Online Advertising Criteria

online advertising criteria

Affiliate Marketing Provides a Different Take on the Concept of Online Advertising

affiliate marketing provides a different take on the concept of online advertising. The rewards from affiliate marketing can be great, but the work can be hard! However, affiliate marketing isn’t, as the saying goes, rocket science. Become an affiliate of a given merchant, place that business’s advertisements on your site, and you’ll receive a commission for every paying customer you refer to the merchant’s site.

This chapter aims to help you cut some corners on the journey to affiliate marketing success. It’s excerpted from The Web Site Revenue Maximize, which contains ten chapters in total. You can, of course, download this chapter, along with two others, to read at your leisure.

We start by investigating exactly what’s involved in being an online affiliate, and how you can access a variety of affiliate programs. Next, we walk step by step through the process of monetizing your site with affiliate programs.  For more help visit The advice we’ll uncover here applies just as well to an existing site as it would to a site you decided to build specifically for affiliate marketing purposes. For more detail go  The latter parts of the chapter give us the chance to investigate the details of some of the techniques you can use to optimize your site for affiliate sales, and to preempt the pitfalls into which the unwary affiliate marketer may plunge
Affiliate networks differ slightly from ad networks in that most give you, the publisher, and the choice of programs. You can choose which affiliate programs you want to join, and know up front what kind of commission you’ll generate per sale
Once you sign up for an affiliate service, and choose an affiliate program or two that interest you, you may have to wait to see whether you’ve been accepted. The merchants’ criteria vary, of course, but once you hear you’ve been accepted you’ll receive a special affiliate code, or affiliate link, that you can use in all the ads you place on your site for that advertiser’s affiliate products. Usually, merchants will provide a number of ads of various formats that you can drop straight into your site, but you’ll also often have the option to create ads of your own, in formats that suit your site, content, and audience.

Affiliate networks are obviously more flexible than straight-up ad networks, but remember, you must generate a sale to gain revenue. What does that mean in real terms? It means you’ll need to take a slightly different approach to using affiliate networks than you do CPC or CPM ad networks. If you want to make money from CPA advertising, your site will need to serve a strong niche and attract a targeted audience. We’ll look at the process of establishing your affiliate marketing site in a little more detail in the section titled Monetizing a Site with Affiliate Marketing.

Going straight to the advertiser provides a number of potential bonuses: you have direct access to the advertiser, so if you want to tweak ad formats or use different promotional text, for example, you may be able to ask them directly. You can also receive a greater percentage of each sale you generate, as there’s no middleman (or network) that needs to slice a percentage from each transaction.

About the Author

About The Author:-

As a music composer, should I be wary about sending examples of my songs/arrangements to online companies?

There are companies surfacing on the internet, now, that are advertising job opportunities for composer/arrangers. They intend to offer online tailored songs/arrangements to the custom criteria of its customers/artists. Should I be concerned about emailing my truly inspired, intelligent artistic property to people that I really don’t know very little about(or I am passing up a great opportunity!)?

If they are legitimate companies, you can sent them demo samples on the net. Make sure they’ll know that they get the whole song only if it gets to the table! But be prepared, they might wanna meet you and invite you to their studios if they are interested and your work is good. Never send out your full material, unless you already have signed under a label that protects your copyright!

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