Online Advertising Creative Tips

online advertising creative tips

Online Marketing Agency Tips For Increasing The ROI Of Your PPC Campaigns

Online marketing agencies know PPC (pay per click) advertising is one of the most effective and affordable ways to get a ton of targeted traffic to visit your website fast. You can attract qualified leads actively looking for exactly what you offer at lightning speed for just pennies a click with a well-designed PPC campaign.


While PPC offers excellent results, your ROI (return on investment) can be low if you don’t design your ad campaigns with ROI in mind. Creating a profitable PPC campaign takes a lot more than randomly slapping up text and bidding on every keyword in sight. It’s important to create a strategic campaign that only targets people ready to take action so you enjoy a great return on your PPC investment.


Clear, Concise, And Exact Copy


Writing the text for your PPC ads is no time to be ambiguous or to try to tease people into clicking through to visit your website. Remember, you pay for every click so you want to limit the clicking to people so interested in what you offer they are ready to take action. That means you should be clear, concise, and exact in your copy so you let people know your exact offer and what they can expect after clicking on your ad.


Use Creative Keywords


You should be clear in your ad copy, but when it comes to keywords be a bit more creative. After all, you want as many potential customers to see your ad as possible. You just don’t want them to click unless they’re ready to take action and buy. Vary the wording of your keywords and consider including geographical locations, the word ‘buy’, and even appropriate synonyms. For example, ‘affordable Seattle renters insurance’, ‘buy Seattle renters insurance’, or ‘tenant insurance coverage’.


Link To A Special Landing Page


To achieve the best possible ROI, link to a landing page that exactly meets the offer of your PPC ad instead of linking to your homepage. For example, if your keyword is ‘Denver cosmetic tooth whitening’, send clickers to a special page within your website for your tooth whitening offer. When you send clickers to your homepage, you force them to look through your website to find your offer. This often results in people clicking the ‘back’ button, costing you a potential customer and the cost of the PPC ad click. In addition, keep your landing pages visually attractive, but short and to the point. You should also include a call to action and direction as to how people can buy on your landing page, such as ‘click here to buy now’ or ‘click here to receive a free quote today’.


Test, Tweak, And Test Some More


The best way to maximize the ROI of your PPC campaign is by testing its effectiveness, tweaking it according to the results of your test, and then testing again. Try different keywords, different text, and different landing pages. Analyze the results of your test, drop the poor performers, and expand on what is working. You should also do some testing with bid amounts. For example, you might find that you get the same results from bidding 20 cents instead of 50 cents on a particular keyword.


Take these tips that online marketing agencies use and maximize the ROI of your PPC campaigns. It’s well worth the effort and can help your business become an online success story.

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Any tips / advice on opening up a Dance Studio? (flooring and advertising)?

I’m starting up a dance studio in the fall. I already have the location, the name, etc. I just have a few questions (and probably more to come in the future!)
~ Can you recommend an online company that sells dance floors? I will probably only have beginner & intermediate dancers (tap, jazz, & ballet) and will probably only stay at this location for a year or two before I out grow it so I don’t need anything too extravagant. I know they are expensive I just wasn’t expecting it to cost $5-$15 a sq.ft.
~ Next, what would you say is the best means for advertising? I know after the first year word of mouth works wonders but for the first year do you have any creative advertising ideas? Obviously the papers and we have a monthly parenting magazine that will do a free article on new businesses in the area so that will help a lot. Just wondering if there is anything else I can do.

Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

~newpaper, local magazine
~radio stations
~eharmony (just kidding haha) (maybe though)
~light poles (like the lost dog sign signs n stuff)
~texts, telemarketing
~ballet gear stores (starpointe, place to buy dance shoes)

thats all i can think of

hope i helped

also check out my youtube account!!! vids coming soon!!!!

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