000 visitors per day is low and others will count the same number in a month.

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