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What’s the best way of improving my art?

I’ve always been quite creative, and my family all say I’m good at Art, but I’ve never taken it at school or anything. Although I always have lots of ideas for painting, drawings, or other art pieces, I’m always disappointed with the result. I don’t get much time to practise at the moment but I’m hoping to spend a lot of summer improving my art, as I might take Art AS next year and am interested in creative advertising, too.

SO – over summer, how should I go about improving my art? Is it a good idea to start off with simple drawing first? If so, what? What are the basic pencils, paints, paper, whatever that I’d need? (I already have charcoals and sketching pencils).

Any advice you have would be extremely valuable to me…

Please help. 🙂

Communities like are tailored towards artists. You can find tons of helpful tutorials and feedback on your art.

The best advice is to just keep practicing. Over and over and over. Maybe set aside an hour, use that for art only, see what you can come up with in that time. Eventually you’ll surprise yourself.

If there’s a specific medium or area of art you want to improve on, find tutorials online, there are a quite a few.

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