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online advertising each year

Online PC Gaming Community?

Basically, I’m a hardcore PC Gamer, have been for years, and find it really difficult to find a good online community for PC Gaming.
One where you can make friends, start clans, play in leagues, tournaments and win prizes etc…
So I’ve started to build a website/forum, which will enable gamers from all over the globe to connect with each other and form a base for PC Gaming.
The site is called: and my questions are:

-How is the best way to advertise
-Where can I advertise for Admins/Moderators for

Thanks in advance ! 🙂

I’m not sure of any good ways to actually advertise except for by word of mouth…so whenever I play any online computer games I’ll send the word…plus I’ll tell the kids at school…in time your website will be the hot Online PC Gaming Community

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